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  1. Black Friday Dev blog

    Ide is :) Here too. (Sorry, first time I wrote in hungarian for some reason. :D )
  2. "Hey, we need to syncronise Hydro cos the game got very hard to follow. So many ranges and stuff." Also WG: "Hey, now AP will arm on DDs but on 10%. Except on DDs ..." (I still like it but why was it so goddamn hard to do...) "Hey, we change these things, except on..." "Hey, new idea, US ships and some Soviet ships have very good AP bounce angles, for you know, stuff." "But we need to make the game simpler." Oh, and naturally, we can't take into consideration radars when making MM, nooo, that's a big no-no. Oh, and MORE CONTAINERS, MORE FLAGS, MORE NEW stuff to collect, MORE PREMIUM SHIPS by CTRL+C CTRL+V. WoT meme...
  3. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Read a WG "balancing" idea...
  4. UK WOWS Event??

    Please do not deny the obvious. Thank you. War is hell for everyone but denying the truth is worse. And now, let's end this.
  5. UK WOWS Event??

    It's gonna be great. It's gonna be the best server in history. It's gonna be EU free. It's gonna operate by british workers for the british union to sign the british quality for the british people in the british world in a british way, wait for it...british!!!!
  6. BB, the new Camping Class ?

    You bastard! https://media.giphy.com/media/SiUIIdSKuCN1e/giphy.gif
  7. Just played 2 days ago. Krohn appears out of nothing, radars me in smoke. 2 volleys AP and I'm dead. Great balans comrade
  8. But Jean Bart IS a paper ship! Why are you telling lies around here?
  9. Well, there are debates though... :P
  10. I play every class (not CV) and I agree with him. DDs have to spot. BBs are vulnerable for torpedoes and DDs that don't spot for BBs that pushed with them are disgusting. Though there are some certain ships which don't fall under the rule I still think that this is the optimal. Cruisers 4-5 km behind DDs, BBs 4-5 km behind cruisers. That space gives them all space to manouver but also comfortable to disengage.
  11. Why can't the reward crates be as stated?

    Oh come on! That is at least 5 hours of work! You can't expect them to do it! They are busy with making camos for 20k dubloons.
  12. Don't forget the UI that is like 5 seconds behind the universe in time. It's not important. But making an imaginary superpowerful soviet ship, hell yeah. Chat in port is crap but who cares when you can just slap +2 sec reload on a ship and use the original stats to make a premium? Hey, we made an interesting consumable to help you. Oh, a ship would take some time or brain to balance, why not just slap it with radar and hydro and it's done? Oh, suddenly too much radar? No problem comrade, we just delete the old game and make a totally new one where they are not a problem anymore! Oh, you invested a lot of money in the old game configs? Sucks to be you mate. Meanwhile WG:
  13. Totally balances out US radar and stealth... And russian radar... and so on... Ibuki is garbage. Say it.