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  1. thats why i hide my battles, because of players like him
  2. Cirno9999

    Bonus Codes

    W2PB8-UU28Z-HV6ST got that one in my mailbox, maybe its shareable ^^ gives 3 camos i think
  3. Cirno9999

    German Containers: Really Wargaming?

    shortlist says hello ^^
  4. Cirno9999

    new players?

    easy 100 % win rate xD
  5. Cirno9999

    Better matchmaking for CV's.

    well stock ships always suck first until you get upgrade t8 cv gets slaughtered by t10 aa
  6. you get enough rewards for playing randoms
  7. Cirno9999

    Good premium T6-T7

    well you get one of them probably again in santa crates xD also ypu should buy some premium time first
  8. Cirno9999

    Saving Transylvania HARD is TOO HARD for the average player

    got 4 stars on saving transylvania hard, struggling to get 5 stars sometimes and sunray in the darkness is a nutfest xD often failing is killing gorgon probably
  9. adjust credits in co op - yes adjust credits in randoms? - no
  10. Cirno9999

    The Scariest Night of the Year Is Coming!

    wait til they increase subs to 4 or 5 per team xD
  11. Cirno9999

    Which coal cruiser would be good for Co-op?

    to be fair i found french cruisers quite enjoyable in co op do you have any ideas what you would like myself i like the heavy us cruiser line or the german ones but probably yoshino would be your best bet i go for the salem the next i guess
  12. zao still the weakest cruiser then , i would give her flat 50k hp
  13. Cirno9999

    Karma Problem..

    theres no benefit or loss from having low or 0 karma , just ignore the epeen factor on it
  14. Cirno9999

    Has anyone specified ASW ship upgrades or Captain skills?

    got the aa bonus skill on missouri /us bb captain the upgrade isnt worth it in my opinion , rudder shift is clearly a better choice also got extra heavy ap on missouri + fire extinguish skills playing only co op , so i dont specc into full secondaries and go for hybrid builds instead probably not a viable pvp build tho
  15. Cirno9999

    Suggestions thread

    - increase cruiser depth charge airstrike to 6 -8 km, at 4km you are probably already dead