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  1. desauvage

    some pesocola love

    could use some advice here , irecently upgraded to the tier 7 us cruiser pensocola, now i really want to like to ship from after the bliss and greatness of the vleveland this ship just seems to big one big dissaointment uts citadel is larger than its hull, there are probably battleships with a faster turret traverse time it wants to act like a battleship but it lacks the armour and the punch i had hoped it would be the same experience i had with the colorado, but the colorado is a good ship under the right circumstances and really enjoy using that ship , the pensocola just seems hopeless
  2. desauvage

    What do you do when you have a bad run?

    try to analyse what went wrong and jope that the team i n your next game thinks the same as you we all know had this game when the game starts and you see everyone going in different directions without considering even to team up with others oand you think not again
  3. desauvage

    Rigged Game

    this is exactly what i am thinking player skills varies , i am certainly not claiming i am good at this game i even admit i did some stupid things , and there are days i just can ' t seem to win , but then there are games everything just goes great and the team works together perfectly and wins and yes if you progress thru the tiers the skills of the players you face obvious becoming better it is in every online game
  4. desauvage

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    no screenshot since it was a few weeks ago in a dominaation game facing a fuso and 2 kingo s in a warspite and the help of the only other survivor of my team in a destroyer the DD did such a great job at distracting them that in the end i did manage to lill the fuso and one of the kongo s snatching victory for our team, never had such a intense game i never had the chancez to thank that DD captain so here it is thanks mate
  5. desauvage

    The blatant Russian bias of the game

    well it is nothing new is it we ve seen it in world of tanks aswell where 2 /3 plays with a russion tank even when its historical variant proofed to be a piece of junk t 54 t55 t62 ( just about every post war conflict showed how vulnerable these things were against more modern western tanks only grace was that so many of them were buid and exported) KV series of tanks ( tho heavily armored proofed to be unreliable and difficult to manouver) even so it is WG catering to their russian playerbase ev, do i like it no but i will wait when more russian ships come out if they continue with this trend than so be it and i will loose interest a in this game as lany others will everything russian is better right ......right??? cough cough
  6. desauvage

    What do you not like in WOWS

    what i do not lie is the fact i can see a 500 kg tiy fighter plane from 20 km or more but a 2000 ton heave destroyer pissing on my boots 7 km away i can t that he is invisibel fine but i think he shelould become visivble when he stays at that range within a certain period of time
  7. desauvage

    Citadel - How?

    there some good video s on youtube explaining this in game cant acces youtube from work but they are easy to find
  8. desauvage

    After testing, Carriers need more nerfs.

    carriers do not need a nerf the problem here is that cruisers need more incentive to protect their teams teams ships from torpedo bombers and by the way in any mid or high tier game with carriers finding yourself isolated in a battleship is like inviting the carrier to come and torpedo you right there and now situaionel awarness is the one of the most important skills you need as a player
  9. desauvage

    When are we getting the USS Arizona?

    i think the main reason why we have that ships class and not that one in that tier probably has more to do with either , they aare so similair in performance or becaise of balacing same thing can be asked with cruisers , why the cleveland class and not the baltimore class it is probaly going to be worse if we ever going to see the british line of cruisers they had alot of differentrt class of cruisers
  10. desauvage

    Comically embarassing - Mikhail Kutuzov

    The OP has a good point why call it a navy legend when nobody outside of russia has ever heared of it and it is indeed a cold war era ship thou i understand they targetting their russian playerbase first same like their previous naval legends the borodino , yes it was legendary , but not in a sense it won wars , that whole idea sending a fleet of pre dreadnought ships half way the world with no allied port and then to expect that that fleet could function well against a fleet that was knew they were coming and wfrom where , it is just pure stupidity no disrespect intended same goes for the yamato there are more myths about it than real facts , yes it was huge and yes it had really big guns , but would it have been able to stood up in a conventianal naval battle against a pre war american battle ship maybe against wartime american battleship that was technological more advanced if you count in all the advances made in radar detection rangefinding and gunnery control , doubr it and remeber japanese only started to use radar on shipslate and only after they got it from the germans and were pretty unskilled in using these technologies so back to this cold war cruiser , it is obvious this was targeted to the russian player base , i only hope that their biased in favor for everything russian doesn t translate in russian ships are the best ships in game but give us a fair and balanced insight in into <arships of that era
  11. desauvage

    what i do not like

    things in this game i do not like people hugging the map edge on purpose to avoid invomming fire , really fix this , when people are doing this more and more on purpose when a game start and you see every one in your team going a different direction doing their own thing gam e really need a better communication and or command system , most people just ignore the current ones people afraid of getting the paint of their ships scratched , serious people sitting at the back will not win you the gzmr , aggressive teams ussualy win 4 out of 5 times i can see a 500kg tiny plane from 20 km away but a 2000 ton heavy steel destroyer pissing on my boots and spamming torpedo s from 7 km away i can not , i can understand that withour rgeir cloaking device every DD would be death within 5 minutes but sitting their without risk and skills needed spamming torpedo s the whole game ummmmhh no incentive for cruisers or rewards for cruiser captains who protect their teams battleships from enemy air attacks and or DD s carrier are not overpowered problem is that people in many cases do not protect the battleships and instead go out on their own , most efficient way to neutralize carriers is to kill its airplances not to sink the carrier fzzl free to add to the list
  12. desauvage

    what is the purpose of ,,,,,,,,,

    what us the purpose of armour on battleships , seriously , when every cruiser just spams HE at you HE shells from low caliber guns 6 inch and smaller fired at heavily armoured targets are just ridicilous OP i yes battleships and other heavily ships need a serious buff against HE shells fired from guns 6 inch and smaller that these shells cause fire and destroying seconday guns and AA guns i have absolute no problems with it is just the damage done by them combined with the rate of fire and their speed and manouverbillity that is ruining alot of battleships c game especially in lower and mid tier games , the speed at wich 2 or 3 light cruiser can kill a battle ship even 3 tiers higher is ridicelous i am not saying it isn(t possible but it should take much more effort and risk on the part of the cruisers anybody with a engineering or chemical engineering background can tell you what a 6 inch HE shell does to 300 mm of armour pplating and it is much less than the damage cruisers do now in the game
  13. desauvage

    who cares about these russian ships

    really who cares about the russian/ soviet navy ships outside russia and what did they actually do besides firing at dutch fisherman in 1905 or scuttling their own ships in 41 and 42 in my opinion wargamingnet would have had a much more posituve response if they had launch another nations tier than there , overpowered line of mostly paper ships that like i sad are on mid and high tiers obvious way overpowered people are waiting for the british not some overpowered paperships that never exsisted or certainly never had these abilities and quality of what you want us to believe even french or italian navy ships of those periods would have been much more interesting than these stupid absurd overpowered soviet destroyers