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  1. ShuggieHamster

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    suppose I could apply. I have experience of being ignored, my views treated with disinterest and feeling my efforts are totally futile.
  2. ShuggieHamster


    flamu's first stream after being kicked and the gloves are already off. the inconvenient truths (to weegee) are starting to flow.
  3. ShuggieHamster


    ironic gibbons complaining about "every f*ckin match as dull as dishwater" when he contributes to the misery with his defense and play of cvs. the man is a hypocrite and a smug, annoying one at that
  4. ShuggieHamster

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    you made cvs boring and straight up easy mode with the rework, you made a miserable unbalanced submarine game and now you have made BB play a boring snipefest from spawn. cruisers are now just targets/victims and dds are unable to do anything due to the proliferation of plane spotting and hydro and radar. the game has numerous issues with bugs ruining gameplay that you havent been bothered to fix you've removed almost all the fun operations ie cherry blossom, dunkirk and hermes and finally you basically stole millions of in game currency from players making them pay to get poorer versions of the commanders they already owned and the best you can come up in the face of that complete disaster to placate an furious playerbase in the most recent PTS is calm patches on the waters surface which look weird and dont feel like they are in the right places (ie behind islands which break up the waves and cause calm spots). seriously ...
  5. ShuggieHamster

    Spreadsheet results?

    the accounts department is having fun.
  6. ShuggieHamster

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    here since open Beta began - my good memories of the game from days gone by ... watching the Tirpocalypse unfold; shaking and soaked in sweat after a close RTS Cv game against a unicum; running a full AA build Cleveland just sweeping the skies; playing cherry Blossom, Narai, Hermes and Dunkirk bathtub battles where chat was full of people on both sides p!ssing themselves laughing missing a solo warrior by 10 seconds first time being called a hacker .. because I angled my T4 BB against a Konig playing clan battles with my clan recent good memories ... none
  7. ShuggieHamster

    Rollback when ?

    sunk cost fallacy, ego, arrogance they know better .... 3 reasons we wont see this backed out. in a years time it will still be broken just like how rework cvs limp on but it wont matter by then because with subs in game, no-one will get off the back line let alone get out of spawn
  8. ShuggieHamster

    DEADYEY skill

    i've reset every captain I have ... I have just 4 set up at the moment and dont feel the need to set up anymore. I simply dont trust wg not to nerf the crap out of skills resulting in dead builds. BUT will expect you to fund the reset yourself because "its only 1 skill and we dont feel that it will impact the player base adversely" ... then 4 weeks later another and another ad nauseum . wg ... how does it feel to know you have abused the playerbase so completely we work on the basis you are lying all the time?
  9. ShuggieHamster

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    IIRC it wasnt that long ago that wg wanted games over faster so there could be ... more churn of consumables I assume and thus drive sales. now they have implemented changes that make a 20 minute game virtually mandatory, was this a conscious decision wg ... or did you simply not consider that every decision you make has unintended consequences? mainly because the player base is interested in playing the game and not making a spreadsheet look tidy!
  10. ShuggieHamster

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    spent the last 2 days watching streamers try to come to terms with the new meta. watched players better than me tear their hair out in frustration at the passive camping meta. came to decision and started going through my epic and steam libraries ... time to replay the classics rather than trying to make sense of this clown shoe fiesta.
  11. ShuggieHamster

    Update Survey

    we're not talking balanced testing, we're talking FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS in concepts. Some of the worst errors ever implemented in the live server were OBVIOUS in PTS and the OBVIOUS imbalance raised .... and were duly ignored.
  12. ShuggieHamster

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    a jumbled, incoherent mess that enhances poor play and punishes intelligent play. It gouges resources from players and repays them with nerfed versions of the captains they already had. Gives childish names to skills which is pretty stupid given the average age of players is in the late 20s/early 30s .... not exactly the apparent target ie the fortnite demographic. I've never seen such passive play from entire teams. this game is dying on its feet because you are killing it.
  13. ShuggieHamster

    Update Survey

    for years we tested things in PTS for you and you ignored EVERY FRACKING SUGGESTION we made because you knew better. you ignore the CCs because you have your "spreadsheets". You ignore the super testers it seems even when they bring you specific issues that are obvious to all. then you have the freaking cheek to say "we would like to hear your feedback " ....... seriously, you are killing WOTs and you are killing WOWs ........ exactly what is your business model? fast buck then out of Dodge on the first stagecoach?
  14. ShuggieHamster

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    having nothing better to do today, I've been watching a fair few streamers. every single game has entire teams of BBs sitting in spawn sniping. some games were going by without a single cap taken. cruisers were being blown out the water by long range fire and if a team did push in, the other team ran away - the bbs to preserve their deadeye and the rest of the team because their BBs were fleeing. the games felt dead this rework was not thought out and pretty much shows how little wg understands its own game
  15. ShuggieHamster

    Commander Skills Update

    yet more reasons not to come back and play the game. cv rework started the rot and now I really cant be bothered with the game ... 7 months since I last loaded up a random and my clan once extremely active (and good) hardly plays. just sad to see a great game abused this way to soak money from players.