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  1. Kamataron

    Update 0.6.4 General Feedback

    Test client does not remember full-screen setting. Always starts in windowed mode.. Not sure if this is common? It's first time i see that kind of behaviour.
  2. Kamataron

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    I have no idea how project will look like.. If those ships will land in premium shop i suspect there will be one meaby two camo per ship.. There is no sense of placing one ship with 10 different camuflage variations. So my anserw is..no.
  3. Kamataron

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    Some apregio ships had terrible colours (i mean about pink myoko) but at least those ships were given as mission reward with attracted peoples to make those mission.. at least there was a purpose for it. I really dislike idea of selling exsiting ships with unique camuflages.. what in case You have ship already? I hope for existing ships (like Graff Spee) there will be possibility to buy.. permanent camo (dublon price).. Reskins (sister-ships) should be avalble as mission rewards (and later meaby in premium shop for peoples who don't like completeing tasks) For new ships (if there will be any).. i remember something called Project R.. that would be nice
  4. Kamataron

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Battleships are the worst class in that game.. most boring ones, most easiest ones... do You really want to have most terrible ship of most boring class in game? I have almost every premium ship since 21.08.2015.. missed only Kamikaze.. only because i have Fujin and Kamikaze R... I will definitely stop buying premium ships cause that game is leading to nowhere..
  5. Kamataron

    Neptune the worse tier Ix ship in game do you agree?

    Neptune gameplay made my face smile.. Ship is made of paper.. it should be played similar to destroyer
  6. Kamataron


    CV as low tier becames a bit painfull starting from tier 5 up to tier 8.. mainly because of amount of AA mounted on ships.. CV should be top tier always or AA power should be reduced by 30-50%.. meaby that would help..
  7. Kamataron

    Aprils Fools incoming

    I guess we were given only half of true about that...
  8. Kamataron

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    Unfortunately this game is getting worse and worse every patch.. Playing a cruisers starts to be a pain.. so called "fun" was replaced mostly by frustration. Range buff to battleships in that patch will be aditional nail into the coffin for both cruisers and destroyer (especialy Russian ones since they can not relay their torpedos). Lucky BB player (RNG) can finish a DD in one or two slavos (or at least damage it badly), cruisers when their citadels are hit will land on the bottom of the sea. I only have a hope that person who is "creating" vision on how world of warships should look like will wake up some day! BTW.. According form public test changes on The Armored Patrol, Prinz Eugen draft was changed.. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/24/wows-supertest-patchnotes-2/ Any idea that will come live? This should help her a bit.. According to stats portals Prinz Eugen and Admiral Hipper are worst T8 cruisers.
  9. Kamataron

    All Change! Initial impressions, what are yours?

    Cruisers are almost unplayable.. too many battleships with are now more unvurable thanks to stupid skill changes! Destroyers are playable until You met someone who uses RPF. Divisions with RPF and sonar are able to kill any DD trying to sneak flank Battleships - no comments and RPF! Whole 0.6.0 patch except visual port changes should be reverted and idiot who made a proposal of it.. fired asap. Person / team who designed new skill system are not able to understand core basic mechanic with made previous version working. I guess i will make a bigger brake from game cause now it's broken! Congratulations wargaming.. who cares about comunity feedback from test?
  10. Kamataron


    Atlanta is really nice and fun ship to play, especialy for experienced players. BTW. I've missed something in patch notes? When Atlanta torps were nerfed? Today i've discovered that maximum range was changed from 4.5 to 3.6 km. That is shortest torpedo range in whole game! It could be nice to have an option to choose other torpedos, slower with greater range! That change is really not good!
  11. Kamataron

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Reduce battleship plating by 4 mm like it was on test server.. job done. HE spam will be reduced, because it will not be so effective. BB will be able to shoot other BB, also cruisers will be able to make some reliable damage! Last time i see BBQ shoting HE. This can lead to funny sitation. Seen Amagi with popped two Gneisenau one by one. Of course both BBQ were using HE ;)
  12. Kamataron

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    PT changes plus new skill system will empower problems like we have now, it is not the way to go. Improving battleship survivalibity will only make sitation worse than we have now. To make game more dynamic : - reduce number of battleships per game to maximum 4 per side - consider placing more low tier BB in match making - BBQ beeing highet tier is faster, more dangerous and of course it has better survivalibility - start tweaking AA on ships in Tiers - there is too many AA on highest tiers and not enough on lower tiers. Carriers should recive some kind of ballance (T10 is superior, T9 is ok, T8 is just too weak especialy if it needs to counte T10 ships) - reduce BB hull plaiting by 4 mm - this was done on test server, but all BBQ community said this is bad change. On that test BBQ guns worked as they intend to be. Only angled BB recived much lowe damage, also cruisers in that test did not had too spam HE constantly. - remove RPF - this emiminates lot of tactical possibilities. Tactic and strategy should be key to victory. That skill works in opposite way - use weather - there are lot of effects with should reduce visibility and detectivity. This would create aditional possibilities and tactics. Cruisers equipped with torpedos would become much more dangerous. Let peoples who use mostly BB switch also to ther class, there is much more fun! There are lot of possibilities. It's also good to ask community about ideas. We are not a 'brainless mass with is not capable of think creativel
  13. Kamataron

    Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    Not connected with Public Test, but.... can You limit amount of battleships to 4... it is insane to have 5 per side every game, if You are in cruiser.. experiences are quite painfull! Whole new skill system will only buff battleships with is easiest and less skill depend class!
  14. Kamataron

    Skill Proposal - replacement for RPF (KI)

    Guys none such comment will make things better. This is possible vital skill alternative with can make game better, this is why i would like to get some usefull comments.. Even if it will not be taken and considered now.. meaby it can be used in future..
  15. Kamataron

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Hello, my idea for skill with could replace RPF. Please add Your comments or skill proposal etc. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/70532-skill-proposal-replacement-for-rpf-ki/ About new skill system, Unfortunatley there is one class with benefits the most from new skill tree. Thise are battleships with are not too much skill dependant like other classes. Whole that idea should be taken back for rework/modernisation/replacement. Fact is that we are able to create some interesting (different) builds much easy than before but this will not solve problem with number of battleships with we have now. RPF should be never introduced in any kind of form into the game. If Youre still wondering look on World of Tanks. Smart person owning that skill can easly remove any element of surprise. This will also lead to divisions hunting destroyers and also other horrible things. The only thingh with we are going to achive is.. increase amount of battleships!!! THIS IS WHAT WE DON"T WANT WG!