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  1. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    I think this patch was a masterpiece...
  2. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    Server now busy, cant connect! Nice...
  3. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    T8 - T9 BBS economy

    Big thanks Cosseria, you are one of a kind! I got it Caps, T10 is a luxury and privilege to play. Good luck and fair seas!
  4. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    T8 - T9 BBS economy

    Hi All! I have one LITTLE question: how the F..... S....t motivate WG the players to spend time ( and money too...) to play high Tier battles(see pictures below)? It taked months to arrieve to T10, and what find it at T10? Only frustration after every battle ..... Very bery good method of motivation . Whit my Bismarck the same thing, i love that ship and its very fun to play whit it . But putting down an effort in every match to be good for 20 or 30 k credits?
  5. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    Izumo repair costs

    Thank you for help! In what patchnote can i find the description of new economy?
  6. Panzerschiff_Bismarck

    Izumo repair costs

    Hi! I played today and yesterday 25-30 Random battles whit my Izumo. I noticed after time that after every battle payed 108 000 ( i use the The First League flag so i 've 10% dicount on repair) credits for repair indifferent if i taked less or more damage or i was sinked. Is that normal? I think if i take less or not damage i must pay less for repair... Or? Even whit repair discounts is boring to accumulate credits whit lower Tier ships to can play 2-3 T9 battle, then over again...