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  1. Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Not at all, but i do think Worcester should have torps
  2. It won't be long before we have a "Buff the T-61 Thread"
  3. No, just a "run of the mill" T6 DD It will very often be thrown into T8 battles and outclassed So a big NO from me
  4. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    A lot of truth in what you say, i have always liked the Shima with 9.6km torps, so the upgrade is very much useless But yeah, Shima is certainly in the shadow of other DD's
  5. So i recently unlocked the "Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading upgrade" on the Shimakaze I just don't see how this is an upgrade as such, the torpedo tubes reload approx 18 to 20 seconds faster reducing the reload to to 1:40 sec (that is great), but the torpedo tubes traverse speed is reduced by 80%, this makes the traverse extremely slow Myself: i would rather wait about 20 seconds longer for the torps to load than have a very slow traverse speed. What are your thoughts on this ?
  6. Invisi-fire

    Prove its not OP Prove we don't need invisifire back Visit the radar thread
  7. Invisi-fire

    Please read my replies above
  8. Invisi-fire

    A mere mention of radar seems to send the CA player base into crazed zombies I was merely pointing out why invisi-fire should be returned to DD's, not my fault if it turns into a radar thread Now, please, can we stick to the topic
  9. Invisi-fire

    https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/103877-radar-discussion-megathread/ Please visit this thread
  10. Invisi-fire

    This thread is named "Invisi-fire" Its just unfortunate people turn it into a radar thread Now lets stay on topic please
  11. Invisi-fire

    You can try and spin it all you want, but the fact is; Radar is a huge problem Player base has increased, resulting in an increase for all ships, mostly at lower tier You can spin it all you want
  12. Invisi-fire

    As i said, DD numbers have increased in lower tiers and higher tiers due to new players and clans, but at the same time;so have cruisers and battleships The DD population has always be superior to CA/BB's But it don't take away the fact radar is massively OP So bring back invisifire for DD's
  13. Invisi-fire

    No, just for DD's to balance it out Radar OP CA/BB's Invisifire OP DD's Fair i would say
  14. Invisi-fire

    DD numbers are a lot less, maybe new players are pushing DD numbers up in lower tier, but not at T9 and T10 anything to justify having radar It is the most OP game changing tool in the game