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  1. I finally did it: Die-Hard with a destroyer against another destroyer! (actually on purpose: saw my health, enemy DD max health and I had just used my torpedoes against another target)
  2. Achievement today: perfectly predicted on Discord all of my kills during one battle! Each comment: #1 "It was at this moment, he knew he..." - Neptune Dev Strike #2 "Let my just get that afk Missouri, so we don't have three or more ships charging into their spawn." #3 "That Iowa will be no more!" #4 "Ok, I will now end this game." - finished a Zao to get our team over 1000 points
  3. Akizuki? Das wird dann doch nur die Durchkäufer oder geradezu wahnsinnigen Grinder betreffen. Das Trollen der großen Masse ist morgen doch erst einmal auf tieferen Stufen. Ich denke mit den deutschen DDs kommt man auf den unteren Stufen sicher sehr gut mithilfe des guten alten Nebeltorpedierens ganz gut auf seine Kosten. Der Rest dann vielleicht noch etwas Geballer hinterher und sich auch darüber freuen, dass die eigene mäßige Manövrierbarkeit kein Hindernis gegen diese neuen Bötchen ist.
  4. When it comes to captain builds I guess you can enhance some of her gunboat abilities after you built up a torpedo boat captain (for that I include SE, TAE, AR and of course CE). After all she is a bit more on the hybrid side of the torpedo boats. Her good fire chance leads to potentially 4.32 fires/min. With either BFT or 50% health and AR this raises to 4.8 fires/min. With DE it rises to 5.28 fires/min or 5.87 fires/min at 50% HP from AR. Thus DE leads to pretty much one additional fire per minute while BFT yields 0.5 per minute. Those two perks potentially could be interesting to add in addition to the pure torpedo build. Another option could be SI for an additional smoke. But due to those smokes themselves, her playstyle and her concealment I rate that lower than the other two mentioned 3 pointers. Regardless of choice here, the last point of a 19 points captain can be put either in PT or PM, to unlock them both. If none of the 3 pointers are chosen one last option could be RL. Or get two of the remaining 3 pointers and forgo AR.
  5. Broken forums' double post... Why u do dis, forums?
  6. You don't need RL on her. CE is far more superior, she has quite good concealment even when CVs are present. Apart from that Fire Prevention is the go to because of the whole Damage Controll-thing (hence SI is indeed a must-have). BoS works good as well, especially when combined with FP. So far I also enjoyed the combination PM+PT. AR definitely will be part of my build.
  7. Good introduction! I would only add "unpredictable movements" to the Evasion tanking section. A warning on my part: I am in the process of a massive overhaul of the gunboat guide (due to all the changed mechanics) and thus several sections are vastly outdated. I am working on it
  8. My sort-of-achievements today: over 100k damage and 1st on team with my Arizona without a single kill in that round... that hard carry though for a one-sided battle start to finish 0.5% hit ration in my Atlanta... and I was wondering why I didn't do any damage all round when everything disperses around or goes through ships (my average and thus expected accuracy for the Atlanta is around 30%) warships.exe the best troll of them all .
  9. No, she would have been too powerful, really. That is the reason they reverted the part with the shell speed (section "Kirov buff in 0.6.13...") and only gave her the reload buff, which alone is pretty nice. She was always ment as a big punch sort-of heavy cruiser and not a DPM style one.
  10. I just unlocked my 6th tier 10 after a great 2355 Base-XP game in my Udaloi (which was the second time to elite her ) and almost 100k fire damage done including an Arsonist kill and 169k damage total. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to break the High Calibre mark, too. Only "sour note": after an annoying series of defeats I couldn't keep her win rate over 70% in all those 200+ games. Still a Megaloi and I keep her, forever!
  11. I am currently testing the combinations, but at least one or more than one mod combined in my setup cause the game to not start the battle itself. I am stuck in the preview screen with either map/team/tips (last the new section) and if I click the "Enter Battle"-button the mouse curser dissapears and nothing happens. In the background I can hear the voice say his line that announces the start but I am still stuck there. Pressing ESC gives me back the mouse cursor but I cannot use it. List: Player's Panel: by Hakabase v2 (turned off in session #2 and #3) Ship Movement Indicator MonstroMarkers Minimap mods: Display target direction lines Port mods: Clear Vision (turned off in session #2) Ribbons: Shrinked ribbons (turned off in session #2) Chat mods: Improved Chat v4 Tweaks: Fog Remover Tweaks: Training Room enabler Edit: after turning off three of the mods my list worked again Edit 2: Player's Panel by Hakabase seem to be the cause, everything else was turned on again in a third session and it worked.
  12. Reichweite wäre schon günstig zu überarbeiten und wird sicher auch bei einer derartigen Änderung gemacht werden. Die Flugbahnen sind tatsächlich ein Vorteil und ermöglichen der Cleveland überhaupt erst ihre Spielweise. Insbesondere wenn man schon bis zur Des Moines gekommen ist oder häufiger Atlanta spielt merkt man auch: das soll so, das ist die Besonderheit der US-Kreuzer, ihre Identität. Ich nehme stark an, dass diese Eigenheit weiterhin erhalten bleibt.
  13. I might look at this completely wrong but I don't understand the question... If you decide to use your guns you basically shoot HE every time (except in some rare cases). HE or IFHE are the same thing. I can only assume if you want to know if picking up IFHE for your captain is a valid option. Then: apart from the mentioned Akizuki it's not. The perk IFHE only alters some properties of a ship's HE shells, it's not a different shell type.
  14. It's just not "very popular" for destroyers, it's actually mandatory. If you take it, it allows you to continue sailing and manoeuvring even with a broken motor or rudder or both. You can always tell if an enemy destroyer does not have it: it's an otherwise fast, agile, manoeuvrable ship stuck to the point and thus a free kill. You never want to be in this situation. For two points it's more than worth it.
  15. Hat jemand bisher nennenswert einen Unterschied durch die Nebelmechnik bemerkt? Mir ist es in meinen (zugegeben wenigen) Spielen bisher eher gar nicht aufgefallen.