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  1. Humorpalanta


    Don't you guys have an app that helps you if you can have sex or not? Add there a hobby as wows :P
  2. Humorpalanta

    When do you know that you've "peaked" your skills?

    You just don't give a [edited] after peak :D
  3. Humorpalanta

    Question about penalties/ enforcement.

    Yeah because what an anonymus says on an online forum is the truth and just the truth. Do you wanna guess what is gonna happen to this thread?
  4. Okay, okay. Just stay with me for a sec. Imagine the below: There is a new incoming NUKE system the Dutch got. There are submarines incoming. In a year or two they will introduce NUKE subs where the sub come up, targets a ship and rockets it to pieces. Try to counter that :D At first I was like: Nah man, they got to know this is stupid. Then I realised the CV Reeeeeework happened. So. Thank God I am playing this less and less :D
  5. Humorpalanta

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    That Albemarle thing is hilarious. It is not enjoyable or more like outright boring to play but it can pull off insane things. Basically any hit is a fire. You can heal up from being dead. You have spotter so you can fire pretty far away. Terrible handling though. Needs to get used to.
  6. Humorpalanta

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    Worst T8 cruiser? Hmmm. EASY. Hipper. Worst T9 cruiser? Hmmm. Is Siegfried worth anything nowadays? But I would still say Ibuki. That pile of... Worst T10 cruiser? Easy. Zao. Hindenburg is absolutely crazy. Crazy range. Crazy AP. Crazy HE with built in IFHE and good fire chance. Lot of heals. Sort of good armor. I actually liked the Buffalo when I played it. Sure could use some range but it can be a monster. Seattle is a big Atlanta and I like Atlanta.
  7. Humorpalanta

    Please Explain Me this World of Warships

    I actually wanted a Makarov and didn't get one
  8. Humorpalanta

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    YOU GUYS ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT!!!!!!!!! Mah Kremlin got reaped by a bad DD! Not fair. My BB has awesome armor. A small ship shouldn't be able to kill it!
  9. Could be worse. You could have paid hard cash for it. Like I did and got slammered to oblivion with the invisifire removal. Those times... When Chapayev was an awesome ship. That invisifire window, maaaan. :D And still everybody complained about DD invisifire XD
  10. First of all, not at all. Secondly. I am raged and feel betrayed that this title isn't at least 3 rows long. You should be ashamed of yourself. Can't even take you seriously...
  11. Humorpalanta

    So is this the future of not detonating?

    2 things actually. They also make you pay hard cash
  12. Humorpalanta

    Hyuga in the Armory

    You meant 1 flag, right? :P
  13. Humorpalanta

    Abusive Chat ban

    It is nice and all but when players have usernames with these words and you say something to him in chat during the battle and you getting a punishment for it is annoying... For example xxx_Pussydestroyer_xxx or such. @PussyDestoyer
  14. Humorpalanta

    Abusive Chat ban