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  1. I couldnt use the link for discord but I am interested to join WGP2L. Could u fix another one?
  2. Casual_CaptainYT

    Nerf Smolensk

    Smolensk is a great damagedealer but since most of them are sitting broadsided in their smokes it easy to torp/kill them. If you are farmed by smolensks then you are playing your ship wrongly.
  3. Casual_CaptainYT

    Server problems this morning?

    Cant log in either. seems to be pretty big issues.
  4. Casual_CaptainYT

    Smaland model change - Missiles confirmed?

    If they would be a working arnament in game it would be so OP. Designed to sink ships from 70kms. Top speed of 900kms per hour and yes homing too:) Give it to the swedes the torps suck when it comes to damage.
  5. Casual_CaptainYT, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    TBH I didnt think that I would like 1v1. But I absolutely did! I played all my games in my Massa since that is my favorite t8 ship. And not even GZ or DD's stopped me. 85% Winrate. Tirpitz where the ships best matched but aslong as u make them chase it doesnt have a chance. Closest game where agains a Edin. I thought it would be super easy but it wasnt. Overpens overpens and overpens. He torped me but thx to massas torpedobelt I survived. 5 seconds before he would have won on points I finally got a double citadel on him and ended the game.
  6. Casual_CaptainYT

    You SHOULD buy Massachusetts!

    It's worth the money!:D
  7. Casual_CaptainYT

    You SHOULD buy Massachusetts!

    I really can't do anything but recommend the T8 Premium ship Massachusetts! The most fun you can have in a BB:D:D:D Would probably sell my left nut to buy it again!
  8. Casual_CaptainYT

    50 Sub Giveaway

    Ok so my Youtube channel passed 50 subs and I am giving away 1500 doubloons! Info in video
  9. Casual_CaptainYT

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Sound please Wargamin sound.... Fix it..
  10. Hi sailors! When I am using the replay file to double check something in a game that ive done or to record it I get alot of replay bugs. Usually they make the enemy ships laggy. You can se it in this video: Do you ever get those things? Have you found a solution for it? My hardware should easily be enough for it . R5 2600X GTX 1070 16 GB Ram.
  11. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    And I did it again! This time in the worst ships for the task! Sorry for ruining the game!
  12. Casual_CaptainYT

    First planned Livestream

    Livestream on Monday! Ok so on monday morning I will host my first planned stream of wows! You are all welcome to join me:) Stream will start at 09:30 GMT+2. If you want to check out my channel before the stream:) I will also soon host a giveaway (when I reach 50 subs)
  13. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    I bet I could persuade you;)
  14. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    Haha But it is fun:D And during this push it was 2 of your clanmates^^
  15. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    Probably but this game I gained one;) Lost 2 Karma an earlier game where we played Wooster, Harragumo and a Smolensk and hid in smoke to vaporize enemies;)