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  1. g True. But being a lot more clearer, on for example how much we can expect on the subject, without having to check thrid party sides, or calculations, would be great. Well, we got 7 days of Premium, those signals, coal, and stuff in addition. But if you complete all missions, got the free compensation containers, all directives, AND! still got to pay 6k dubloons, so over 19.99 it sounds honestly a bit excessive. I did everything. (Except buying the Exeter, which unlocked that mini mission chain for 5 containers). And still have to pay a lot.
  2. josykay

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    Tier 2: Mikasa (Not that much choice!) Tier 3: König Albert (Strong and good looking) Tier 4: Ishizuchi (Fast, great rate of fire) Tier 5: Giulio Cesare (It essentially got everything. Concealment, striking power, speed, agility....) Tier 6: Mutsu (Many great choices though! Hell, essentially all have apeal! But she is a dreadnought, and has some very unique fishs) Tier 7: Scharnhorst (That ROF! Torpedos! Secondaries! Armor! Speed! It got almost everything). Tier 8: Tirpitz (Old, but reliable. Never disappointing. Though a bit powercreeped) Tier9: Musashi (460mm boom sticks... nothing more to mention. Though, Freddy, with now 22,8 seconds reload, and good secondaries is fun!!) Yeah. Nothing to see here. Hardly any premium...^^
  3. josykay

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    (Only refering to ships I own(ed) Tier 2: Emden! Close for Jurien though. Love the weird french retro style. Tier 3: Varyag (That Pacific camo!!) Tier 4: Yubari. Hilarious. And hilarious to play against. (Citadel up to the deck) Tier 5: Furutaka. (C hull only. That 6x1 layout sucks) Tier 6: Admiral Graf Spee Tier 7: Schors Tier 8: Atago Tier 9: Kronshtadt (Well, she is the only Tier 9 I own. With Roon and Seattle waiting due to lack of credits!)
  4. josykay

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    I think, Beflast doesn't even have to be uptiered. Also you could argue, that, uptiering doesn't solve the issue. Her core problem is, that she has Hydro, Radar and Smoke on different slots. Unlike normal RN cruisers, that have to choose between Smoke and Radar, Belfast just gets both. Just force people, to choose between Radar and Smoke and done with it. You might give her the repair party instead for a third slot. So Belfast essentially becomes more a choice: Fish (Fiji) vs HE + Tier 8 Module + Choice of changing Smoke to Radar? Radar doesn't make a ship overpowered. As we can see for Indi and Atlanta. It is the combining of smoke and radar.
  5. I guess, it is because Giulio has no direct counterpart to compare to. We pretty much know, how a uptiered König Albert or Gremy look like. Because they are already in the game. No need to test that. The three Tier 6 Gnevy class destroyers do fine, and so does the tier 4 Kaiser class. For Belfast, I guess it is safe to say, it will lose one consumeable. Either smoke or radar. Probably by placing them on the same slot. Like it is on ALL british cruisers having the possibility to mount radar. (She might get the reapir party though). So you got to chose essentially: Do I want to trade my fishs for HE and the Tier 8 Module?! Kutusow... well, she will be nerfed. Since uptiering it is not really possible for being already Tier 8. I believe, changing plating to that of Irian, Range cut to Irian's level. And Smoke maybe changed to Radar. Although, then she is a boring standard RU cruiser. Meh....
  6. josykay

    New Błyskawica camo

    Got it, such a shame I do not own the ship. And it is a Premium, so I will (probably) never earn it.... :(
  7. I don't think, that Premium ships should be extempted from Nerfs. However, WG should act much faster. It was known, that König Albert would be OP, before she was released. Particulary compared to the US and IJN counterparts, with only Nassau having a slight chance, a ship, that would be later significantly nerfed. I thought it back then, and I think it now, KA would be much better seated in Tier 4 with Kaiser's range and reload. And less AE, so she is technically weaker than her techtree counterpart. The Kamikaze sisters are completely different bunch: They became! OP, when the Minekaze, the tech tree Tier 5, auf which Kamizaze was essentially a bit worse version, was nerfed, while Kamikazes remained at their spot. WG should IMO aside of nerfing faster, or even before relase!, attempt to stay away from certain consumable combinations, that are, more importantly, unusual for the class. Kutusow, Belfast, and Iwaki were just not good for the game. Period. Thank god, they did not stick with the original version of Exeter.
  8. josykay

