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  1. wispershot

    Looking for a clan

    ahoi ye scavenous dogs I'm a belguim looking for a clan. Preferaby an eu one. I' ve been playing for about 3 months now after a long hiatus. got 4 ships going, bb, dd, cv and cruiser (cleveland loving it) and i would like to get into some teamplay. I don' t really have any high tier ships, my cleveland is the highest. Mainly play in weekend and evening. Would love some good teamplay to improve my skills and maybe get a few hints as to what i don' t know. Thanks Sail on ye scavenous dogs, sail on
  2. wispershot

    T4/T5 CVs, after the robot patch

    I feel they should have left it in bot battle, so we could at least get a feel for this skill Sail on you scavenous dogs Sail on
  3. Make manual dropping great again

  4. wispershot

    Manual Drops is Not Seal Clubbing!

    Hey guys i am a new cv player (lanley :p) and i have been griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinding my way up to the bogue. After much searching and ofcourse RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE ingame for not finding how to manual drop. I know, i didn' t get the patch note. But it still seems to me this a skill you need to master, so why not just remove it from random battle, but leave it in the bot matches, just for practice. Its not that i want a fast grind, i just really wanne learn this skill before i come up to tier 6 and get raped by people who have been doing it for a while and allways got to manual drop. Seems to me like this is something WG should adress Sail on you scavenous dogs Sail on
  5. wispershot

    strafing/manual drop doesnt work need help!

    ooh okay thanks for the reply guys. I haven' t read the patchnotes because i only started playing again a week or so, but thanks for the speedy reply Sail on you scavenous dogs, sail on
  6. Hey everybody. So i just started playing aircraftcarrier. Been reading up, so it turns out there is a strafing/manual drop control. Turns out it is the alt key, but when i press it, it doesn't do nothing. Holding it down also doesn't work and left mouse + alt neither. Can somebody help me out here, i would really like to start learning to use this trick. I have alt at battlefield interface button so i really don' t know what to do here Thanks