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  1. Tachibana - Oh my...

    Also noteworthy: Smith's shells have significantly worse ballistic properties that are a bit impractical even at 6 km already. This may lead to a smaller effective DPM because of a potentially worse accuracy. I looked up how that affected my accuracy due to possibly more manoeuvres by my target while the shells are in the air in comparison between Smith and Tachibana. It turned out I score almost the same amount of hits per shots fired for both ships. Therefore Smith's higher DPM (in this case for me personally at least) results in a real DPM advantage. But I have to admit: to concern myself with damage optimisation on either Smith or Tachibana is a bit too much tryhard even for my case I approve both of them as fun ships for everyone who does not despise low tier battles.
  2. Tachibana - Oh my...

    I have (the non Lima version) Tachibana for quite a while now. And indeed an Akizuki build helps and makes her quite fun. In the past there was some weird issue with her pen value (for AP if I recall correctly) that made her interesting at that time. For me the tiers 2+3 are sort of a vacation to just hop in and join the (compared to high tier ranges) close quarter mayhem and for that she actually well suited. I don't expect to completely dominate a battle but played as a very low tier Akizuki she does deliver.
  3. On a more abstract level the act of turning in rather than out of the torpedo fan minimises the coss section (for example a straight cut through a cylinder, but this is an example without any movement though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cylindric_section.svg ) in terms of space and time. This means you will show the smallest area towards the torps for - simultaneously - the shortest amount of time because the ship moves in the opposite direction. If you turn out this extends the time the line of torps cross you ship's path because the ship moves in the same direction of the torps.
  4. It might be due to the fact English is not my native language. I was mainly confused where I should put my name ("Your work should contain your nickname (separate from the art)" but also "Your Submission Must Also Contain: - Author's nickname. "). Thus an example post would have been great.
  5. A tip for the next contest of this sort: just post an example. I too read some of those rules over and over again and still wasn't sure if I understood all the specifications correctly.
  6. Space Battles

    So far I am enjoying the mayhem called space battle mode. It's pretty crazy and entertaining. There are two issues though: 1) there needs to be more (maybe just more obvious) information about the storm effect. 2) the waterline must be visible (which is pretty much not the case right now)
  7. General Feedback

    This is my personal highlight, I like to think about it as vacuum in vacuum
  8. A coffee for Rouan commander please!

    In the screenshots shown you definitely don't have the time any more but have you tried turning it off and on again push him away from the rock with your ships?
  9. Torpedo Speeds / distance per second

    I guess this thread is still valid...
  10. Oh THAT one! With the "special" DD having private tango with our Spee at J10... I have to say that wasn't really a win (or defeat for you respectively) due my doing (I hate RNG) but rather enough prolonging the battle, winning by points and slick dodging skills by @LordFjord in his Cleveland. If I recall correctly my other div mate was detonated quite early in his Fushun.
  11. Some interesting info around the world

    As pointed out to a concerned forum member but heavily/hastily downvoted: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2024097944583209&id=1909055039420834
  12. Before the point system was extended to all battle modes the occurrence of draws was a lot higher. Nowadays draws are really, really rare. Just as a reminder: on draws both teams get the same XP multipliers as for a defeat.
  13. This is indeed the "secret" here. Also playing a lot more than 2500 battles. I reached just over 9500 Random Battles and gathered 5 19 point commanders. Just by the amount of battles I have played including these 5 commanders to add Elite-CXP there will soon join 4 additional ones who are at about 18.5 points right now. And then the boost will be even faster for the next commander to be trained.
  14. EU server network issues

  15. This gives me hope for a less selfish Ranked Battles reward system. The current "play to not lose a star" is really counterproductive when it should actually be "play to win" without only the personal benefit in mind. I felt quite distressed during this season due to the lack of team play. There were just too few silver linings when there happened one of the rare occurrence of a real communication and cooperation between the players on my team.