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  1. Ooopsie

    A wild Bismarck appeared? :D So Hood 2.0 decided to do it by herself this time :D
  2. What ship line next?

    Gimme them beautiful Italian ships!
  3. Look at the HP. And I still hammered the cruiser and lived on with Kraken. :D
  4. french

  5. Bigger maps for T8-10

  6. "On no, I'm getting free stuff!!!!! What a waste!!!" Dude. I don't even remember when I got a SC before this week. After like 2 months I finally get one with a stupid useless sh*t module.
  7. Summer Sale 2018

    Gaben says 6 days... :P Oh you mean Wows? :D LOL idc. As long the game is this laggy there is no point putting money in it.
  8. Football patch

    You are so right! These shirts look terrible. Just a little more wörk could have made these actually nice and by time each nation could have got its national patch.
  9. Football patch

    "Play for fun" Play. Play. Play...
  10. Command and Conquer players, rejoice!

    Warning! A Scoud Storm has been launched!
  11. Football patch

    Ah. Let's pick homeland! Ayyy Hungary!!! Oh, yeah, we don't play football we just act as if. Then go the children of Rome, Forza Azzurri!!! Oh, snap! Yeah, never mind. What is left? Well, Nice is sort of Italy, so let's go Cocks! Hon hon hon hon
  12. Would you like a after chat?

    I really want to have an after the battle chat. I have had great conversations with people after i died or while i was still in battle but i didn't remember their names so couldn't chat with them later... How should it be? After battle screen: Personal score, Team score, Detailed report, Credits and XP, +Chat It would be available for only those who were in that battle. It would exist until there is someone in it. You quit the chat if you close this after battle window. It would automatically close after 5 minutes after the battle ended. (It would warn the people inside the chat window 1 minute before closure, and it would count back from 30 sec before closure. So you would have time to continue somewhere else.)