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  1. Humorpalanta

    End of an Era

    I'm glad you bring up statistics to me that I'm possibly unable to react to because of you having all the information regarding it and then you call me out on a debate about it. Funny.
  2. Humorpalanta

    The joy of new powerful T8 Battleship - 1 Match

    I don't understand this crying. My Excel spreadsheet says everything is all right.
  3. Humorpalanta

    End of an Era

    I have been playing this game for 3 years. Nowadays I can see several games without any DD and many games with max 1 DD each side. Not counting the first day of new BB/CA/CL lines this is something I haven't seen before.
  4. Humorpalanta

    Conqueror 457mm guns accuracy

  5. Humorpalanta

    Info from WoWs Dev Blog: "Arsenal improvements and renaming"

    Wow, these are some big GUI improvements as they promised!
  6. Humorpalanta

    Alaska Credit Earning

  7. Humorpalanta

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    I think there is a serious drprate in player numbers. This, RN CVs, invite a friend...
  8. Comrade, did you just bring logic to the Motherland? Do you know what you deserve?
  9. Humorpalanta

    Next Clan battles season format

    I don't agree with you but damn, I laughed :D
  10. Humorpalanta

    GUI fix/ revamp is needed before new ship lines

    Yeah it should. I mean I don't wanna start a flamewar or anything but the whole GUI concept is the problem. It seems like some flashlike thingy and badly optimised. And then there is the fact that no matter how good computers people have because the engine itself doesn't use the capabilities of a PC. I didn't say you should use their engine. I said that running a game on an engine that was made before internet and memes became a thing is not an option in 2019. My phone could run games from that era but my PC struggles with it? LOL. All of our money pouring into a blank hole. The GUI hasn't got better since the game was released and even back then it was slow. Everybody knows still we are not seeing anything. You guys still keep a lot of secrets and it is very bad for the game like the way where it is going.
  11. Humorpalanta

    GUI fix/ revamp is needed before new ship lines

    Actually I think it is not even the GUI that shoulx be the first but the game engine. They should put the game on a fresh game engine and then optimize the GUI to that. Why is it that WoT got a new game engine but WoWs didn't? They screwed up years for this idiotic CV rework when they could have fixes the more important problems...
  12. Humorpalanta

    EU servers bad connections

    server crappy coding terrible ui old game engine huge game more profit this way What else do you want to know?
  13. Humorpalanta

    Yuro says watch. So you watch.

    Yes yes. And the most important thing about this is Cyprus is actually inside EU law.