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  1. I think you misunderstood. 'Paper ship' as in 'never built, only existed on paper', not as in 'made of paper'. I.e. anything between 'detailed plans' and 'lipstick on napkin drawing'.
  2. The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    Again, this would not be such a huge problem if CVs were mechanically balanced. However, right now the only counter to a CV is another CV. That needs to change.
  3. This is apparently my currently Jinxed ship. Zooming in the match list Note which matches are won and which are lost, and which ship I'm playing. It was the same yesterday, but I thought it was a fluke and didn't screenshot it. I don't know what's wrong. I don't even do that badly in it. This is the very last game => Confederate, 100k+ dmg, second highest base XP, despite being on the losing team. I don't score well in all games, but I definitely average above the middle.
  4. Try your luck Supercontainers

    "Yours Trolly" rather. Laugh of the day anyway. Thanks!
  5. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had @xenopathia and @MudMonkey on my team just now in the Cherry Blossom operation. Nice seeing you.
  6. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    ...and topping it off with @Z_OnkelE. Sadly, I forgot to +1 you. :(
  7. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Apparently I met @Temeteus82 tonight as well. Sorry about not saying Hi. Didn't see your name until later. .. and also @Evoside
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Quetak Just now. Very hard fought game, he got over 1900XP on the losing side. Well fought! And nice seeing you.
  9. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Farazelleth in his Gaede earlier tonight. Was so star-struck I forgot to say hi. :-/
  10. ... or balance it by letting torps sail under islands.
  11. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Did you check karma after the battle? +1 from me might not have saved you. They were quite salty.
  12. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had @Kartoffelmos on my team just now. Well played, and nice seeing you!
  13. Truly worried about CV rework

    I explained the asymmetry of CV gameplay, hopefully detailed enough that it would be clear that it could not be solved by a simple AA rebalance. You replied to something else. The only point where I think I failed in my post, is that I listed possible remedies for the problem. I should not have done that. The point was already made, and in listing possible remedies, it was easy to think that I was advocating them and/or that they were the only possible remedies. Neither is the case. EDIT: To make it a conversation again: Are you arguing that the CV balancing problem can be solved by just AA rebalance? If you are, we have something to discuss. If not, then it seems we agree. (On the whole, not necessarily on the finer points) /EDIT
  14. Truly worried about CV rework

    @Xunarra The problem with CV gameplay is that it's completely different from other ships'. And it's not because it resembles an RTS. A CV sends out torpedo and bomb dispensers, and they are more maneuverable than any ship, meaning that they can attack from any angle, regardless of the target thip's maneuvers. These dispensers also have the power to scout both ships and torpedoes while moving around. Torpedo spreads are also very low in randomness, meaning that the spreads are very predictable, making damage output less influenced by RNG. The targets' only defense against this is AA, a mechanic COMPLETELY governed by RNG. And the AA doesn't even shoot back at the CV - it only shoots at the torpedo and bomb dispensers.And you can't hunt planes with AA. The enemy CV has to make a choice and send his planes to you. If he doesn't, you don't get to shoot any down. (And a team doesn't gain any points for shooting down planes, but for some reason ships sunk by planes give points.) It's like having a game spanning two parallel universes. Players in the first universe can aim and shoot into the second universe. Players from the second universe can't shoot into the first universe. They can only hope that stuff shooting them randomly dies. Your suggestion: Does not attack this fundamental asymmetry. You either have to add an (equally) skill-based mechanism to counter CV's attacks. Or you have to make plane attacks more RNG-dependent than even battleship salvoes. Or add some other mechanic that makes it deterministically possible for a ship to avoid CV planes. Or add some mechanism that makes it possible to shoot back at the CVs. Right now the game is chess with two queens and 22 pawns. I would prefer it to be a game where all 24 pieces mattered equally.
  15. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had @ajb13 on my team just now. Nice seeing you!