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  1. Fesvil

    April’s Twitch Drops Just Got Better

    Not sure why they phrased the post like they did, I too thought ohh cool Ironium in each twitch container. But no, it's "regular" (and in WG terms that means very rare) and regular (standard twitch container with 100k credits++, which I've gotten a ton of) and then there is the myth about super containers (which will be one in every 100k containers dropped or something :-)). Not that I really care much, would have loved some as the gutted space battles are just a chore to play, no more fun :-(, no balance.. and WAY WAY WAY WAY too many battleship players.. when you have 4 bb's on your team of 9 it's a pain, they always without exceptions camp.. But this was about the twitch containers.. Keep em coming, would be nice if you surprised us with not telling us anything, that way we weren't disappointed or expecting what you wrote to be the truth.. Regular means regular, not rare!
  2. If you have all CV's don't buy containers, drop chance of ships are MUCH lower, they don't give out rebates anymore :-).
  3. Anyone bought the expensive containers and gotten CV's? I bought 5 and got 2 x 20 dragon flags (oro and hydra I think), 2 x 12500 coal and Graf Zepp (which I've regretted never buying when it was released). My first thought was: "Oh mama, I should buy 20 and get cheap doublons!!", then my common sense kicked in: "Quit whilst ahead boy!".. So my common sense was victorious for once.... I was just curious if others have had any bad or good luck with the new Naval Aviation Premium Containers.
  4. Well, you play on regular boats (quite a lot) to get 480 of the resource, then you need to farm spacebattles for the total of 300 if you want the maximum available, this will allow you to buy 1! module, if you feel rich you can buy an extra 4x240 (total of 960) for 4x5000 doubloons (which gives you a mission that rewards 240 ironium + 2x10 special flags + 10k coal). Which means if you farm like crazy on normal boats, then farm space (because space battles are T7 they yield significantly less gold and exp than T8->T10) you can leave with, having sacrificed hours of your life and 20k doubloons poorer, 1740 ironium richer = 2 modules and some other whack if you want. I have all the T10 ships, I'm going to go for the one I want, but haven't started on, saves me time, nothing more. To get to T10 you are not an average sunday player in the first place, and it is miles away from free.. You have to play a fair deal to get it which costs time, much more valuable than mere cash. -Fes
  5. Fesvil

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Hmmm shouldn't containers be in shop now? Says from 10:00... or am I completely wrong?
  6. Well, it wasn't the camos that you can buy for 600 moronium, it's the special modules for the T10 ships.. and you can earn a TON more moronium than 300.. just from the first fly strike win you can get 480.. wow. suddenly it was a WHOLE lot better.. but I still think 240 for 5k doubloons is horrifically overpriced.
  7. Fesvil

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    downtime extended another hour.. :-(.. problems?
  8. Fesvil

    Announcing SKIPPER

    It's just a bit of fun, whining about MM does nothing. It is as it is, it works and it doesn't, on average it works. You still play the game which is proof enough. I thought it funny enough, a bit early, but that might have to do with the reqions, I don't know :-). Happy April fools day!
  9. Hmm so you can MAX get 300, that means to get one "special" space camo for 600 moronium you have to shell out 10k doubloons... WOW, that's absurd... not even a half decent discount, 8k for looks only and you get what 20k coal (worst case scenario thats 50 containers with the worst luck in the world (and no daily wins or super containers)) and 40 "special" flags.. (of course in addition to the 2x240 moronium you get).. 10k doubloons, that's a STEEP price for.. But hey, who am I to complain, I won't waste time nor energy on neither quest nor offer. And I am ironically thankful for it, because it made my choice SUPER easy, I'll just focus on clan battles and the fly strike thing (to get those for free) and then just not bother about the moronium quests (as I know 100% certain I won't be able to grind to get even 1 of those camos without spending 10k doubloons (that's about 33€!!!! The price of a T8 premium DD or T7 premium BB!!!).. Advice: Don't bother, cool game mode which is worth a few games, but nothing more. Got nothing else to do? Probably better than watching paint dry, but not by much.
  10. Hmm 3 days added to the 750+ days I have... Hmm not worth a fart (besides you get these rewards in normal containers just playing).. For the one being "recruited", cool, you can get som pretty nifty stuff, have to play a bit though, but still.. Half decent for them, utter utter utter waste for me.. So, whilst the incentive is there for the recruited there is absolutely none for the recruiter, or rather negligible.. Sorry. Not to mention the premium shop has been a barren wasteland of really poor deals for months now, it's been free falling since December. It caters to new players, but utterly ignores veterans.. Saves me tons of money every month, but.. you lose out WG.. This is actually the first weekend with discounts on tech tree ships, nice.. Ages since doubloon conversion offer, or special doubloon offer.. Again, saves me tons of money and you once again lose out on some sales.. Mehh..
  11. Fesvil

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Alas, pink is not a colour support will assist you with even if it is WG's fault you got it.. Ohh well, only 3 games.. stupid stupid stupid, they claim we'll be compensated, but the page they link to doesn't say much :-(.
  12. Fesvil

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Port is sluggish, 2-3 disconnects today.. Should I open ticket or? Port seems to get worse with every update.. Now I am unable to connect and thus not able to finish the last daily mission chain. Everything on this page is also super sluggish. Takes 4-5 seconds just to reload this page, everything else on the net is smooth. Wow, seems like you guys are having massive issues, right now nothing works as it should. Game client unable to connect, last refresh of forum got me a timeout..... Wow. 4 refreshes later and the help portal still won't load, game won't connect. Nothing works, not able to register a ticket not able to play the game.. Going to bed p***** off... :-(.. Update: Managed to log into the game now, pink, as the game detected me as being AFK, sadly there's no logic in whether the user can log in or not. So I get that, submitted a ticket (as the entire EU site was unavailable for 30 minutes), hoping for a fix of the colour issue (pink.. :-)) and inability to finish mission.. PS! NA client and site works... EU is... correction was fubar..
  13. Fesvil

    Premium Shop in March: Prinz Eugen

    I wholeheartedly agree. Last year these were available in 100 and 200 bundles, without Premium time. I've 2 years of premium time, I'll never spend money if it includes premium time.. That being said, I was 1 inch away on Friday to press "purchase", but sense prevailed and made me rethink my spontaneous reaction on this awesome camouflage being available in the premium store.. That being said, I've got over a million free after I bought Alaska, And captain exp is fairly easy to farm without these.. spend another 40€? Nah, sorry, 1. too expensive and 2. uninteresting bundle. If you don't have premium time, it's an ok deal for the 200#, not good, just ok.. Think last year I got 200 for 25 ish€....
  14. Fesvil

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Bet the 28th of feb..
  15. Fesvil

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Of course I have, do you know how often you are top tier in T8? less than 10%... so, yeah.. Playing a CV at T8 in a T10 is a mixed bag of pain.. Saipan does ok in T10 due to T10 planes, but Kaga struggles, Enterprise is ok, as is Lexington and Choco... Anyway, CV rework is still in progress. And to be honest, I feel the moaning and wailing has subdued dramatically since it started. So some things WG must do right.. There's still a way to go, auto trigger of consumables is just plain stupid, autopilot is still heavily intoxicated (vodka mode?)... Really don't understand all this nonconstructive criticism, if you have an issue with something, explain why (not specifically aimed at anybody, just a general feel for the negativity among a few active voices on the forums)... Whatever, I just love the new CV's... I guess I'm one of the "few"..