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  1. Humorpalanta

    Never seen a topic Nuked from orbit before!!

    I don't know what is going on here but at this point I am too afraid to ask.
  2. Humorpalanta

    Feedback: Reduce smoke duration (cruiser)

    The problem is not the smoke. The problem is the balance. Payfast, Smolensk totally out of balance...
  3. Humorpalanta

    Best strategy for ranked: cap AB/BC or AC?

    Beautiful. How much?
  4. Jeez, this RB season. I have started losing hair. How to win? (not guaranteed but the chance is higher) Grow huge balls. Shira TRB. Torp the sh*t out of the cap and cap it fast. Spot other DDs for your team. Or get their attention and make them go after you. Eventually a torp will find them. If DDs are out just get rid of balans radar and you are good. But these cannot be carried... (Well, tbh we won this one. I spotted and torped 2 DDs, a cruiser and 2 BBs. That Belfast was luckily also a pro.)
  5. Humorpalanta

    Providing Feedback - A Poll

    So you have nothing. Thanks!
  6. Humorpalanta

    Providing Feedback - A Poll

    I am sorry, are you blind? I am interested in the places where we were asked and able to say things. You can link forums, topics, what you feel however the point is that you have to show something that allowed communication 2 ways.
  7. Humorpalanta

    Providing Feedback - A Poll

    Could you please share some of those "community driven" feedbacks which made things worse? I am interested in the places where we were asked and able to say things. You can link forums, topics, what you feel however the point is that you have to show something that allowed communication 2 ways. And please leave those ones out where WG changed something but there is no communication between sides only some made up topics. Thanks!
  8. We have the basics how the game "works". We just don't know what is under the basics and what are built on the basics. It's like when somebody tries to sell you a house: "It's made of brick. Fairly new. It has very nice use of space."
  9. Humorpalanta

    PTS redesigned Combat Missions tab and mission tracking

    Only the art team is working at WG nowadays so this is going to be at least as buggy don't worry :D
  10. Humorpalanta

    Kremlin Machinery space missing

    So that is why it can not be citadelled. The shells just melt before arming :D (Except ofc Vodka powered Stalinium shells) Ah yes. Come to think of a joke: - How do you know the KGB is listening in your room? -There is a new wardrobe.
  11. Humorpalanta

    WG "adjusting" ships

    I am not saying you can't but you are not suggested as the optimal build for the ship changes by this. You see you have to GIVE UP other skills in order to get back those +1s. And that is exactly what I am saying. That WG is annoyingly tinkering ships here and there so the optimal build changes and you are basically pushed by MM to change the shipbuilds and use resources therefore pay. Instead they could have just "nerfed" the ship itself so it would have been almost the same just losing some. Some dakka or some HP or some torps. But this is a complete overthinking of the ship's role on the battlefield.
  12. Humorpalanta

    WG "adjusting" ships

    Okay so I have seen the newest info about "balancing" ships and I just couldn't make it without opening up this thread. So Udaloi is getting a rethink. It is not a strictly said "nerf" or "buff" but a rethink. Because so far you could have used it as a nice open water pew pew boat with some torps at hand for adding some damage. But with this change there is a change in the basic play mode of this ship. You are losing a smoke and an engine boost. With this setup this is more of a torp and run while you make some pew pew damage kind of playstyle. You cannot play as agressive as before because you lose chance to smoke up or speed out of there. And this annoys me. NOT the fact that Udaloi needs a nerf but the fact that they are changing the basics of a ship while calling it "adjusting" or "balancing". No bro, this is a whole different ship. If you gave it a bit worse reload or bit less damage on torps that is a nerf and doesn't change the playstyle. But these kind of changes completely change the playstyle of a ship and this is damn annoying. You need to rethink the whole ship, your playstyle, the modules you use or the captain build you have. WG has been doing this ever since I joined and it is very annoying. How many good ships have been ruined by this so far? Can you help me collect those ships which have been touched so many times that the playstyle changed over and over? I have some beloved ones and yes some were lost due to "reconstruction" of trees. I am looking at you Fubuki, Cleveland. RIP. The ones I loved: Fubuki Cleveland Blyska Atalanta Mutsuki Shiratsuyu
  13. Humorpalanta

    both teams unable to move during ranked game !

  14. I am still waiting for the next nerf: Tovarish Kremlin is too strong and we are among the people and we understand, da? Here we nerf Kremlin, da? BEHOLD: Hit points reduced from 108,300 to 108,200. Now it is balanced, da? DA?
  15. Humorpalanta

    Some reason I was barred from posting last night?

    I have also been having forum issues in the last at least 2 weeks. Sometimes posting an aswer took 2-3 minutes. And this is just text...