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  1. Slow BB Power Creep?

    I agree and I hope we'll get a second line of US BB and the whole rework could solve this problem.
  2. Hey, they can't fix everything as fast as CV rework ;)
  3. Komrad! This is a sirious sikret dokument we found on our komputer from 1944 so it fits the game perfekto, capisce? Perfectly balanced, Da?
  4. CV rework later? :D Business as usual :D
  5. WG office: - Hey, I just got an idea! What if we nerfed this silver ship *name*, and with the actually useful stats we would make a premium ship! - DUDE!
  6. Port UI suggestion

    If shells could actually hit ships that would be enough for me.
  7. Port UI suggestion

    I am not greedy. All I want is a useful, simple actually working chat interface ingame...
  8. Sharks still winning?

    I think we all can agree WG didn't prepare for this and event wasn't planned carefully. The most they could do is to give something for Eagle players after this thing ended.
  9. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Or Russian BBs :P
  10. The ship would be still a good ship. With 2.0 sigma and it has a great reload time to start from with good HE and fire starter kit. Heal is still awesome. Added +10 seconds to cooldown of heal would still mean that you could use all 5 heals in 7 minutes. Not every fkin premium ship has to be way OP.
  11. I think the easiest way of balancing that ship is taking reload booster away and put some more CD on heal.
  12. Invisi-fire

    Maybe try to understand your arguments. ;) I tried to show you where you are wrong and even you think the same but your conscience blocks you admitting it.
  13. Invisi-fire

    I love how you are questioning your own argument and you don't even see it :D Also burning yourself and not seeing it at all. Just hilarious :D
  14. "Imagine this going live. Imagine a division of Jean Barts" *cough cough* Flint. Belfast. Black. Stalingrad. Khaba.
  15. Invisi-fire

    I see. Going on that if a ship needs Defensive AA consumable then it means it is not balanced to begin with. And if a ship needs HP restoration... etc etc. *edit Idk. Ever heard about islands? You found something you could argue with and you did it. Doesn't matter that it is just the littlest linked to the original argument... *edit Yeah. We are not really talking about ones and zeros. It's a nuclear power plant so of course it is hard to fix.