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  1. ShuggieHamster

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    can I suggest wg you consider the dumpster fire that is starwars right now. disney ignored the fans and even insulted them after they didnt like the last jedi. the result ...... solo was a flop losing money. the fanbase became hostile talking of boycotts, the rise of skywalker is already looking shaky just a day after its release with meh reviews from paid shills ..... which means the audience reaction is going to be a sh!t storm. result the cash cow that was going to keep going for years is now looking a bit dry and barren according to forbes so much so there are questions about the future of the franchise. not an exact parallel but does any of this look vaguely familiar re fans, insults, not giving them things they like, taking them for granted?
  2. ShuggieHamster

    Have £25 to spend in game

    after this PR disaster ..... spend the money on another game. the money I was going to drop this xmas as a thank you to wg is going to buy the new subnatica.