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  1. Humorpalanta

    new event ship?

    It must be a new "try not to laugh" challenge.
  2. Humorpalanta

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    Well, Uranium is already there. Loaded in Stalingrad cannons. :D
  3. Humorpalanta

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    Then let's talk about the ranked sprints and how they netted 0 any of that or steel. Oh yeah, because it was actually fun. You can't award them if they have fun on the way.
  4. Humorpalanta

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Buffalo is a high tier Furutaka. I love it. FdG wasn't that bad. I mean it is not good but it wasn't that bad. Izumo is a pile of ... Monarch same. Seattle feels... nothing. Anytime I feel like finally understood the ship it stops working again... I hated the Richelieu. Skipped it. Aand naturally Ibuki.
  5. Humorpalanta

    IJN funboats => HMS Exeter: WG going full freejazz

    Sorry, sometimes I am really tired.
  6. Humorpalanta

    IJN funboats => HMS Exeter: WG going full freejazz

    Sooo, if I put on a skill or module for more range then penalty will change?
  7. Humorpalanta

    Do you find in port GUI even less responsive than usual lately?

    Mounting a flag takes like 5 seconds... Picking a ship is like 5 seconds... Exit from boxes. Push button twice and then 5 seconds... Entering Arsenal or anything, 5 seconds... After game waiting like 10 sexonds... After game every second time it automatically jumps to port without showing the results... To actually exit the client you have to click twice the yes button... Oh, and my favourite. CHAT. Sometimes gone for a minute. Ofc division window too... Once I entered a battle and the game UI changed my consumables... A friggin government could do a better job...
  8. I mean. WTF. I counted. 10 seconds from crippleing a DD and your next squad is right there again. With 40 sec repair consumables on DD... Not a effing chance. My favourite was the CV vs CV action. Your torpedoes are still about to hit it and your next squad is already in the air. Why having repair party at all? F it. You have 0 chance to do anything if a CV wants your [edited]. On your knees and pray that he won't hit. That's all. Jesus Christ and they want to release this shiet in 2 weeks...
  9. You are saying that to a russian developer?
  10. You don't have to agree with the feedback but you have to know what the feedback prognosticates. IF there is a huge change like this everything must be designed perfectly and tested many times. Otherwise even the smallest things are gonna mean huge media backlash. Limit in testing? Come on. That's purely not true. Maybe there are cost reasons but if you send it to live server to test then you play with our money. And we don't like that.
  11. Is it true for CV rework as well? Because several people including CCs have said that it isn't ready for live.
  12. Humorpalanta

    Last Prinz directive

    Only afternoon and already 100+ Bbs in line for battle. What is it gonna be at night? :D
  13. Humorpalanta

    IJN Tone and the carrier rework?