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  1. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    This, i can't see why they need a counter for the thing that is supposed to counter them, cruisers don't have a counter for BBs that shoot on their broadside, thy just have to avoid to sail in the wrong way, why a BB can't do this but always ask for a "counter to that" so he can keep sailing alone and in straight line and not being killed?
  2. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Dispersion (=luck factor) = OK: but it should affect ALL ships

    "CVs don't face any luck factor" OK.
  3. Lorenzo_Finotto

    The CV skill(s) that should die

    there is, you don't notice it when planes are simply moving through the map and you make them turn, but when you try to correct their attack manouver in the last moment before of the point of no return they show a slow and enourmous (compared to ships) turning radius, at the point that most of the ships can start turning on the other way and complete the rudder shifting before than the correct attack manouver starts, forcing you to make another correction and so on, it is one of (my) bigger problem with carriers atm.
  4. Lorenzo_Finotto

    The CV skill(s) that should die

    good premises, but the skill in your tree are too OP for me, a CE for planes in t1? and "aicraft direction expert" alone would be more powerfull than any current carrier based plane ability including air supremacy IMHO. I agree that CV on t5/6 and up should be buffed, but not in this way.
  5. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Khabar fire range nerved WTH?

    i think it was a mix of factors, kebab was OP (still the best t10 DD by stats if i remember well, checked the last time when ijn DDs were nerfed) AND was a problem for BBs. is that sort of situation when it doesn't matter if they nerf it or not, the game balance wins on one side and looses on other with both of the choices.
  6. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Wargaming please stop doing this to me(us)...

    1- i don't know what are you talking about and now i'm curious, some explamation? 2-wwwwhaaaaaat?
  7. so wait, the new FP not just limit the fire to 3 but "eliminates" a fire susceptible zone of the ship? can someone explain this in a better/more detailed way?
  8. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Christmas kindness

    know that feel, but i suggest you to avoid wasting money on this game, save them for a motorbike and ice cream; a real motorbike and real ice cream; it worked for me.
  9. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I suppose they'll offer us the opportunity to get a free "forgot all and keep playing and paying", and the community will accept it.
  10. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    ok, 85 pages, i think that this topic is enough relevant now, probably the most, can wg please stick it?
  11. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    agree, this thread deserve to be sticked...
  12. Lorenzo_Finotto


    Don't worry, both "cristmas spirit" and "family" are now in our premium shop...
  13. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    we could make these camouflage being sold in the premium shop! just like the alabama! oh, wait...
  14. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    It's not "how many people want it" but "how many money can you drain by it"; russian customer aren't probably numerous but (aparently) having their own (fake) ships it's more important for them than for us, that's exactly why they are the most OP line in DDs and (if i remembrer well) cruisers lines in most of the tiersLook at me, i'm italian, i would love to see my nation but i don't play the game just to see the "proud mighty italian OP navy", i won't buy premium stuff just to play them; for a part of russians player instead that's is how it work. Plus, EU players have the most attitude to throw money to the screen for wg stuff, you want an italian, french or english premium ship in particular? why should they give it to you while they can give you a kutuzov instead and it still be bought by you and your russian counterpart, then they can give you the belfast or the dunkerque one year later and you will buy it. It's the same reason cause BB are so OP, cause WG knows that lots of player join the game just to wreck things with the bismark or the yamato, and they doesn't mind about cruiser/DDs/Cvs, they are like NPGs in the special game of "sail the iconic BB and shoot at things", that's why wg said that they refuse to nerf BBs, cause they are not supposed to be balanced cause they would loose their function as "BB fetishist magnet", and even if you know that these customers are not so numerous know that you can simply keep them without loosing too many "normal players" that will probably keep playing cause they like the game even with the BBs infestation problem, that's a problem just by name but in reality it's the best situation for the company; it just hurt a little less on the moral side cause a bismark or a yamato are just important parts of the game even for "normal players" while russian ships are only... well... nothing.
  15. Lorenzo_Finotto

    Kamikaze class destroyer

    the only difference is the camo, same ship. the name is caused by the fact that the kami R was the "exclusive prize" for an event called "project R"; the weird thing is that they keep selling this variant instead of the standard kamikaze.