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  1. Well it's been awhile I played the game but didn't lost my touch do, But yeah thanks to people who do not know English or do not watch the chat is a difficulty too. But most people have a hard difficulty thinking and breathing at the same time... But yeah sometimes I can pull my hair out players haven't changed sinds 2016. And my clan didn't return so that's a bit difficult but after the cv rework they all quit
  2. I'm not certain and I like the missions but this one is broken !!! There coming in the main attack with 18 ships from all sides, well you now how that ends at tier VI ?? Right ?? So I hope Community leader or whoever supposed to read this will send it to whoever supposed to get it and repair it, please
  3. GrazyC

    Imperial Japanese Nation

    Ok thought so.... sorry
  4. Imperial Japanese Nation Did somehow get I.J.N. Battleships nerved ??? It takes forever to load up rounds on the main gun or is it just me in this case. I thought before the patch I was loading my guns much faster.... Anyone else noticed this in the I.J.N. Ships ? If not it's my imagination...
  5. GrazyC

    Thank you for 0.4.1

    Still installing but thanks video was looking good also. SO lets see and war gaming thank you ...
  6. GrazyC

    What do you not like in WOWS

    What I don't like also is this, 1. There was one in the room saying U.S. and I.J.N. working together, I picked I.J.N. because I didn't like the U.S. very much in the game thats a personal touch and game only off course. Also like to add, with the I.J.N. being nerved pretty hard with coming patch 0.4.1. But anyway I think they still have to change this if you use I.J.N. you don't have U.S. Ships in your group and visa versa that I don't have to fight my own kind in battle. 2. Make P.V.E. more playable in this game, P.V.P. is good if people can't cheat.... and if you have more choice when putting your ship together. 3. Bring down XP prices or make you earn more especially for Carriers. Just wanted this added to my list... ;-)
  7. GrazyC

    Cruisers are the best destroyers

    I'm terrible at this game but I enjoy the graphics !!
  8. GrazyC

    What do you not like in WOWS

    1. I hate most when you get swept by torpedo bombers and you sit the whole match out without even have fired a shot.... 2. Unlikely matches like fighting a higher tier, while it should be same tier in a match... 3. Cruisers camping and getting almost no damage from BB guns whats o ever.
  9. OK little question for you guys and girls, what do you not like in WOWS and why do you not like it ? Reminder : Keep it professional not personal.... !!
  10. GrazyC

    Tier 3 Battleships are in need of a buff!

    Hello there, Didn't you watch the video's with the tips ? 1. Before you set sail load AP Shells ( Armor Penetrating ) 2. Try to stay out of firing range 3. Try to hit the engine room ( Citadel Hit ) If you have these right that cruiser is doomed with 3 shots... ( Not that you always hit right but hey thats where they use CO OP for to practice !!!) Have Fun
  11. GrazyC

    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    Hmm. Let's go over why that may not be the best tactic. Yes, battleships have the ability to absorb tons of damage before sinking, but they also have some of the most powerful guns. By taking excessive damage, they get that much closer to being knocked out of the battle; seriously limiting their potential and weakens the team as a whole. Battleships may be strong but they do have weaknesses. They are relatively slow-maneuvering, have slow-turning turrets, and slow-firing primary guns. By putting them on point to lead the team around a land mass and into an unknown situation, all of these weaknesses are offered to the enemy to exploit immediately. This hypothetical battelships will likely not have their guns properly aligned and will give the enemy free shots before they even return one volley. And being slow to maneuver, they aren't going to be able to confound the enemy's shooting like a destroyer or cruiser would. If they find themselves massively outnumbered, there's little chance they'll be able to retreat before being destroyed. A better scenario would be if a more maneuverable ship peeks around the corner first, giving vision of the enemy to the battleship, allowing that battleship to identify the best target, and line up its guns. That way, when it does break cover, it puts its best foot forward (hundreds of pounds of shell). If the smaller ship sees an insurmountable force, the battleship may also be able to correct its course away from the disastrous encounter.
  12. GrazyC

    mikasa joke

    Specifications for theIJN MikasaPre-Dreadnought Battleship Country of Origin: Imperial JapanInitial Year of Service: 1902Operators: Imperial Japan Crew: 860 Length: 432 ft (131.67 m)Beam: 76.2 ft (23.23 m)Draught: 27.2 ft (8.29 m)Displacement: 15,140 tons Machinery: 2 x Shaft Reciprocating VTE steam engines with 25 x Belleville boilers and 3 x 3-cylinder inverted vertical triple expansion engines delivering 15,000 shaft horsepower to 2 x shafts. Surface Speed: 18.25 kts (21 mph)Range: 8,077 miles (12,999 km) Armament:2 x 12" (305mm) /40 caliber Mk III main guns (2x2).4 x 12" /45 caliber main guns (2x2) (from 1908 onwards).14 x 6" (152mm) QF guns in casements20 x 1 12-pounder (76mm) guns6 x 3-pounder guns6 x 2.5-pounder Hotchkiss cannons4 x 18" torpedo tubes Ship Class: Mikasa-classNumber-in-Class: 1Ships-in-Class: IJN Mikasa
  13. GrazyC

    Absurd Torpedo Bombers.

    If the OP played the Carrier he would no how hard it is to survive with only planes as your guns and hopefully a good neighbor to help you out when dis covert by the enemy. And it takes a lot of practice to aim bomber that good to sink an enemy ship, that said if you are the carrier you are glad they do that. how often Destroyers and Cruisers are lucky they sail between the torpedo's is not rare unless the Carrier player is becoming a decent player and get well acquitted with the play style of the CA, No they should not change the Torpedo Bomber at all. They should upgrade it to the Torpedo's to do more damage. And for the OP I hope you are more lucky in encountering Torpedo's and remember OP it's an Arcade game not an simulator. And I must say for an Arcade game it's very realistic for it's design .
  14. GrazyC

    Getting sick off it I'm out

    Well someone tried it from our team he found a assist mod paid 20 euro's to download it he installed it he played 2 rounds with it. We saw him via skype and end off the challenge he destroyed 8 ships he had about 5 or 6 thousand XP and a lot off EC yeah this way you can be mark 10 in no time... But like he said where is the fun of doing this he said it's to freaking easy to do this... Like I said I hope this will solve in time....
  15. GrazyC

    Getting sick off it I'm out

    I said I would watch website that means the forum as well what a shame, thought you could insult me behind my back... HAHAHAHAH