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  1. Fesvil

    Pi day

    Was so hoping for this.. mega disappointed.. ;-(
  2. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Destroyer Friesland

    To be honest... This bundle is semi ok, the only half carrot is that 30:1, but I'll rather wait for a 35:1, the 1500 tokens are also nice, the flags are nice, but why the dang 5m credits? More doubloons, less credits, please.. :-). Quick head count means 20 of each flag = 16 bundles , average (if you get an even distribuition (which you won't as there's 12 of the 250 one)) is 23 bundles which is 23k doubloons = 70€ ish .. But that gives you also a WHOLE heap of other stuff, more camouflages more flags, coal, free exp, normal flags... So in the end.. it's basically the access to the 30:1 bundle you want if you buy this as you will get more from the ingame 1k doubloon bundles anyway... funny.. Edit: Ahh not to mention it might cost less and you might get WAY more tokens and "cool" stuff.. TL:DR, buy doubloons, not the bundle.
  3. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Destroyer Friesland

    Hmm I don't mind these, lots of good free stuff, I just miss more of the 35:1 and the special offers. Destroyers without smoke are getting more and more valuable compared to those that are very dependant on it, due to hydro and radar meta, these destroyers can also hold their ground fairly decent against CV's which is a massive bonus. I will get Småland over Hayate which saddens me as I was really looking forward to IJN getting a good T10 DD (I love Haragumo, but it's been so power crept it's sad), shima is well, no longer the best torpedo DD in the game :-(. I feel the IJN line need a bit of love or consistency, same with the Russian DD line, but.. ohh well..
  4. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Destroyer Friesland

    Well thats the one I've been missing.. It's a bonus if you will... And that coupon is worthless for me :-(...
  5. Fesvil

    Premium Shop: Destroyer Friesland

    @Crysantos Just wondering if Wargaming have cut out the 35:1 special deals you had before and the discount on Doubloons (been ages since that)..?
  6. Fesvil

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Price: Hmm the noise when Puerto Rico was release was much more I seem to recall. Yet there you could get the ship for 22k doubloons + a bit of effort or 50k+. 2m free exp requires A WHOLE lot more doubloons: 80k to be precise (long time since there's been a 35:1 conversion), not to mention you also first have to "farm" 2m regular exp (which would net you around 100k free exp so I suppose the correct sum needed is 76k doubloons). Now, the doubloon price alone for PR was steep, but you got quite a lot of goodies as well, here , you get nothing, nada, zip, zilch... So in reality the price for Småland is around 4-5x the price of PR. Now to @Crysantos comparison with research points (62k to buy Ohio or 57k for Colbert): You do not get 95% less exp per match, so the EFFORT required to play to get Ohio for free is so incredibly much less than what is required for Småland. With the PAPA PAPA (333%) f.exp flagg equipped, and a 100% camo, I think we can say that's fairly fair to set as average availability of boosts, dragon flags not so much, but let's say you can get 500% bonus (that includes either a dragon or better camo).. So to the math: Regular ship 2m exp with 100% exp camo, 100% exp flags (less bonuses available in flags): average 1666 base exp per fight (a bit high perhaps but easy math)=5k per match = 400 matches to get 2m EXP, the Ohio required you to farm 2.6m EXP if you kept resetting the cheapest line (think it's the IJN torpedo line). Free exp using same example as above (1666 base exp) with bonuses = 416.6 free exp per fight which results in over 4800 battles .... If @Crysantos can't see the difference in effort required, then I'm at a loss. Yes my math is probably off, the point is still there though, effort, time invested. Time is the most valuable commodity you have, don't squander it! I might get the småland when I have enough fexp, I might not. 2m is too much, you said the same thing when you demanded 1m for Friesland, it's not gotten easier since then to get free exp.. I would advice people to stay away from Småland, there are better alternatives in the game, even at T9 :-) and the price is too high.
  7. Fesvil

    Results: Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    Wow, back 2 school camo, the one the art department spent 2 seconds designing and has the definition of mediocre as bonus.. Wow, no thanks.. Flag is easy to get, might do that.. 2pts
  8. Fesvil

    Last chance to obtain London and Cheshire

    What saddens me is the ignorance of old players and only catering to newer players. No doubloons if you have these ships.. Now that's an awesome gift... If you have a ship you get no discount in bundles anymore... Disappointed as always 😢.
  9. Fesvil

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Hmm bought 8 of the doubloon ones, just to see what I could get. No coal (which was the primary reason for buying), but a plethora of flags, which is nice. And the T5 ship. Worth it? Hmmm not really. Wonder what my tokens will bring, one can hope for a T8, but that's rare. I thought there would be like 15-16 to buy, but ohh no, 65!!!! that's just insane. Won't buy more doubloon ones. Not worth it.. Stay away...
  10. Only lack 1 of the 86 ships... 😭.. Where's the Makarov??? And since I only lack 1 ship I will probably not be buying a lot of containers. Waaaaaay less steel this year (about half) compared to last year, morale is the same as last year don't buy ships.. Buy Christmas containers..
  11. Fesvil

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    Friend bought 5 and got 3 ships, I bought 5 and got 1 ship.. he got T8 first then T6 and T5.. Do I care? Not really.. crap happens.. Rather open 1 and 1 than all 5 like I did..
  12. Fesvil

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    Hi, Got compensated with credits and NOT doubloons when receiving Genova in the bundles.!!
  13. Fesvil

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    IT's that nice Nuevo de Julio...
  14. Fesvil

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Been hoping for a Makarov to be made available in those crates.. :-(...
  15. Fesvil

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    And now that it came, are you satisfied?