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  1. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Regarding Scenario battles

    Hi, I've been a long-time player of WOWS and I was just wondering if there was any news on the possibility of new scenario battles as I know a lot of you will probably give me a little hate here, but I do enjoy just the casual Co-Op aspect and relaxing a little after a frustrating losing streak in Random's Also i've noticed that the T7 scenario battles are on hiatus currently and I do enjoy taking out my T7's every so often in to those battles. Is there any news on when they'll return? Regards, Capt. Jack Sparrow
  2. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Lock please

    Toxic, but to answer you, me. 1 game played and won i'm guessing It seems people on here can't communicate as a normal human and have to divulge in to their superiority complex. Could I get a lock on this thread please.
  3. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Lock please

    Edited due to people unable to communicate normally.
  4. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Ripped off buying Doubloons and WG don't give a toss!!!

    I'm not usually one to chip in on things like this but I believe my two cents should at least be considered. Now with things like this crashes on websites etc, it's always difficult to pinpoint the problem if it was their end or your end but that doesn't seem to be the thing that has annoyed you. From what I can gather it seems like you want 1500 doubloons because you missed out on an offer? Now think about this as it's the same business principle, you see an advert on TV and it's an online only offer for a phone contract and if you use a paysafe card you get an extra couple of perks, however the website it down either your end or theirs. Now if you emailed them asking for some of the perks but not the full contract they too would most likely firstly laugh and then tell you the same as WG did because no purchase was made and therefore they don't owe you anything at all, even if you were their #1 customer spending millions nothing is owed because no contract was made. I hope this doesn't come across badly but things happen and sometimes we don't like it but nothing is owed out of the goodness of their hearts because an error occurred. Also I did have a mini-chuckle to myself when the word fraud was used, now let's get this straight they didn't commit fraud of any type, because they didn't do this for unfair or unlawful gain (If anything they lost out on the purchase) and while you are a victim to internet troubles you aren't a victim of being deprived of a legal right to buy game currency.
  5. CaptJack_Sparrow

    General feedback

    Scenarios are now broken, please fix
  6. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Scenarios are a little broken for the stars

    Well I have read the patch notes and I knew it was coming, however I believe scenarios have been broken to high heaven. The T7 scenario this week for instance is near-impossible, even with communication and clan members filling in the rest. The so called AI fix seems to have turned them in to Skynet, i'm a little concerned that WG would release a 'patch' to fix something and completely near-break it (no surprise there though). Something tells me they haven't been doing their tests or at least listening to the community... What a surprise If they have done testing on the new 'buffed' AI then I sure want to see some replays of them completing the whole 5 stars. P.S. I've got 5 stars in this and the other scenarios plenty of times before the patch, this is feedback to tell them it's broken.
  7. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Is there a timetable for scenarios?

    Hi all, just want to ask a quick question because i'm either really blind that I can't see one or one doesn't exist (probably the latter). But is there a timetable anywhere that shows us what the next scenario is on the following week? Just thought it'd be handy for people that look forward to certain ones. Thanks!
  8. CaptJack_Sparrow

    8000 doubloons space camo - Missing visuals and sound effects

    Wow, all I can say is for 8000 doubloons i'd want the laser effects on the shells as well, the voice would be a nice addition too (not that i'll be giving them nearly 30 Euros for a skin). Seems to me like they might come in as an extra, for a bargain price of only 5000 doubloons!
  9. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Space Camo purchase window

    You will be able to buy the camos only for the duration of the event (because it's a bad good marketing tactic (apparently)). As for the time-limit I got this info from the 0.7.3 update post on the front page. "Don't Have a Tier X Ship Yet? You have until Update 0.7.4 to climb to the top! Free XP conversion events and missions from April 13 until April 17 will help you out." Hope this helps you! P.S. - Don't give in
  10. I think the work load at the minute is 70% (pun intended) laughing at the people buying the space skins and the other 30% brainstorming on how they can get another 8k out of them in a weeks time.
  11. I can see some outcomes from this, by either offering them in the shop at a later date for ships you might not have yet (because they didn't sell at all well) OR they will offer these out again at a later date in game (because they didn't sell at all well).
  12. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Insert insult towards cruisers who use AA Consum. here

    Ok so from my magical mind powers here, you were in a game with your Yamato (In which you have only played 21 games in IJN T8-T9 BB's ) and got torpedoed because you were straight sailing for 2+ mins. No offense caused here but this is a solo-game if you aren't in a division which you communicate with team-mates you won't have team players, it's as simple as that. If you're struggling i'd suggest watching a few of the community contributors videos in which they show you how to play a certain class of ship.
  13. I kind of see what you're saying however WG is a business, businesses like to make money (Profit). They aren't bothered about how it looks in game they are looking at the $$$, it a bad business practice to put such a high price tag on vanity items, many reasons such as it shows your consumers how greedy you are when it comes to "Hey look at the super cool vanity item that just changes the looks of your ship... But we will need more because it comes from a higher tier ship and we have put effort in to it.". My second point is WG has done this space battle thing before and spent time creating different looking ships (While they were just Fletchers stuck on to an Essex hull isn't the point) and also the toy boat tub game that they brought out and didn't make a dime off of that but could of some way I guess, anyway my point is they are trying to justify because they have spent a little bit more time on the designs of the skins and as such is why they should be 5k maximum, BUT it doesn't end there the fact that they said because they were skins for a T10 ship was what made me a little tilted as it doesn't matter if it's a T10 ship, a T8 ship or a T1 ship at the end of the day tiers shouldn't dictate a price tag and that's what I think will be the biggest downfall of the sales of these skins.
  14. Sadly as many others have mentioned it's quite a horrible practice and even more so that WG think they can get away with it (I really hope they don't). The disgusting bit about it is the fact that it's camo made for T10 ships, ok while I can't talk for everyone that has T10 ships as i'm sure a few haven't, but more than a few people have already bought doubloons, free xp, signals/flags and possibly premium days on their way to T10. Now all of this combined and they charge 8000 doubloons (30 EUR/£25/$35) for '1' skin. I'm sure most of you are good at maths but here are the figures as I didn't see any throughout the thread just to put it into perspective; 9 Space Skins x 8,000 doubloons = 72,000 doubloons (270 EUR/£225/$315) I hope that sinks in for anyone thinking that they want to buy even 1 of them. Gimme Gimme Yikes
  15. Don't give them ideas to charge us even more when it's free