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  1. So Pepsicola is renamed to "avoid problems". Aha. Sure. Like hentai is "art". I bet there is going to be a Pepsicola premium in the next year. Because the Sharkbait is not enough! BTW I still don't understand the problem with Pepsicola in its place. It is a good ship and well balanced right now. One just gotta learn the playstyle and boom top XP all the time even in T9 games. IMHO they are ruining the ship with this downtiering.
  2. Year preview 2018

    They said that they don't plan any new splits witch means the ones in progress may happen but not anything new. Therefore we will see the US CA/CL split soon TM and they said they want to finish that IJN line (they didn't add date ofc but we are talking about 2 DDs and that's not much work and not a new line so not 100% sure but I would count on it) plus if I remember correctly last year they showed us 2 "sikret" russian DDs which haven't arrived to the game yet. So... Might be a suprise? And don't forget that the last time they did what they said was... never.
  3. Year preview 2018

    And they said they want to finish the split IJN DD line sometime and I don't think it is too hard to make 2 DDs.
  4. 30 seconds into the game and detonated

    I'm not the dude, I'm Mr. Lebowsky. You are the dude! :D (It is reversed for a reason!)
  5. Schrödinger's ship

    Stronk soviet programming? :P
  6. Don't forget that you have your guns in front but you can't hit sh*t with them cos a drunk sailor on drugs with a coffeine and self touching addiction controls your targeting. Also you can't turn because you are instantly deleted but if you don't trun you eat 3k dmg from AP or 2 fires from HE or 5-6k dmg from IFHE with every salvo so you just melt into the water. Who needs winning anyways?
  7. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    I hate that Missouri. That goddamn RNG he has. I never get those. My shells just never hit a damn DD. Oh and... Or you can swim :)
  8. Wargaming Stronkeru Math

    Ofc I know how it works I just thought it would be funny and get some likes and also warn you guys about it. :)
  9. Sleeping Giant map

    What is the problem with the new map? It gives out opportunities and doesn't have a totally opened part where only BBs can survive. It has enough islands to hide and actually makes you to think when you play. Have had several games and I enjoyed them all.
  10. Wargaming Stronkeru Math

    Nice TS you got there. It would be a shame if somebody used the password.
  11. Wargaming Stronkeru Math

    Servers are working as intended. If you don't understand this high level of math, please don't disturb us with it. In soviet Russia 2+2=5 and by the way: And now:
  12. Member inventory? Member how it was "the first step"? We still can't buy crap in Inventory, only sell. My favorite is the precious sales on modules and stuff you can't buy. But still if you finally ever find a supercontainer, it must be a retard modul, not some actually useable flags or smg.
  13. Missouri nerfed income?

    TBH I fell like it is true. In the last couple of weeks when I play the Mo I feel I don't do worse than I did and I get waaaay less credits. When the ship appeared it was easy to get 1 mill on a bit better than average match with premium. Nowadays I only got 7k-8k top with an awesome game (with premium). I could barely get 1 mill. Had a game where spotted with radar many ships in smoke and got kileld by me and my team, did 100k dmg, used up all heals and tanked loads of dmg and capped and only got 8k credits. I mean, how? PS: I hate those players who say they don't care because they have enough credits. This kind of selfism is disgusting.
  14. He had fun. He tried to help his team by his best. Martel also scored by sinking it. He even was in a good position. Sooo if I look at it there's nothing to laugh about him. He couldn't have done much more BTW in a Gneisenau in a TIX match... If peek-a-boo, let's talk about CLs... :D (Evil Atlanta laugh in the background...)
  15. Aigle in the shop

    The missions seem fine. Maybe WG is somehow improving. You can buy the ship if you want extra content and more chance with the frenchies which will be available but later. So they can get money and also the poorer people can get something out of it. Seems like a fair trade. My only problem is this stupid time bounded stupidity. Why? Why can't you just go on the missions? They could state at that you can't get the ship until x day but you would be garanteed to get it and wouldn't have to worry. It would be much simpler and I think better. So WG 8/10. Not bad not bad.