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  1. Had @Ysterpyp on my team just now. Don't know yet if we're gonna win or not.
  2. Phlogistoned

    Am I overreacting?

    I really dislike Smolensk and what it brings to the game, but there are other ships/classes which are just as bad or worse - CVs I'm looking at you. (I'm also eyeying that bunch of shiny new submarines suspiciously.)
  3. Had @Crysantos on my team just now in Ranked. We were on the losing-end of a ranked roflstomp.
  4. Had @Durin_VI on my team just now in a very one-sided match. I ate 3 torps that upped my 'damage tanked' a little, but that's about it. Durin got the first blood on an enemy Benham, and judging from the base XP, seems to have had more to do.
  5. Had @Toivia on my team just now. Sadly a loss. He promised to write a stern post about team quality after the battle.
  6. Phlogistoned

    German CVs announced!

    I am guessing they are saving them for the Czech CVs, which will be released after Swiss battleships but before Andorran Destroyers.
  7. Phlogistoned

    1:42 Scale: Yamato – Trailer

    I'd guess the model in the video was 1/200 too. At least if it's the hull that they picked out of the box. Biggest I've built is an 1/250 Shinano.
  8. Met @RedAnark in his Shokaku just now. Looks like a loss for me. :)
  9. Phlogistoned

    Servers Down?

    Took a few tries, but I got in at last.
  10. Phlogistoned

    Servers Down?

    ... and down again, it seems.
  11. Phlogistoned

    Servers Down?

    Tried multiple times. Happened that I watched 2 movies in total instead.
  12. Had @SN0W_WH1TE and his divmate @DeusNonVult on my team about 30 minutes ago. On the enemy team I noticed @Djansolo only after the game had ended. Good seeing you. I played rather poorly, so I decided to quit for the night. Then I noticed that I had only a few hunded XP left until the third container, and decided to knock a snowflake off of one of my ships. And found @MaxxyNL
  13. Phlogistoned

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    Sorry for confusing you. People use the argument that CVs are difficult to master, to motivate why it's ok that CVs are so powerful. People also use the argument that you should play a large number of games in CV before you are allowed an opinion. I used my analogy to show why both are false. But because the analogy illustrates why both are false, it is easy to get confused and think from one perspective when you need to keep both. Again, sorry you got confused.
  14. Phlogistoned

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    I see this argument a lot, and it is stupid. Just because you, a cavalryman on a horse with a sabre, can't maneuver a tank, it doesn't mean you can't realize that a tank is completely OP against you.
  15. Had @Spithas @strangers123 and @Yurra on my team just now. Good seeing you! (And thanks for the carry)