    Pyotr Veliky (Tier V)

    PEF ist designtechnisch ein Cousin des Schiffs. Die Hüllenform, Sekundärbewaffnung, Gürtelpanzerung und das Turm Layout sind deutsch. :P Und weil es ein Schiff ist, dass der PEF ähnlich ist, nur 1 Tier niedriger, aber in jedem Bereich besser. (Und Zugegeben, man kann auch argumentieren, dass Kongo besser als PEF in den meisten praktisch relevanten Attributen ist). Das Schiff hat keine wirklichen Schwächen, vom etwas großen Wenderadius einmal abgesehen, was für Schlachtkreuzer aber normal ist. Kongo hat 770, PEF 800. Und nein, die Seitenpanzerung und Zitadelle seh ich nicht als "Schwäche" sondern normal. New York, Bretagne etc. platzen genauso wenn sie ihre Seite öffnen. Wenn wir ehrlich sind, ist das Hauptproblem, aber eher die russische Genauigkeitsformel, deren Nachteil im Lowtier Bereich aufgrund kleinerer Karten weniger zu tragen kommt. Der "geringe Sigmawert" interessiert in der Praxis einfach weit aus weniger. (Zuzüglich zum Tarnwert eigentlich zu starkem HE Schutz).
  9. Sieht so aus, als hilft nur eins: US Kreuzer spielen, CoOP... und in ne Traube gegner rein yolon, hoffen dass sie ihre Flugzeuge vom CD haben, und dann möglichst viele mitnehmen.
  10. Where can I change Crowns to Florins? Just wondering. I don't see a rider or an offer for Florins in the Arnsenal. Just to buy crowns for dubloons?
  11. josykay

    HMS Exeter (Tier V)

    Ja, über 4 Wochen. In Ranked, Random und CoOP-Battles. ABER: Es gibt kein Ranked. Und die Missionen Flugzeuge (Von den 1-3 spotter Planes die es evtl. gibt mal abgesehen). abzuschießen sowie Achievments sammeln gehen nicht in CoOP. Es müssen also zumindest die beiden Schritte eigentlich im Random abgeschlossen werden!
  12. josykay

    The KV-2 of WoWs

    Guess, West Virginia would be the best choice. Everything sucks about her. Except her guns. Those are hilarious, and punish everything, that isn't a Tier 8 battleship. She is slow, questionable armor, questionable concealment, shitty AA, shitty agility. But those guns. Man, those are godlike.
  13. So they just used an old picutre, wrote Georgia on it? Despite Georgia having other guns?
  14. Hm, that looks like another ship having triple turrets... While the ingame model clearly has three twin turrets. But it appears to be a rather recent picture?
  15. josykay

    Russian BB 3D Models released

    It was more meant as being completely unnecessary. The Imperatritsa Mariya ships were more than enough to defeat that stuff, the Ottoman's could muster. Even if the UK hadn't seized Erin and Agincourt. To built such ships was increasingly expensive, and they were not required to get dominion over the Black Sea, or even the Bosporus Strait. That would have been a massive overkill, being simply to expensive for what you get after all. Aside of course, that being dependeble of foreign nations, to forge your weapons is always problematic, and already mentioned infrastructure issues. Also, you would need a shipyard of that size, whereever you want to operate it, which was always a limiting factor. (Which caused for example Tirpitz being bottled up in Norway, since without a dock in France she could not operate in the Atlantic).