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  1. You should have the XP that you earned on the ships transferred to the new tier 1 ships and the captains are in reserve with the xp they earned while you used them.
  2. Premium Ship Guide

    Nice guide mate good work!
  3. demount

    Because they want your money .......
  4. Asus Wows free ingame gear promo

    Well myself being Australian and on the EU server though I might share with any other Aussies that might be on the forum. Didn't realise that it was exclusive to purchases made in Au either I might add. but still here it is if you can use it.
  5. Asus Wows free ingame gear promo

    Hi Chaps just came across this promo and thought I would share. http://www.asuspromotion.net/au/WoW/
  6. Excellent Thank you for sharing Mate.
  7. premium ships pay to win :(

    I hope your gonna grab your ankles while your there
  8. Tirpitz in NA Premium shop ?

    Yes as Paiko Said don't buy anything on an alternate servers premium shop and expect it to appear in your EU account... Ask me how I know..
  9. Blue line surfing.

    I like the idea of the return to battlefield message popping up on the screen and the time limit til destruction if you don't return . one minor issue pops up in my mind though, Say your controls get knocked out at full power? if your headed strait out of the map your effectively toast unless you can full off a really fast repair.
  10. To all DD drivers

    From how you describe it it would look fairly intentional to me.. unless of course as mentioned above you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I too cop a few torps from friendly but it's usually because I'm somewhere I shouldn't be.
  11. The w key.

    LOL too funny... I thought I was the only nitwit doing it..
  12. NA - EU - RU - Asia Server, Why ?

    Thank you for that.
  13. Tirpitz available on NA and...

    I went in a bought it up as soon as it came in. Admittedly I thought the package was a bit of a rip-off but had heard that it might become unavailable and didn't want to miss out... Wish I had been playing when the Warspite was available would have bought that too..