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  1. Tatsache. Interessant, da er doch noch vor ner Woche? im 20 Euro Paket angeboten wurde. :P (Und das Paket auch noch im Shop ist und da noch die begrenzte Verfügbarkeit beworben wird)
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. Sounds interesting. I am way to bad for Ranked games anyway, and my highest ships are at best Tier 6. Who is the person to ask?^^
  4. Am Anfang ist die New Mexico einfach eine nervige Pest. 14,6 km Reichweite, 18,5 Knoten Höchstgeschwindigkeit, und eine Ruderstellzeit bei der man afk gehen kann.^^ Nicht, dass sie ausgebaut zum Speed-Dämon wird, aber die Beweglichkeit Buffs und Reichweite machen es deutlich angenehmer. Achja, und die große Anzahl an Rohren ist auch ganz nützlich, wenn man schon recht ungenau ist. Panzerung ist gut.. ich muss sagen, hat man sich erst einmal an die Geschwindigkeit gewöhnt, sind die Ami-Schlachtschiffe ganz ordentlich, wenngleich die Nachladezeit ja nicht die beste ist. Aber sei es drum. Härter als eine Fuso ist man. Und man hat halt immer mindestens 6 Rohre zur Hand, egal was kommt. Fuso ist da ziemlich unflexibler. Ich mag das Schiff. (Auch wenn es alle mal hübschere Schiffe gibt, wie die Arizona).
  5. Ich hätte die Tosa bevorzugt. Die wurde immerhin vom Stapel gelassen. Kii hatte nichtmal einen vollständigen Kiel bevor sie wieder abgebrochen wurde. Aber gut. Tosa wäre halt kein Tier 8 Schiff, sondern Tier 7. Also weniger Geld. :P Ich hoffe dann mal weiter auf die L 20 a. Einfach schon da sie als deutsches Schlachtschiff mit ihren 42 cm Kanonen durchaus herausstechen würde. Normalerweise haben ja deutsche Schlachtschiffe eher kleinere Kaliber.
  6. I would love to join you guys. I am far more a fan of WW1 vessels, instead of WW2, and think, Dreadnoughts look absolutely amazing, especially pre refit. After refit, they just look ugly. It saddens me, that most dreadnought hulls are phased out of WoWs. I remember, that at first Kongo, Fuso and many more had their WW1 hulls, but those were, probably, phased out because of their lack of AA, or in case of the Fuso because of range. Well, at least, as long, as they do exist, I hope WG decides to use them somehow as a premium. WW1 is way to underprepresented in this game, especially for battleships, ending at Tier 3, with some Tier 4 premiums as exceptions. Kind of ironic, since WW1 was the era, where battleships were on it's peak., including massive ship on ship engagements. But for some reason, people seemingly know the Yamatos, the Iowas better than the Derfflingers, Lions, Königs, Iron Dukes... despite those vessels never fought against other warships. I especially love the english, and german dreadnoughts. Not a huge fan, of the masts of US ships, or the weird italian/ russian ship designs though, although Nikolai looks much better than the Gangut post refit (It's designers probably were drunk, when designing that super structure), or Arkansas looks better than her refitted sister. Currently I own the Mikasa (although a Pre-Dreadnought), the K. Albert, Ishizuchi and all Tier 3 Techtree ships, as well, as multiple lowtier cruisers. I just have a soft spot for those vessels, although they might not be that useful ingame. They might occupy slots for better vessels, but I just can not sell them. Sadly I missed out some dreadnought era ships for various reasons. Hopefully there will be more to come. I doubt that, Nikolai, Arkansas or Albany will make it into the shop...
  7. Yeah, I already thought so. Not only does she have a really long range, outranging several Tier 4 battleships. But also has a fantastic speed, being the fastest Tier 3 ship by 2,5 knots (compared the other silverships). Then she got quite dangerous HE shells. At least she is not entirely helpless compared to some other Tier 3 BBs when lowtier. At worst she has all the tools needed for wreaking havoc in Tier 3 thanks to range and speed. She can outrun the Nassau and Kawachi, while keeping them out of range, and having a quite battery at aft. She can not outrange South Carolina, but offers more speed, and more guns to aft, and direct towards the bow. As we can see here clearly, the poster was in a Tier 4 battle, since I highly doubt he shot down the Katori's plane. I doubt those results And the König Albert shouldn't be the ship, which we compare new releases. Everyone knows she is at least borderline overpowered, with having the heaviest broadside, the highest AP damage, the by far strongest armor, a fairly good speed, and strong secondaries. She without a doubt belongs to tier 4, and I wouldn't mind of wargaming changes her RoF and Range, to be on par with Kaiser, and puts her up to tier 4. After all, Kaiser is a quite formidable Tier 4 ship, and lack of AA is a trait all Tier 4 Premiums share.