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  1. josykay

    Czech flag (cosmetic) bonus code

    I can understand why you limit codes that give beneficial stuff ingame. But a cosmetic flag? :(
  2. I don't think they will be slow. Tier 4 had a top speed of 24 knots, Tier 5 and 6 are battlecruiser, tier 7 with, if it isn't artificially slowed around 28 knots. At least until Tier 7 they won't be "slow". Tier 8, is, so far as I see, a fatty Kronshtadt. Also, at least Tier 4-8 will be relativly weakly armored. Also historically russian ships had armor much less effective than their nominal thickness because being unable, to manufacture thicker steel plating. So I do not know, where the "good armored" will come from to be honest. Russian BBs were notoriously squishy, with even BBs having almost battlecruiser armor.
  3. True. But Tier 3 appears for example to be a König Albert with the superfirering turrets at the bow, so even better. As long as the stats are not absolutely shitty, she appears like an enormous power creep.
  4. Is it just me, or does every ship so far look like an enormous powercreep?
  5. Don't forget: Tier 3: Yeah. Wie take that König Albert, but the superfirering turret on the bow... and that will be totally belanced. Because, König Albert is totally balanced and a ship with better layout even more. As long, as the soft stats are atrocious, that stinks like Powercreep, if they now introduce ships, that are supposed to challenge the unbalanced, removed powerhouse of the tier. Tier 4: She doesn't have AA. Yes. I hope, she will still keep horrendous sigma and gun stats compared to Viribus Unitis. Remenber, she is also very fast, bested only by the two japanese battlecruisers. Tier 5: What is? Kongo 2.0 or Giulio 2.0? I know nothing about it. Neither guns, size or anything else. Tier 6: Sounds pretty dangerous as well. Remember, this is almost a normandie with 14" guns. Tier 7: Oh dear oh dear. That ship most have horrendous soft stats to make it work... 9 406 m guns, reasonable fast... Yeah don't know what to think about that. Tier 8: Interesting ship. Though, if you do give us that... why no Kronshtadt at tier 7?! Why the wird gun caliber jump? Especially since you also announced a sowjet nelson as Tier 8 Premium. Wouldn't that battlecruiser be the petter premium choice? So far, from Tier 3-8 i am very unempressed and they kind of stink already for power creep, or disgustingly atrocious to play.
  6. The problem are not paper ships. But only paper ships. The only comissioned ship in the russian line is gangut. With Izmail and Sovjestky Soyuz at least laid down. And funnily enough, the only comissioned ship of the techtree is now ingame TWICE! And no, not ships of the same class, but literally the same ship. USA has 7 comissioned, 1 Paper. Japan has 5 comissioned, 1 laid down, 2 Papers. Germany has 6 comissioned one laid down, 1 Paper. UK has 5 comissioned, one laid down 2 Paper. France has 3 comissioned, 1 laid down and 4 Papers. Russia has 1 comissioned, 2 laid down, 5 Papers. WG has shot themselves in the foot with the french and russian bb line, by refusing to add some historical lines in the tech tree. Like the Dunkerque or her sister, that could have replaced Normandie or Lyon, and Kronshtadt, that would have been a bit more fitting as a Tier 7 BB, than a weird fantasy project some engineer did in his freetime, and Russia having neither the fundings, material, infrastructure nor use for that ship. Also is Russia drunk? What mediterranian squadron?
  7. josykay

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Wait a second, is Tier 3 a reversed Kaiser layout? Oo I can't see, what could possibly go wrong, by bringing a second König Albert with a better layout. :P
  8. josykay

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    I can confirm, that 1,2 and 5 did work after typing. Thank you for the note!
  9. josykay

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    1. sagt nicht mehr gültig.... 2. sagt ungültiges codeformat. 3 und 4 haben funktioniert...
  10. josykay

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    I do believe, that we need more tier 8+ Premium Cruisers in general, that are not battleships in disguise. We so far got 2 Heavy Cruisers, of which 1 is the oldest premium in the game, and one until recently was more or less a copy of the techtree ship. (And that weird Salem... ) But on the Light Cruiser front, it doesn't look much better. We got Kutuzov, which was removed. We are still waiting for Wichita and Irian though, 1 Heavy, 1 Light. (I am not counting the two Atago clones for obvious reasons) Generally it appears, that cruisers are a fairly unfavored bunch in wows. Considering, how we do have 6 different Tier 8 destroyers, and 7 different Tier 8 battleships...
  11. josykay

    Russian Battleship Line

    Makarov, German built. Varyag, USA built. Bogatyr, German built. There are plenty. Some even having service in both navies like Nürnberg and Makarov, who are in fact the same ship.
  12. josykay

    Russian Battleship Line

    I am pretty sure, WG will use a dreadnought version of Andrei Pervozvanny, like they already did with Turenne, that is a redesigned Danton. I highly doubt, that WG would dare, to set a 12 Gun battleship with 24 knots top speed at tier 3. The first austrian dreadnought is tier 4, the first french one is. Some nations started later, so their first ships are naturally different. Also, we know how well König Albert worked at Tier 3. We have completely different ship generations, and to balance Gangut, she would have to be atrocious to play.
  13. josykay

    Kurfürst Triple turrets

    There will also be no cruisers with guns larger than 203 mm. Except Graf Spee, Kronshtadt, Alaska, Henry IV, Moskwa,Stalingrad, Azuma... I honestly do not take those statements seriously anymore done by WG.
  14. josykay

    RN Event- questions about missing Guineas.

    Because Steam has a seperate premium shop, that has seperate offers. And that shop had such a cheap guineas promo as well. So I think, it was possible, to just buy both, if you play with steam. One from WoWS one from Steam.
  15. josykay

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    I do not see a particular problem as a second BB line, up to Tier 9, where we would find monstrosities like GK 5041, easily larger than Iowa, around similiar speed, 4x2 420mm guns for the Germans and for the British maybe a design, leading to the G 3 with a more conventional layout. While her design made sense IRL, it is piss poor gameplay wise, giving the third turret a limited traverse angle.