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  1. You get 2 for free from WG, if you want to give some to others you have to pay for them and can then send them. That's why they call them Santa's gifts. This time of the year these things are quite common, at least where I live.. Anyway, merry Christmas!
  2. Btw still getting containers, not sure how many I've gotten so far (6ish perhaps?)..
  3. If you spend the money you've saved on Wows crates on something else, you've saved nothing :-).. Wish there would be some way of proving that you're 18 years old and thus would have to legalise it. Or?
  4. Well that sucks.. The price and currency change based on where you are (I know as I've been playing whilst on holiday in the US) so it would make sense for the same to be applicable to this "restriction". I mean I can legally buy stuff somewhere that is illegal in the country I live in, so why is this not the case with VPN connections for Wows? @MrConway
  5. Can you circumvent this crap with VPN?
  6. Lots of really good streams, lots of tips, lots of news, some prize draws if that's your fancy for being there.. And some for just socialising and playing warships. Some misuse the streams, but the delay (a few seconds) makes stream sniping not so easy. I love being a twitch prime member for several reasons: 1. I get Amazone Prime Video, 2. I can support 1 streamer once a year with a subscription (As I understand they get some coin for this), 3. It's where you get the newest news :-), should have said freshest. 4. Sometimes you just need something to listen to, I play WoWs whilst listening to twitch, and I switch to twitch when something interesting is happening.. The draws and these containers are just a small icing on the cake, nothing I'll do for the rewards alone..
  7. Crap, outa popcorn.. Keep the complaints alive!!!! Bur seriously, you have a choice, don't buy or buy. You have that with candy as well, yet some seem to have a real problem saying Nay nay! I could have said I am lucky and have all of those special ships and thus the lure for me is not those, but the collectible ships I can get cheaper than buying in the store (in which they are at the moment).. The truth is I have bought 40 small ones just for flags (and oil for our baby clan), I use 8 flags on all boats except CV's that can only use 4 (and I so very much suck at playing CV's).. All the free EXP ships except Missouri are still available for free exp. If you have played enough to get most of the 56 ships, then you either have spent money on what's unimportant (ships and cosmetics instead of premium time) or not played enough (haven't bothered to check players stats (I know mine are bad :-))). Point is (I seriously doubt players are so dumb they don't see the value of the dragon flags, camos and any bonus to exp, free exp, captain exp and credits) you can super easily farm enough free exp for all 3 available free exp ships within a year if you maximise your potential, if you play a lot you can even get all of them without premium account (former clan mate has done it, crazy bugger)! Effort, what I see throughout this thread is an amazing lack of effort, you have made choices a lot of times already during your time in World of Warships: What ships to buy, not to buy, what specials to jump on to (black friday, collections, special offers, bundles, in game offers ++++) or not, that some of those choices have been done in error is quite common, that you might have saved for Christmas containers is quite obvious (I have, I could have bought all of the 3 ships I miss during the year (Roma, Gascogne and Massachusets), but I was waiting for the Christmas containers. You can call me cheap :-), I am, sort of. I keep arguing against these boxes being gambling, I know I'm wrong, but I just don't like the association to the real gambling, so I keep arguing it's a game of chance (which is gambling, but hey, semantics). The thing is, you do this with a LOT of things, even what toy your kid is getting in the Happy Meal is a gamble (though most MCD's will let you nag to get the one your kid really wants if they can), card packs for ALL card games and collections (football, NBA, NHL, NFL, Formula 1.. the list is endless).. But in all those choices as with gambling, you do have a real choice. What I don't like is the incessant nagging from numpties that this is so bad and this should be banned because I didn't get what I desired. Afraid of losing, don't participate, although I bet in the long run, you might even see that winning is not always what you thought it was.. Are the super premium ships all that jazz, or is it bragging rights that's the most important piece of your complaints. I