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  1. Casual_CaptainYT

    Server problems this morning?

    Cant log in either. seems to be pretty big issues.
  2. Casual_CaptainYT

    Smaland model change - Missiles confirmed?

    If they would be a working arnament in game it would be so OP. Designed to sink ships from 70kms. Top speed of 900kms per hour and yes homing too:) Give it to the swedes the torps suck when it comes to damage.
  3. Casual_CaptainYT, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    TBH I didnt think that I would like 1v1. But I absolutely did! I played all my games in my Massa since that is my favorite t8 ship. And not even GZ or DD's stopped me. 85% Winrate. Tirpitz where the ships best matched but aslong as u make them chase it doesnt have a chance. Closest game where agains a Edin. I thought it would be super easy but it wasnt. Overpens overpens and overpens. He torped me but thx to massas torpedobelt I survived. 5 seconds before he would have won on points I finally got a double citadel on him and ended the game.
  4. Casual_CaptainYT

    You SHOULD buy Massachusetts!

    It's worth the money!:D
  5. Casual_CaptainYT

    You SHOULD buy Massachusetts!

    I really can't do anything but recommend the T8 Premium ship Massachusetts! The most fun you can have in a BB:D:D:D Would probably sell my left nut to buy it again!
  6. Casual_CaptainYT

    50 Sub Giveaway

    Ok so my Youtube channel passed 50 subs and I am giving away 1500 doubloons! Info in video
  7. Casual_CaptainYT

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Sound please Wargamin sound.... Fix it..
  8. Hi sailors! When I am using the replay file to double check something in a game that ive done or to record it I get alot of replay bugs. Usually they make the enemy ships laggy. You can se it in this video: Do you ever get those things? Have you found a solution for it? My hardware should easily be enough for it . R5 2600X GTX 1070 16 GB Ram.
  9. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    And I did it again! This time in the worst ships for the task! Sorry for ruining the game!
  10. Casual_CaptainYT

    First planned Livestream

    Livestream on Monday! Ok so on monday morning I will host my first planned stream of wows! You are all welcome to join me:) Stream will start at 09:30 GMT+2. If you want to check out my channel before the stream:) I will also soon host a giveaway (when I reach 50 subs)
  11. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    I bet I could persuade you;)
  12. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    Haha But it is fun:D And during this push it was 2 of your clanmates^^
  13. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    Probably but this game I gained one;) Lost 2 Karma an earlier game where we played Wooster, Harragumo and a Smolensk and hid in smoke to vaporize enemies;)
  14. Casual_CaptainYT

    My first try on Middle Push

    Very fun match :D
  15. Casual_CaptainYT

    Let's tank with a Musashi

    We all now the Yamato class Battleships. The Lead ship who is none other then the massive IJN Yamato And the second of it's class the Premium T9 Musashi. None of them are that tanky compared with for example the german Battleships but they can tank! Just watch this video! And besides that I will be hosting a giveaway at 50subs. See you guys on the 7 seas