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  1. Sorry, I left. It's an honorous offer from him but I don't want to play a game that I don't enjoy. Good luck to you. Find someone and prove him wrong.
  2. If there's 1 thing I love about WG is their humour. It's plain ridicolous. I can enjoy it finally now that i've left. Problem Solution HE meta -> RN BBs with broken HE Smoke meta -> Pan Asian DDs with so much smoke that they can hide in it for like 6 minutes totally invisible. Too stronk and stealthy IJN torps -> Deepwater torps with impossible reaction time and strong hit. Too many radar that DDs can't actually work -> Gives new DDs radar cos why not?
  3. You wonder? I loved this game a year ago but it has changed so much it's a totally different one now... And got only worse... So I quit...
  4. BB drivers when they get hit:
  5. I had doubts about this but I just had a game in my Kutuzov where I made more than 2k base XP with good dmg and planes shot down and only made 350k credits minus service cost so basically 250k credits. And it's hilariously low in a TX game. Fiji in a T8 game: 40k netto credit income. WTF?
  6. True. Even my Pensacola causes nightmares to DDs with a good AP volley. I had a game where I nuked a DD by AP in a second. Poor guy turned and the shells just cut her up like butter. Those sailors didn't suffer.
  7. Not necesserily a time-table, but something like scrum would not be stupid... But you know, russkis and sikrets you know comrade. For example: It's not that hard... Could be on the official website and could have an explanation that says:
  8. I shouldn't play this much... So next turn has arrived. I won't say a single thing about this one: We totally won this, right? Well... NO. The bravest of the pixel wars: Amagi. Shooting HE. Lost. I just can't... Still reversing and asking what's our problem:
  9. I hope they know that we have 10 more buttons on the keyboard which could also activate some magic tricks. Don't stop here. We can also have ALT+keys too! CTRL+keys! OMG, can you imagine? Some BB could have Def AA, Hydro, Radar, Heal, Teleport to A line, EMP, Calling Enola Gay on enemies, Ramming activation key to get barely any damage by ramming, and and so much more!!!! OMFG, I can't wait!!!
  10. For her :D :P
  11. Yeah. "listening to community feedback" :D I like that. It's like when Hugh Hefner says he died a virgin. BB overpopulation BB nerfs when? smoke change 2017 is the year of CVs Only bundle flags on EU Nerfing every fun non battleship Hilariously overpriced premiums. And this came to my mind in just 1 sec. If you wanna roast me, it's fine. I don't mind. But then you maybe shouldn't do with some epic backfire possibility. Like maybe how CCs got rekt and that huge f*ckup at Alabama. And don't forget about how you have your own platform to communicate with us, players, yet somehow you always do it on FB, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch,etc. and the topic here always dies. You have tried 3 different ways and all of them died. When was the last answer in the Q&A answers topic? Or you guys just started listening now? Then look, you already got a list from me to listen to.
  12. What do you mean? It's WG EU! BTW: It's so clear that WoWS is going down that they : went to Steam, globalized things so started to care, which means only that they started losing players, and all those premium ships that are coming instead of regulars