can say, from my own perspective (as I have all of them), that the only two ships that I really enjoy playing is the Kamikaze and the Kutuzov. BUT, Kutuzov has been power crept so hard that it is nowhere as fun as it was when it was released (when I bought it), it's a good ship, but on T8 now, you're having a tough time against good T8 ships as your advantage to stealth fire from smoke at 5 km range is no more there. Radar and hydro aplenty makes your life a lot harder :-). Belfast even more so, yes it has radar AND smoke and hydro, and HE and AP. IT's an expensive ship to maintain in the British setup, less so after the inclusion of the British DD line as you now can use a British DD cpt to power it, haven't played it that much since those were introduced, still T7 is harder these days. Missouri is just a slightly worse Iowa, with an insane credit earning potential and 9.5 km radar (somewhat useful, you really don't want to be that close to dd's, but you can hide behind an island and be useful for your team if you end up in those situations), Musashi is really fun if you end up in T7 match making, blap away, but in 9 out of 10 games your the mid tiered yama that'll eat citadels for breakfast, even with good angling. Kronshtadt is an odd ball, it really is, good guns, VERY good guns, but burns like it's soaked in gasoline (even with fireprevention), can utilise the same cpt as Moskva (and quite possibly also Stalingrad, not that I know) and is exceptional when downtiered, meh when uptiered. Emperator, now the "crazy good T4 BB", which eats torps like crazy :-), it's slow, it has no idea what AA is and autodrop from any CV will make your life miserable, the guns and the way they rotate makes your ability to change direction with just the loss of 1 turret's firepower if you change side, is superb. It is an amazing seal clubber, but playing at T4 is just not all that rewarding in the long run. To be honest, Koenig Albert at T3 is a better seal clubber as you are more likely to meet more nibs at that tier, even when playing against T4's.. Now to the final ship of the brady bunch, Kimakaze.. I was hoping to get the Fujin as that is the only iteration of the Kamikaze I don't have, and I'm sort of a collection moron, but it was not to be :-). The Kamikaze is an amazing ship, it was the same as the Minekaze, but then they nerfed the Minekaze slightly (some will say too much, I don't think so, the ship is still nearly as good as the Kamikaze, nearly). The Kamikaze is perhaps the only ship of all of those that works without flaw at all MM situations, except where there are good CV's that know to take care of their BB population, then your life is a bit sad, but that's VERY rare... Gremy has been hit super hard by the stealth fire nerf, which happened a century ago :-). But it is a scary gunboat and with a high tiered captain it will wreck havoc at T5 +/- 1.. It handles T7 MM much worse than the Kamikaze, and VS higher tiered DD's it will lose only to T-61 or maybe the Farragut on T6, T7 will eat you for lunch with ease (btw, Monaghan is not a shitty boat... dont' write it of..). Giulio was available just recently, but it's a good boat, not sure why everybody claims it's OP, perhaps it's just not quite my cup of tea, don't know, but they sink easily enough.. So, to the ships you can get, that's available in store or has been just recently. Of all of those, I would cherry pick the T-61 and the Z-39 as DD's go, what boats they are! Amazing! And they're both available in store, Asashio is one of my favourites (also available in store and was in the black friday containers as a B version (exact copy)), but it's usage is severely limited to targeting BB's or CV's with your torpedoes, and most numpty DD players in Asashio will not use their good guns (daft) nor play the objectives (even more daft).. But, get a good MM (T10 doesn't matter at all in this boat) with 5+ BB's and you're in for a treat (and much complaints from the other team)... I've said earlier that I was "cheaping out" waiting for these to get cheap ships, I've gotten Abruzzi and Le Terrible (liked Abruzzi, not tried the terrible one) in 20 Mega containers, got 40 small ones for the flags, and got flags :-). Happy with what I got? Yeah, in the end I am, but I also understand that I'm one of the few that has almost all of the boats you can get, and I understand why many desire to get more boats for less (getting them for less than they're worth I think I'm trying to say), but to whine and complain about the drop rate, when it is pretty easy find information about the drop rates (based on people collecting data from different sources (other player's crate contents)) and pretty easy to understand