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  1. HMS_BlindSide

    HMS_Royal Navy_SBS

    HMS_Royal Navy_SBS NOW RECRUITING must have razor coms and TS with headset for communication. must be English speaking thank you HMS_BlindSide (please feel free to message me ingame)
  2. HMS_BlindSide

    Meet a Dream Team and Win - Results!

    any news on awards WG staff ??
  3. I use it on most DD's CL's and BB's, destroyers and Cruisers earn there credits back and my BattleShips spend em
  4. HMS_BlindSide

    Please look or fix bug

    lol UFO attack
  5. HMS_BlindSide

    Premium Rewards for Premium customers

    poll on the reward for loyalty !
  6. HMS_BlindSide


    I used Atlanta for that averaging at 180-240 hits per game
  7. HMS_BlindSide


    didn't sleep lol gunna crash now and spend the next 3 weeks trying to earn the 10 mill damage to ships ffs that's gunna take forever
  8. HMS_BlindSide


    better looking than the others
  9. HMS_BlindSide

    HMS_ Not Yet A Clan! UNTIL WE HAVE YOU :D

    message me in game guys HMS_BlindSide
  10. HMS_BlindSide

    STOP f.....g Steal killing

    lmao grow up, in war theres no such thing as a kill steal its me or you and if you cant kill him with your shot, il definetly kill him with mine, you want me to wait 30 seconds and let him kill others while you reload to finish him off... [edited]
  11. HMS_BlindSide


    hey guys ive messed something up. I created a team name in the new team battles area cost me 300k coins, I thought this purchase would make this a my 1st team !! since then I have exited the game and returned I cant find where my team is so I can get it further ready for the kick off, its gone and its askin for 300 dubloons to create a new 1 ? what have I done any useful knowledge welcome please no stupid comments as we all make mistakes.
  12. team matches will weed all of this crap out mate, you will fight with people you trust so theres no noob mistakes no afk players on your side and above all no idiot abusers blaming you cos they were crapand its all your fault the matches will be more coordinated and worth while playing personally rarely have a problem like this because I'm always in a trusted division of 2 or 3 consisting of the same people all the time (trusted players and personal friends) and we talk to each other using teamspeak or curse, so ya don't have to type or be put off by reading abuse and Klingon in chat, if u need sum1 to play with and or experience a 4+ win streak again nows ur chance just add me and messge me ingame and become a part of a winning team for the team battles time to weed out the suckers and become kings of the ocean
  13. HMS_BlindSide

    HMS_ Not Yet A Clan! UNTIL WE HAVE YOU :D

    ok buddy add me send me a message in game
  14. hi there guys and girls I have a few regular players that I division with on a nightly basis and obviously now that team battles are just over the horizon, we are looking for a few more players that can join us on a nightly basis for a bit of the more serious fun. were lookin for guys or girls that want to progress in the game and that are preferably able to join in our time zone, ideal candidates would be from the UK (GreatBritain) how ever if your a good active player that can accomidate our times of play all are welcome, if anyone is interested we are making a short list so will be doing try-outs for a permanent members of our little crew thank you
  15. HMS_BlindSide

    1st go in the K-R

    I don't have that file I'm not to good with technical stuff lol knowing my luck ide reck it