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  1. Bushidosama

    Destroyer balance

    Today I had a match with 10 dds, 8 Shima and 2 Gearings. To have more torpes, we had also 2 carriers . and the cruisers torps so we had fun..... If WG thinks that this kind of MM is ok then they should play their game because I will not. Tier 10 games are crapfor many reasons and now this DD plaque is growing and growing.
  2. Bushidosama

    This game die earlier as WoWp?

    I like this game, I pay for gold, credits, premium and whatever....but with each day I play less and I find myself doing something else. I cant play this style much more, I will try ,but with each day passing after a few matches my air goes out.. This randomness, those random games with a bunch of [edited]in it , with their stupid playstyle, no clue about game mechanics, they are only there.... for nothing. After 9 hours of work each day I just want to relax ingame, I cant.. and many of my friends somehow are playing less and less. It is just a fact, WG knows what must be done but still, they wont do it...yet, maybe SOON...
  3. Bushidosama

    New patch and still..

    It is more likely to get overpens or oneshot cruisers now. Normal penetrations on cruisers are rare with Battleships. BB vs BB you may get some penetrations too.
  4. Bushidosama

    shell travel time

    Your atitude in the forums gives you up, not the first and it will be not the last that your comments are ...... , learn to post ontopic or ignore the topics which are not interesting for you. BTW, there are 3 versions of aimassist available and already used in the game, like in WOT after years there will be in WOWs . It depends on the player if he use that or not. I dont aprove them but those cheats will be present. Ontopic. I see no use knowing shell travel time for a player, you must research each ship to reach one particular tier so....
  5. Bushidosama

    Are you satisfied with patch ?

    I wanted to keep it simple, you are right with armor models, AP shells in fact didnt had their potential nerfed just that they changed armor model, bounce and overpen values and the result is low damage, overpens and it affects HE too.
  6. Bushidosama

    Are you satisfied with patch ?

    Did you read the first answer ? Or is it to hard to find it .....
  7. Bushidosama

    Are you satisfied with patch ?

    You say that that game is balanced now ?
  8. Bushidosama

    Are you satisfied with patch ?

    Please post your opinions about the current patch and AP fix.
  9. Bushidosama coming - fix for the patch

    My damage in battleships is half after 0.5.1 and patch. Even after this minipatch my results are bad. Let`s say I am playing bad but overall results shows that cruisers have better results after matches in most of the games. I understand that citadel hits were buggy but I still get 80% of my shots overpens and low damage. At this point I see no use to play Battleships at least from tier 8 up.......tier 8 cruisers are doing better than Yamato , battleships in match results are not even close to first places. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Bushidosama

    Updating taking forever

    Redownloaded the game and installed in less than 15 min, download speed between 300 - 400 Mbps/sec. Check your internet speed and your PC.
  11. Bushidosama

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    First games I played yesterday after patch I was wondering why I am not taking damage with my cruisers, T5 to T10, after that I played BB`s, Nagato, Amagi, North Carolina, Yamato, my damage went down on each ship , no more citadels, no more decent hits from range and low damage from close range on cruisers. The NA forum is mentioning the same issues like here, everyone is complaining so there is no smoke without fire, something is changed and WG should fix it. I have stopped playing since last night, not giving my money to WG anymore ( it was alot of it) until they wont fix their crap. [edited]
  12. Bushidosama


    Suddenly no more Clevelands and Mogamos spamming HE behind islands, no more 20 km citadels, no more oneshot cruisers every game, no more full 12 shells hit the ship...... what is this sorcery ? Player aiming skill reduced at least 50%, hmmmm I guess they had a bad day ? LOL , so much aimassist users were in the game that now you can survive in alot of situations.
  13. Bushidosama

    ships to love

    As I said, you guys are totally OFFTOPIC, WTF ???? There are a lot of whine threads about WG premium shop.....
  14. Bushidosama

    ships to love

    So many fail answers, nothing ontopic its like idiot attack...... Ontopic : 1. Cleveland - hmmm.... not fun for me, just HE spamm 2. New York - nice ship, nice guns, good damage, low range, - 3. North Carolina - good range, good armor, nice guns, bad accuracy, wide spread 4. Iowa - overall nice ship, should be angled more bcs hight tier games (Montana, Yamato) 5. Kongo - best T5 ship in my opinion, nothing bad - 6. Fuso - nice range, good guns, pretty good armor, bad accuracy, shotgun spread on high range 7. Nagato - the first true Battleship from IJN line - good armor, good guns, good accuracy, good secondaries, low speed 8. Amagi - a true battlecruiser, can punish a lot of ships, good damage potential, nice guns accuracy, best speed, weak armor, must be angled ALWAYS, much love for this 9. Yamato - this ship is a beast. 10. Aoba - first cruiser from IJN that acts like a cruiser - nice guns (203) accuracy , range, rudder shift 11. Myoko - one of my favorite cruisers , at T7 she can put up a fight against T8 without issues 12. Mogami - for me HE spamm is total retard, some like it - meh 13. Zao - she is the queen of cruisers, lady of the oceans - laser guns, very good accuracy, good range with module, inferno torpedos, pretty good armor, high damage potential : These are some of my ships I like and play, the order is random.
  15. Bushidosama

    BFT & AFT already decided?

    Don't waste your time on these topics, we will get no answer from WG, just wait for the final Patch notes. If they will change it they could simply reset all captain skills server wide, on the house .