that it's low (from experience from ALL such things in all games that use the same way of luring people to buy these boxes), I don't get why you are discontent, I don't get the complaints. Regarding gifts, I've yet to find any Christmas gift EVER that's free, none, yet WG gives you several during the year, and 2 for Christmas. You can buy the ones in the store for yourself (even the ones in real life cost money even if you gift it to yourself) or for others, I know several in my clan do that (send each other 5 packs of either small, medium or big gifts).. Have a happy holiday and please, please, try to have fun, don't put too much emotion into these boxes. It's a game, having fun is why you should be playing this game, not for the potential box content :-). TL:DR; Enjoy the game, not the boxes! And.... Merry Christmas
  8. 1. Gaming part, well it's for a game so I suspect that's the point (yeah I know that's not what you mean, but you're wrong in that there's a gaming part in this). 2. Clear wage, well you can buy 1, 5 or 20. That's pretty clear (again I know that's not what you imply, but this is getting stupid). 3. Win or lose, if you can define win for me I'm pretty surprised as I don't NEED ANY`THING in those containers, yet I buy them because I like the content it gives (flags, camo, doubloons, free exp, sausage with beer and a hail mary on top) is a boat the win? Nope not for me. The real win is the oil for the newly born clan. 4. Wow, a random factor.. Now here's where I have a trouble keeping a clear face and your definitions of gambling went completely out the window with reason, logic and simple sanity. I suppose in Belgium you will also have to ban all board games as you might not always win. And all games that you actually have to buy, because if you like it or not is a complete gamble. Heck, even buying a meal is a gamble, you don't know up front if it is AWESOME or CRAP, and you might lose and get some runny tummy. I understand that people in general are stupid and you need to hold their hands in all aspects of the world and that free will is a complete and utter myth which pairs well with the utter lack of self control people suffer from these days. The world is stupid, I know, It's full of stupid people, if you're offended, that's gambling. You don't have to invest time in these posts, you don't have to invest anything in anything. I am just sick and tired of people complaining that they have to actually make decisions and then take the consequences of their actions. Getting born is the biggest gamble in the world, wonder how long before someone actually decides to sue their parents, school, teachers, friends, work and the rest of the world as their life turned out to be crap and they lost in the biggest lottery of the world: Life. Sorry, didn't mean to go native (sort of), and it's not personal against you MrFinger, I'm just not a fan of stupid laws and utter waste of resources...
  9. Well comparing this to gambling is not right, if you gamble at a bookie and lose you get nothing. Here you get a random item worth more than the box in which it came. Now, your value of the item might be different than mine, and ships are of course "worth" the most. But this is like buying a mystery box from amazon with guaranteed value on the content. So, this is not gambling. If you want to compare it to something it is a lottery where you get a prize worth more than the ticket, but it might not be what you want. Please, stop whining.. Out of the top of my head what I got out of 20 mega boxes: 2 ships I didn't have (Le Terrible and Abruzzi), 2k doubloons, a ton of camo and flags... I use all of those, and the camo is quite good (even got a few of the Type 59 ones which are awesome for grinding new lanes).. Don't need the camo? Sell it for a ton of credits.. I'm quite satisfied, but it seems like if you have all the ships you get the doubloon worth of monaghan regardless of what conway say. Last year I got 8 or 9 okhotniks when I had all of the premiums I could get.. Now that's not random, was I pissed then? Sure, but the doubloon worth of Okhotnik was still more than the price I paid for the box, I just felt lied to, which is never a good feeling. So, do some research, if the content has more expensive junk than expensive flair, don't buy. But,if, for you, the content seems ok, then you will not lose money, you might get some odd combinations of flags and doubloons and ships and crap.. but... PS! I also have clan mates that bought 20 mega and got no ships. And other clan mates that bought 20 big ones and got 5 ships.. :-).... In the small ones I got no ships, only camo, doubloons and some free exp and yes, flags :-). Spend with care.
