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  1. Fesvil

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    In order to start any collection not automatically given you first need to obtain an item of the collection. This happens through either the campaign (playing low tier ships) which awards these containers. Then there are other missions which awards containers as well.
  2. Fesvil

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    This event is like all of these, can't recall if we just got the SC's the first year or not.. But since Y2 and onward it was like this if my mind ain't completely full of holes..
  3. Fesvil

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.9.8

    Weeeeeell only once per viewer, what does that mean? Once per this patch or once your entire life of twitch linked wows gaming? So in my entire Twitch linked account time (since you started giving out rewards), I've yet to see this fabled "epic" or "rare" container (and I must have gotten way more than 100). I think it's a bit too rare, so rather call it unique or legendary or say there are rumors about a container so rare more people have betrayed Jesus and gotten him crucified than ever gotten one of these :-). Anyway, the standard twitch ones are quite nice, got a load of the anti detonation flags :-).
  4. Fesvil

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    It worked the last 2 times it's been used. Question is rather, will your pc work this time or will you be given the spinning wheel again.. We're anxious to know..
  5. Fesvil

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    You get containers per first win, quite easily explained.
  6. Fesvil

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    Holy moly, somebody stole your milk this morning? Sure you don't need dragon flags? Send me any you have, I plow through them faster than F.. I'll say thank you to whatever I get. I don't farm T5-T7 camouflages because I don't need nor want them. But I'll play some T5-7 matches because my clan sometimes dips into those tiers and whatever cammos I get I'll appreciate either as credits or as cammos :-). I'll farm T8-T10 for Dragon flags and Super Containers, that alone will take a lot of time. Not sure I'll do like before and go gung ho on Coop, either way, it's going to be AAAAAWESOME!. Take what you want from the event, it's "free" (still require you to spend time) and don't moan that you want the world for free served on a silver platter. Any doubloon sale or XP conversion "sale" coming soon?
  7. Fesvil

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    Was hoping for a doubloon sale, exp conversion.. or perhaps some bundles with "special" flags being made available for purchase.. That being said.. I think I have 149 or so gift containers to farm :-(..
  8. Fesvil

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    Well, at least they offer full doubloon refund if you own atlanta already.. Not seen that for 3 years... But that's a one off for 38 tokens.. To get a T8 you would have to seriously invest... (buy the bundles every day....) remember back in the days where you had 2 bundles every day with new ships at 30 or 50% discount.. and you got full doubloon refund if you owned the ship.. Spent a few hundred euros that summer.. this summer is going to be 0 euro so far. 180 tokens cost you (in NOK 276,33) and if you get the Graf Zeppelin (that costs 428 NOK) that's a discount of about 35%, but if you get the Loyang you don't get a discount, but pay 20 NOK more for the boat than it costs in premium shop so.. discount? I would say MAYBE with a big MAYBE.
  9. Fesvil

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    Not for free no, as far as I can see it says we can get 15 through missions.
  10. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    Ran out of flags so I bought 10 containers and lo and behold.. 4th container inn, got Pommern, awesome ship. That being said, out of all the 30 containers I bought (which I could have gotten cheaper if I went for 25 from the start) I got 7 with free exp, which is super nice. And another friend bought 10 containers, didn't get Pommern, but got Mainz. So seems like the bundle to go for is 10, but that might just be coincidence, not enough to base any assumptions on.
  11. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    Micro transactions are not exclusively loot boxes, it is everything you can buy in addition to the game, kits, weapons, maps, costumes, ammo.. only the imagination sets the limits on what you can sell in a game, all of those things are microtransactions. The most common one is a "special" currency that you can only get that way that is used for the in-game or game shop.
  12. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    It as nothing to do with EA either per se. It has to do with the government finding this sort of "lottery" illegal and as such bans loot boxes. I think it's stupid, but hey..I am not sure if EA or others can get around the rules if they state the "winning" chances. Based on drop rates it seems if you buy 10 or more at once you get a higher chance.. I should have bought 25 instead of buying 5 and 5.. was a waste :-(
  13. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    Because your government have banned loot boxes, smart or not, it's debatable..
  14. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    I bought 21, got nothing.. only lacked the Pommern. Stay away. The formula is C R A P.. 2 friends both had none of the ships, one bought 10 other 15 one got 2 ships hipper and Pommern other got pommern and mainz.. The content is ok, don't want nor need the camo, but only got 3 out of 21 with that.. Free exp is nice.. but seriously..You get a less chance to get any boat the more boats you have, fair? Nah.. Stay away if you have a fair amount of boats, if you don't fair game. Seems like the ones that have little get more and if you stay away and come back you get a ton of stuff.. TL:DR: DO NOT BUY THE CONTAINERS!
  15. Fesvil

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    English and yes, mods, through the modstation. Not that many but..