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  1. Dupe - 'Saving' the post is bugged - it leaves the post in editing mode, so if you save it again, it gets duped. Extremely bad UX design if intentional.
  2. Dupe - 'Saving' the post is bugged - it leaves the post in editing mode, so if you save it again, it gets duped. Extremely bad UX design if intentional.
  3. While I agree on the seas and so on, I think there would be some structural problems with the (most likely armored) mast-like superstructure being placed on top of a hollow like that. I think the room for the launchers would have to be a lot more shallow, and not through-and-through.
  4. Hear, hear. Not to mention it screws over _your own product_ by reducing the utility of all previous (non-def-AA) BB classes. Same goes for any other leapfrogging over previous ship lines. Powercreep kills the game. Period.
  5. ...or just press the right mouse-button, keep firing with the left one while you maneuver around any obstacles with the keyboard.
  6. Interesting MM. Any post-battle screens to share?
  7. ... there wouldn't be anyone else winning the game for them, so they would have to do it themselves. Maybe they would start playing for the win in other matches too.
  8. Stop hoping. Mathematically, this situation will persist even if the playerbase is improving. If all players play the same number of games, a 60% WR player will always be balanced by a 40% WR one in the long run. Even if the 40% one is playing unicum-level gameplay per 2 years ago.
  9. This+non-binary firing solution could solve a lot of weird stuff with smokes and detection ranges.
  10. I agree. It is currently very much 'tanks on water', with angling rather than crossing the T. And artificial tiers. Artificial balance between classes. RNG to 'balance' high alpha damage, etc. Balancing between classes creates so many artificial problems. Why not let everyone start at DDs and strive progress on through CLs to CAs, to BBs and finally to CVs? Tiers create problems due to being one-dimensional, but not as many problems as classes, and I don't see how you can replace tiers with something that isn't similarly one-dimensional. A bidding mechanic to get more accurate balance will still be one-dimensional.
  11. I'd rather they reworked the skills so they are actual skills. How the flying fudge does a _skill_ give an extra plane to a squad? How the flying fudge does a _skill_ make battleship turrets rotate faster? Etc. If you think about it as different officer skills, it's not hard to come up with dozens of skills that would be useful. Balancing them is a different matter, but the possibility is definitely there.
  12. Thanks for the confirmation. And sorry for breaking your heart. On mobile, but I'll try to give a coherent reply, autocorrect permitting. * A CV can only be countered effectively by another CV. * And an unchecked CV is a "powerhouse", as a CV captain said. From this follows that the skill gap between opposing CVs has an enormous effect on the game. If the enemy CV is outplayed, it is "powerhouse"-time. And this is decided only by those two players. Having a potato BB or other ship class is not a problem. But CVs.. somehow it is a problem. Given a CV's value compared to other ships, it follows that they are OP. They are the ultimate solo playing toys. If you play well, you can win the battle for your team. This is also reflected in the top players by win rate. Almost all are CV players. From this also follows that saying that other ships just need to "play together" is pretty insulting and/or hypocritical depending on who is saying it. And if you think for a second about the much touted rock-paper-scissors balance, it is immediately obvious that CVs break this completely. CVs can counter everything else, but the only effective counter against a CV is another CV. No ship should counter everything else. Therefore I find the debate about BBs countering everything else slightly misdirected since there is another, much larger, elephant in the room. So what can we do about it? I think we have to add some way for ships to counter planes. * We have skill in Air<->Air given by CV vs CV * We also have skill in Air->Surface from CV planes to surface ships. * But we have no skill in Surface->Air. There is only the random AA aura. Even an Atlanta can't sail around 'hunting planes'. It has to wait for the CV player to move the planes within range, and then... Planes fall out of the sky. Very satisfying mechanic. Not. I think it needs to become symmetrical, so there is skill involved also in shooting down planes from ships.
  13. I still want to dismiss the duplicate ARP commanders.