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  1. This is indeed the "secret" here. Also playing a lot more than 2500 battles. I reached just over 9500 Random Battles and gathered 5 19 point commanders. Just by the amount of battles I have played including these 5 commanders to add Elite-CXP there will soon join 4 additional ones who are at about 18.5 points right now. And then the boost will be even faster for the next commander to be trained.
  2. EU server network issues

  3. This gives me hope for a less selfish Ranked Battles reward system. The current "play to not lose a star" is really counterproductive when it should actually be "play to win" without only the personal benefit in mind. I felt quite distressed during this season due to the lack of team play. There were just too few silver linings when there happened one of the rare occurrence of a real communication and cooperation between the players on my team.
  4. Indeed that was a good one. Started out a bit slowly but with that BB brawl it became a lot more entertaining (I don't always get a Double Strike without the help of my secondaries on the Friedrich). Unfortunately I couldn't sink that Duke faster, maybe you would have survived that engagement.
  5. LittleWhiteMouse Review (quote from Quick Summary: " Her guns misbehave, with poor dispersion values, overmatch problems and overpenetration after overpenetration. ") Flamu latest WiP Preview (stream highlight) Just to mention a two examples which can help to get a picture before the purchase. But well, at least you also got the great tin can camo with additional combat boni.
  6. Giulio Cesare - something wrong in 0.7.0

    First thing I spotted: that's quite a large number of gun incapacitations. Therefore you hit the guns of those ships quite reliably. But you will not get citadels on those ship parts. Aim a bit further down and a bit further back on the broadsides. Of course if those ships were angled try to hit them just a tiny bit higher to damage their superstructure or switch to HE. This should increase your damage output noticeably.
  7. Insignia & Emblems

    I stand by my old comment of the first PTS stage and of course: PLEASE let us turn them off.
  8. Es ist schon erstaunlich wie viel Energie manche Personen in eine Sache wie dieses Getrolle stecken können. Dass eine "öffentliche Stellungnahme" deswegen nötig ist, ist schon krass und alle aufrichtigen Mitglieder der Community sollten dann auch zusammenhalten damit wir uns dem Eigentlichen wieder widmen können: dem Spiel.
  9. Emergency Takeoff??? Please! Anyway, I assume there will be more useful comments soon as well.
  10. If you really want to blow up reddit: start the same series of test you did in the training room with one of the T10 BBs and SE and post the results there, too .
  11. Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    Smoke Screen Expert had a bit more appeal but lost its charme with the increase to RN cruiser smoke activation time. Jack of all Trades with the High Calibre signal provides a nice reduction for the smoke cooldown almost on Pan-Asia level of perma smoke. Unfortunately because Expert Marksman provides ONLY 0.155 s shorter turret turning time for the whole 180° it's absolutely not worth it. That basically leaves you with just JoaT and probably SSE for Minotaur or the other RN cruisers. As a sidenote: for the RN BBs both JoaT and EM would be interesting perks.
  12. As far as I see it that is indeed the actual issue here. The bug occurs in the Repair Party consumable and not the SE talent. The numbers shown in the tooltip and the content in the wiki are AFAIK the intended interaction. The combined performance in battle seems to have some problems.
  13. Except it does affect the heal. It verifiably changes the tooltip (see below). Whether the numbers given by that listing is correct is another problem but might be an issue found by OP (tooltip incorrect? heal not applied correctly in battle?). Repair Party consumable tooltips in port: Ship with SE without SE Nelson Warspite Tirpitz Khabarovsk
  14. Besides the bugged 75k XP mission those other missions are pretty inefficient. Even the stage before was rather annoying with quite steep increase in RNG driven aspects. I hope the last patch worked so the XP grind can make up for the otherwise slowed down mission progression: there is yet another mission chain to go through :P
  15. For my last battles in 2017 I had quite a blast! This was the "merryKii-goes-around Two Brothers" for a baffling 3202 Base-XP. Great closure for the year, let's start the new one even more motivated now: happy new year!