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  1. WG DevQnA Transcription [RAW]

    For me, radar has ruined the game,i used to really enjoy the game but now i don't,largely because of radar,i don't even bother playing many games now,maybe time to call it a day
  2. OP destroyers with radar

    This used to be a great game before radar arrived,i think it ruins the game,no need for radar at all Only hydro should be used,nothing more,radar is just too powerful and ruins the game for many players
  3. DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    Both,no question about it
  4. Mystery bag - What did you get?

    I remember the mystery prize called "its a secret",that went down like a lead baloon,i would never trust Wargaming enough to spend money on a mystery prize Not a hope in hell
  5. Clan cheating in Ranked

    Had something similar yesterday, clan mates on opposite sides,unfortunately the one on our team decided to find his mate and let his mate sink him without reply, i could not/still can't see any logic to this. he/she only lasted a couple of minutes. The rest of my team went mad calling it cheating Luckily we still won
  6. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Tier 10 Carrier and 2 Battleships destroyed a Light Cruiser and 5 Destroyers
  7. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I am seeing team with 1 or 2 radar and the other team none,almost all radar teams have won, in ranked radar is a massive advantage from what i have seen. Radar needs to be mirrored
  8. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    This mod is 100% illegal, based on the rules set by WG,any advantage is an unfair advantage
  9. Blocked by Bullguard

    Does anyone know exactly what this is, Bullguard blocked it as Malware Surely this is a mistake ?
  10. average game time in wows?

    I also have noticed games ending much faster than they used too
  11. WG Listened to us and did the right thing

    Excellent response from WG
  12. CV's need their own game

    OP is right, CV is the most unbalanced ship in the game, the better CV player wins the battle for the team almost every time Too influential in the outcome of a battle, but i would not go as far as removing them
  13. iChase removed from WG-CC program

    You say it exactly as it is; can't argue with that