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  1. Humorpalanta

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    I wanted to report a effin FDR but the after game report crashed and I couldn't...
  2. Humorpalanta

    Returning player....

    ftfy And YES
  3. Humorpalanta

    USERMUSIC is being removed in 0.10.6 !!!!!!

    Who cares? Music sound -> low Spotify -> UP.
  4. Humorpalanta

    Preventative maintenance for DDs

    Nope. I have experienced it many times. Doing a torp rush, fully loaded torps. Gets hit. I repair. And it starts over. And then I am there like:
  5. Humorpalanta

    Preventative maintenance for DDs

    Na-ah. Many times my fully loaded torps knocked out and then after repair starts from like it was fired.
  6. Hey guys. Just wanted to ask you a quick question. Do you use Preventative maintenance on your DD setups? I run it on all my DD captains but I am starting to feel like it is utterly useless. Anytime a shell comes around my DD it blows something up. Doesn't even have to hit. Gun is gone... Torps are gone... ENGINE gone ALL THE TIME. Rudder gone... (Yes I use Last Stand but still effin annoying) Side question: When your torps get knocked out and you repair it what decides if it is still loaded and ready to fire or it starts from scratch? (I have tried to look for some reason but have experienced every possible combination ingame and I just gave up.)
  7. Humorpalanta

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    I just reported a CV that annoyed me to hell before saw this thread. Only thing the forum allows me to say is:
  8. Humorpalanta

    Premium disappeared?

    Not always but it can happen :P
  9. Humorpalanta

    Tone: Armory bundles- not available as "Ship only"

    Komrad. Pay Rubels. Nyet discount.
  10. Humorpalanta

    Flint is trash

    Me after reading this bullsh!t title:
  11. Humorpalanta

    Upcoming Independence day Auction

    Just got it with the new coupon. Only 2 games. 1 win 1 loss. But the ship is awesome. If I still cared about the game I could use it to rape teams. Awesome boat.
  12. Sooooooo... It is deadn't? Wow. Is there a game somewhere buried under the constant grind and paywall? I gotta see this.
  13. Humorpalanta

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    CV Reeeeeework Season 5: We still don't know how to balance CVs so they don't obliterate anyone or being absolutely useless but we like the sound of brrrrrtt so you will get brrrrt now. (It's heckofatitle for a movie!)
  14. Is the Kuznyecov gonna be Premium with crawling smoke? :D