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  1. Hey, entschuldigt, dass ich extra dafür nen Topic aufmache, aber ich hab ne Zeit lang nicht mehr gespielt und wollte wissen, wie lang das Angebot (15% auf Tier 8, 30% auf Tier 7 und niedriger) noch läuft. Danke im Voraus!
  2. Shuya_

    2.5x Captain XP Mission - Updated 07/07

    any news on which weekend we'll get the bonus?
  3. as I said this time and for the "it's a secret"-crap. Their marketing guys are totally inept. Edit: I'm sorry btw Ph3lan that you & the other forum guys have to take the blame for this even though it's not your fault.
  4. Oh WG.. another questionable marketing-move.. You are randomly (or with strict criterias no one knows) selecting players who get those rewards which is fine for them. BUT players who don't receive those rewards/mail/whatever (and they have no idea why) will get even saltier. The shitstorm from the 2nd group will exceed the positive impact on the first one, that's for sure.
  5. Shuya_

    x 2.5 Captain XP not working

    Ah.. I tried to find a topic via the search function, but I didn't find anything. Thank you mate.
  6. Battle results now are working, so I could check if the x2.5 event is active: as you can see in the screenshot, it's not. (Total XP = Commander XP)
  7. Shuya_

    Grand Naval Battles

    How is it over yet? We were on 11m diamond yesterday and I still haven't received some diamonds from a contest and ofc couldnt finish the 500 battles yet..
  8. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/7283 Most Kills: 5 Best moment: 3:00 left (17mins)
  9. actually it should be triple XP. 06-10 May: Fleet Review: The End of WW2 in Europe TRIPLE experience on your first win and plenty more discounts and bonuses to celebrate this historical milestone. More on the Portal!
  10. Shuya_

    2x XP per Win after 5.5

    SEA had a delay for the x2 missions too, maybe it will arrive later but some announcement would be nice though..