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  1. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Got three so far,Acasta, Icarus and Jervis. As expected, it appears that the chance for the higher tiers is lower. I did however not buy a single crate. I believe, I got 1 from a bonus code, and the rest were done by just playing. Also I am playing rather causally, meaning, I am not aiming for the 25-10% on the server. I think it is a very solid event, and it appears to be much more rewarding, than the french BB launch event. If you don't have Gallant and/ or Warspite you can get those for free. You can get a Tier VIII for 80 cent, without an enormous grind, compared to other WOT marathons. And if you have Gallant, and Warspite, well, pick up your 11.000 Dubloons just for playing, or a second british special captain. I can not say, if I was really lucky, or average though... Edit: How do you get 48 Guineas then? Which WG said you were supposed to unlock while playing. Does after Halloween come another, different event without sovereigns?
  2. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Giulio is the way for me in terms of BBs, though I have the entire T V selection, offering plenty variants of needed. König would come in mind. I feel now regret for not purchasing a Kamikaze. Because i was afraid of DDs back then, since you [edited]up quickly.
  3. Prinz Eitel Friedrich - Tier VI

    Bayern hat niedrigen aber brauchbaren Durchschlag. Die Prinz Eitel Friedrich hat den bei weitem geringsten Basis Pen-Wert, und blutet recht schnell Durchschlagswerte und Fluggeschwindigkeit. Ich würde sogar sagen, die König hat bessere Artillerie. DPM ist Mäßig, kein Overwatch, relativ geringe Murmel-Zahl, hohe Streuung, extrem schlechter Durchschlag, schlechtes Flugverhalten... Die Lichtblicke Sigma und RoF wurden ja schon generft. Vom Tarnwert abgesehen hat sie leider garnichts wirklich so wies aussieht. Und selbst im Tarnwert scheinen ja bereits die ersten neuen Premiums im Raum zu stehen, die ihr den Rang ablaufen. Also, abgesehen davon dass es ein deutscher Schlachtkreuzer ist, absolut uninteressant eigentlich.
  4. West Virginia the wrong version

    That's why I suggested worse acceleration. A wider beam certainly doesn't help a slow, underpowered ship, to go faster, or reach flanking speed faster. From I am seeing, she does have a 120 DPS Long Range Aura at 5 km, 160 DPS Medium Range at 3.5 km, and 170 DPS Short range at 2 km AA. Current Colorado has: 58 DPS Long Range Aura at 4,2 km, 160 DPS Medium Range Aura at 3.3 km and 133 DPS short range at 2 km AA. So Gneisenau will remain the queen in Long Range AA, and Hood will still be the self defense AA-Megatroll. With less speed, worse acceleration, and worse heal + Sigma, she sounds fairly balanced for a Tier 7 vessel. God like against carriers, meh against everyone else. And an objectivly worse Colorado if not targeted by an carrier. In addition, unlike Gneisenau, she is a stiff, imobile ship. easily avoidable. Unable to keep up with anything, except for other US battleships.
  5. West Virginia the wrong version

    So why not calling it Maryland?
  6. West Virginia the wrong version

    Give a post pearl harbour West Virginia terrible acceleration, 1.8 Sigma, normal heal, but keep her great AA on Tier 7. It would make her really good in games with CVs, but way worse than normal Colorado in all other games. Would sound like a fair side grade to me. Edit: And rename the Tier 6 one Maryland.
  7. HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    It is just a name. We have so many made up ships, so a made up name, or some other Kagero-Class destroyer with similar gun options would be not really a problem. Yukikaze would come in mind having different main guns during her almost 30 years long career. :)
  8. HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    I think, HSF Harekaze has a good chance to come back in some form or another. Simply due to the fact, that she is a rather unique ship with very interesting qualities, unlike the HSF Graf Spee, which is a normal Graf Sppe with a better permanent camo. Even if the HSF license for example ended, I think, it is quite possible, that we get a "Non HSF"-Harekaze. Simply because it would be a good opportunity for people who missed out the original. And the other japanese premium DD sometimes in the shop is that Anti-BB stinker, that is bad at everything else.
  9. Sounds possible. Especially, since they also only have the usual premium icon with a purple marking. And would be another way, to reduce the running costs of your favorite ships. Especially since we now have those with 5 slots like french cruisers and the US light ones.
  10. Yeah I know. I wasn't sure if Bert is the same we were able to buy some months ago. Thank you to clarify.
  11. You can buy John Doe and the Russian/ German dudes in the Arsenal. Dunkirk and Honore are available in the collections, you can purchase for 5000 Coal per 5 containers. So yes, all are available currently. In addition, you can even get a second dude from Sovereigns during the Royal Navy Event.
  12. To make it worse, Pan Asia doesn't count either. True, Deepwater torps might not be useful. But we also got Anshan and the guns. Why? The nations of the Pan Asia tree fought against the Japanese in WW2. And in regards of histoirc accuracy: The Sowjet Union wasn't active at operation Dynamo. Neither the USA. Hell, they weren't in WW2 at that time. But well...
  13. Huanghe worth the cost of the special offer?

    Perth is better. But this ship got great smoke, great mobility, great concealment.Which is enough to wreck havoc in it. In addition, it can work as a third pan asian crew trainer. Espacially because of her destroyer like characteristics. Perth is part of a Premium only nation with one mid tier and one low tier ship. So less viable in that regard. I would say, do you like Perth? Do you drive pan asian destroyers? Then yes.
  14. Royal Navy Arc

    Wow. That is poor. Now I know what I won't buy. And I feel sorry for all who did...
  15. Royal Navy Arc

    Ah, my bad. Do not look daily. But i still no not see a reason to buy it. Grind it out for 48 tokens, then buy two. Not pay now for Cossack and get some credits when tokens are voided.