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  1. B4V4RI4

    Reduce the view distance in the middle of the smoke.

    I find the way smoke works quite realistic. The gunner in your turret does not see what he is shooting at ALL the time. He simply uses the info he gets from his comrades at the range finders etc. . So as long as he knows his ship's speed, course and location and the target's speed, course and location he can shoot it and he does not care if the info is from a comrade on his ship, a spotting aircraft or an other ship. The only way to make this even more realstic was to introduce a system, where your first salvo has awful dispersion and you get more accurate with each salvo you shoot at the same target. But I dont think that this would be good for the game xD I don't want to shoot 5 to 10 salvos before hitting the first time... When you are fired on from the smoke you have several options (as long as you are not overextendet): Charge it, fall off detection (use cover, kill the one spotting you, stop shooting) or simply fall back. Smoke does not last forever.
  2. B4V4RI4

    CVs are bad for WoWs

    You say a bad CV player loses the game for the team? Well, so does a bad DD player who dies after 2mins and so does a BBaby sniping from 20km and so does a bad cruiser player who does not understand that he has to support DDs and BBs... Actually I am quite glad that there are CVs. Especially in the high tiers they are essential for spotting DDs.
  3. B4V4RI4

    Inertia Fuse HE Shells

    Thanks for sharing this, but as the fire chance still is a % I don't think that one set of battles is enough to find a reliable conclusion.
  4. B4V4RI4

    Inertia Fuse HE Shells

    I tried it on my beloved Nürnberg Used it together with AR, DE and CE. Worked pretty good, especially T6-T7 BBs were melting away
  5. B4V4RI4

    All Change! Initial impressions, what are yours?

    Took out my Perth two times and got 6 kills each time. Most useful skills doing this were adrenaline rush, smokescreen expert and ofc concealment expert. The 8.6km detection range is priceless. Got 25 citadels in one battle. So far I like the changes Regarding this Radar skill... I won't ever use it on any of my ships. There are so many other skills I find more usefull.
  6. B4V4RI4

    Submarines - when?

    Well, an other problem are the islands. How close to islands are subs allowed to go underwater? (How deep is the sea) would it also affect ships? (DDs can get closer to islands than BBs)
  7. B4V4RI4

    Submarines - when?

    I imagine Sub's gameplay quite boring As mentioned before they are awfully slow. Surface speed: ca 14 knots Underwater speed: ca 6 knots And you only have 5 (+-1) single fire torpedo tubes with veeery long reload (10mins was considered fast back them) and a 10,5cm gun for the early war subs. Sounds like the perfect ship for sniping, teamkilling potatoes
  8. B4V4RI4

    Perth Needs a Buff

    I dont see your/most of the community's problem with this ship. Perth is awesome! DDs are always second breakfast and also cruisers usually are no problem. Just remember to not fight fair fights with the Perth. As long as you dont have the upper hand dont engage. You said that you dont like her concealment and her gun traverse: - with a trained captain you have <9km detect range. That's russian dd level, so i dont see your problem. - yes, guns turn quite slow, but just use the awesome turning rate of your ship to compensate this.
  9. B4V4RI4

    Emerald tier5 cruiser worser then Kirov

    The only british cruiser I have is the Perth. But as long as the Leander is at least a bit similar to her grinding throgh the Emerald will be worth it. Perth is an awesome CL
  10. Wie der TE wahrscheinlich schon gemerkt hat, steht er mit seiner Einstellung gegenüber Torps so ziemlich allein da. Allein wenn du die ganzen Tipps die hier bereits geposted wurden beachtest, dann ist es wirklich nicht schwer Torps auszuweichen. Was ich noch hinzufügen möchte: - Achte auf die Karte/wo du hinfährst. Halte dich vor engen Inselformationen fern oder geh nur rein, wenn du weißt, dass es safe ist. Versuche ein Auge dafür zu haben, wo die DDs stecken könnten. Sie werden ja doch immer mal wieder aufgedeckt. - Schnapp dir doch einfach einen Freund, setz ihn in nen Kreuzer oder DD und lass dich eskortieren. Teamplay sieht man leider viel zu selten aber macht das Spiel tausendmal amüsanter. LG
  11. B4V4RI4

    Ankündigung der deutschen Schlachtschiffe

    Ja, da hast du recht. Ich verstehe ja, dass die Kriegsmarineflagge von 33+ politisch inkorrekt sein kann, aber was spricht gegen die Marineflagge des Kaiserreichs? Schwarzes Kreuz auf weißem Grund mit Reichsflagge im oberen linken Eck. Von der Anordnung eigentlich wie bei den Briten, oder? Hauptsache die Sovjets haben die Flagge eines jeden einzelnen Flottenteils ;)
  12. B4V4RI4

    Ankündigung der deutschen Schlachtschiffe

    Gut, danke für die schnelle Antwort
  13. B4V4RI4

    Ankündigung der deutschen Schlachtschiffe

    Hmm, nicht gut. Danke für deine Antwort, aber dass nur die Nassau die Kaiserliche Flagge hissen dürfte halte ich für falsch. Die SMS Bayern war durchaus ein echtes Schiff. Es war nur bis 1918 noch nicht mit den Testfahrten fertig. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Bayern_(1915)
  14. B4V4RI4

    Ankündigung der deutschen Schlachtschiffe

    Weiß jemand, ob der 'SMS' teil (t3-t6) der deutschen BBs auch unter der Flagge der Kaiserlichen Marine segeln? Wäre schade, wenn sie denen auch die Kriegsmarine Flagge verpassen... danke schonmal