  10. When musashi leaves it's been around for nearly a year.. Since I spent almost all free exp I had a couple of months ago, I've during normal lazy play managed to accrue nearly 450k over the last couple of months.. now if I had put in the effort I could easily have doubled it...
  11. Steel reimbursement is way unfair and I sincerely hope they don't even consider that, they've said doubloon for premium and I would suspect that also includes any premium camouflage purchased. I suppose the captain would be sent to reserve and would have to be retrained which is also fair as you would still have to retrain the dude to new ships if you didn't go the CV line, an alternative is to convert his exp to free captain exp and just remove him. Interesting to see though how many will chose to delete everything. I look forward to the CV change, a bit from the change of game play, but mostly from the change of how much of an impact 1 player has on a match.
  12. I love this series, this episode you start off as if you're both nervous, but get comfortable or less tense after a few minutes. Still a great episode! I have a few thoughts regarding the topics discussed: 1. Instead of nerfing the economy, or "raising taxes". Stop handing out these new crazy flags so much (you award them in all sorts of places, containers, PTS rewards, Beta rewards and so forth) Award other things.. small amounts of doubloons instead perhaps? You could also add a slight bonus to lower tiers in regards to repair costs, so that you can farm on T10, but it would be much more lucrative at T7/T8. 2.Arms race to return, that is much appreciated! 3. Balance is always going to be an issue as you say, and I fear too much time is being spent to try and even out tops and bottoms that really is not a balance issue more than a lack of knowledge or skill on how to fully utilise a ship or line of ships. If you even out too many or too much, you'll end up with a lot of ships that's more or less all the same they just look different. Keep the series going.. !!
  13. Hmmmmm next week is just so much more interesting, even though Wang-guard is a nice ship and much desired.. Even the never played T3 ship Dudnaught is ok.. Not that I've spent Waifu points on either dinghy.. Really looking forward to the coming Friday, fear I'll be let down, but my childish gibberish will keep going until I am (if I am), disappointed.. Cheerio ms. Sophie..
  14. The monthly one is a bit messy, I rather have the old format with the weekly in their own article.. I know you don't get to reiterate the "permanent" sales so much then, but you could always just pin the article that lists the Month long deals and then just post a new with the weekly "update"..Apart from that I think the Royal Navy missions are easy and very rewarding, don't like that some things are locked behind a steel wall, but hey, can't have everything (even though you want it....), just let me buy steel :-)
  15. Well, whilst I do love the Richy, this is no match for an alsace.. so.. Meh.. But since I'm a nib and have a lot of free exp lying about, or potentially lying about, I would have spent 750k on it.. Coal? Mehhh.. this ship is only available for a short period, which makes me think they prereleased it so that they could get cash for it before they make it available for free exp. Regarding hard to farm Free EXP.. since they gave 1SC per TX boat you had 1 round in, I've earnt 200k+, and I play casually.. I could have farmed easily 750k in that timeframe if I played more and put on all the right flags, especially during CB.. Today I made around 300k elite cpt exp.. Now I cannot get to those levels in free, but without going gung ho on super rare camo I could easily have farmed around 50-60k, just in CB's today.. I have Clan mates that's not spent a dime on premium time or consumables which have all free exp ships in the game, go figure, they play too much.. Then I have others that play much less, but invest in premium time and consumables and they also haven't used a single doubloon to convert exp to free exp, but yet has managed to get all free exp ships.. 1%? I'ld say it's probably closer to 10+%.. So, whilst I think it's stupid and greedy and unnecessary for WG to seemingly regularly break their promises or ignore their statements, it is what it is.. Makes it easier for me to spend less on this game :-). Edit: Judging by how amateurish the wiki page is for JB (and that when it was put in store it still said this was under development and stats could change) with no pros no cons.. and no link to LWM review, makes me think this is a spur of the moment thing, a test of how well it sells and how much of a shitstorm it'll start that they break promises or go back on their word... Just my cents...