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  1. ShuggieHamster

    Experience regarding the Reworked CV'

    since theres no cvs in ranked, will we see a big uptick in ranked participation? I know I went and played 2 games yesterday when I never play ranked and I'm an advocate for CVs to be in game ... just not this mess of a rework.
  2. ShuggieHamster

    Experience regarding the Reworked CV'

    sold all my cvs ... this rework is just a horrible phone game ported to pc. If I wanted to play a plane game I'd go play warthunder. I liked playing the cv as its atc.
  3. ShuggieHamster

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    cvs are dead to me now. selling them and using the cash/xp elsewhere. I dont play phone games and thats what the rework is
  4. ShuggieHamster

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    this feels like the graf zep scenario all over again. bad enough the community is on edge with the half arsed cv rework (full disclosure, not a fan at all) ... but throw this fundamental game play change in AT THE SAME TIME as claiming the alaska cant be introduced because cant have ONE new ship and the cv/AA rework going in at the same time. Sometimes wg just dont realize how stupid they sound.
  5. it still all seems so dumbed down ... just like wg balanced the graf zep for less than good players and ended up with a broken OP mess in the hands of anyone competent. this rework smacks of pandering to people who dont want to spend more than a few minutes learning. I really dont like the rework and believe me I tried - its little more than a port of a phone game to a pc. I'm selling my cvs and quitting carriers. probably going to consider my future playing this game as clan wars has been the only real fun I've had in game recently.
  6. ShuggieHamster

    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    another bump for the thread. NO footage this time as our pet streamer was off trying to assassinate some drug cartel leader in south america. You have to hope he was playing Hitman otherwise we'll have to be more polite to him. last nights session was cause for celebration as our clan leader returned to WOWs from self imposed exile ............ no memes were hurt on his return since he successfully exceeded 1 entire year on the frozen rocky volcano that is iceland. So next time a streamer quits wows in a huff only to return after a few weeks ... pfff!
  7. ShuggieHamster

    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    another update on the progress by BOTES (on the EU server) ... and their "herd of cats" like progression in Clan Wars. last night session was an initially shaky but strong finish 5-2. that gives us a record of 12-5 and promotion to Gale our resident CC streamer recorded the below. included within for you connoisseurs of meme ... a shima running accelerated F3 torpedoes (81knots of terror), 2 naked rental zaos lewding each other bow on and a Yamato repeatedly demonstrating why you dont turn side on to a battleship (especially NOT at 6km). Drop Kaiser a note if this is for you. BOTES ... sometimes outplayed NEVER out-memed
  8. ShuggieHamster

    [Leaked infos] Next rework..

    rumour I heard was that from 0.8.2 you would only be allowed to fire one turret on BBs to ensure beginners wouldnt be overwhelmed by having 3 or 4 ... obviously the Fuso would have to be removed from the game.
  9. ShuggieHamster

    1 month left to play.RTS CV

    will be selling my cvs back and thats about 33% of the game gone as far as my interest is concerned. the skills and the consumables looked interesting and we should have had then 2 years ago but at its heart the cv rework might as well be a phone game with the accelerators in the phone letting you bank climb and dive. zero interest detected and I suspect 2 months after release the cv player base will be smaller than now as people lose interest in what is a dull core experience.
  10. ShuggieHamster

    [BOTES] is sort of recruiting

    Wondering what this clan - one that operates like a herd of cats - would actually be like in clan battles? Wonder no more. Here is the mayhem recorded wednesday night by our resident CC. Any sign of competence might be accidental but the lewding, mocking, strange accents and cruelty to small boats is fully intentional.
  11. more interested in how to trade in all my cvs and get their entire value back ... and if you could reset all my cv captains as well. ta
  12. ShuggieHamster

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    ripped a 5 star sub game in 10 minutes 55 seconds where literally for the first time I didnt think I was having to carry the entire eu server up the north face of the bleeding eiger.
  13. ShuggieHamster

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    think this counts as a 5 star carry ... 6 in the outer harbour and 6 in the inner.
  14. ShuggieHamster

    The Ring - SAVE A CC

    Haw pal ..... Ok, I admit it, I did kinda pinch the intent of the quote.
  15. ShuggieHamster

    Damage records on Rasputin & Gorgon

    havenet been keeping track this year but last year I had a 990k game with I think 450k of it being the gorgon. had better teams this year so best this year as been about 650k as I'm not having to do as much.