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  1. I found tier 6 CV games with tier 5 MM the hardest to play. Everyone suicides on small maps and games finish too quickly. Tier 8 MM often gives you more time to dominate slow gameplay.
  2. creamgravy

    New Ships Announced

    The 5"/54 mk 18 gun found on Austin could do 40rpm (1.5s) like Friesland. Reload booster drops it down to what 2s? The boring 1944 Atlanta upgrade, with 12 x 5"/54 mk 16 Montana secondaries (4s reload) and 16 x 40mm Bofors, would be tier 8. No one wants to buy that. Austin is pure WG fantasy designed to fit cold war era tier 10 sillyness and is more likely to sell. A more realistic 8000ton 1960s Atlanta would be closer to HMS Tiger irl (less guns, no torps etc) Actually they did build USS Norfolk that used 4x2 3"/70 turrets on a Atlanta hull, Austin has 3x2 each side! Madness.
  3. creamgravy

    New Ships Announced

    That 1944 design uses Montana secondaries (Single mounts found on Midway/Harakaze) and 40mm Bofors. WG have stopped doing anything remotely feasible. This strange looking creation uses Vietnam war era autoloaders (5" mk 42 and 3"/70 mk 37 secondaries, aka 40-100 rpm) Think USS Minotaur or a 60s Atlanta. 2s reload would be broken with SAP, but the booster will give it that crazy fantasy 60s autoloader feel without being oppressive like that Russian CL thing.
  4. creamgravy

    HNLMS de Ruyter - Euro cruiser Tier IV

    1930s DR is tier 6 (aka a Dutch Leander/HungHe) Java is significantly weaker (like Emerald)
  5. creamgravy

    Belfast 43 incoming!

    Town/County class were built for peace, CC/Dido were built for war. The biggest concern about Daring taking over crusier duties was the lack of space for entertaining. Oh and here's my yearly 'where the **** is Dido?!?' comment. See you all in 2021!
  6. creamgravy

    Belfast 43 incoming!

    Plymouth is the 'other' improved town/Edinburgh class. Tier 10 Plymouth: 1935 Belfast (og design) Tier 8 Belfast 43: 1943 Belfast (historic) Tier 8 Edinburgh: 1946 Belfast (with WG fantasy AA) Tier 7 Belfast: 1959 Belfast (historic) All Mogami, Brooklyn and Edinburgh variants should be on the same tier tbh.
  7. TLDR: CVs use rockets/torpedoes/bombs to setup crossfire and punished static gameplay. Forum RAGE!!!!!
  8. creamgravy

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    Kitakaze is very average for a tier 9 DD.
  9. creamgravy

    ST Hybrids

    Arc Royal Swordfish carry 8 x 18kg bombs (144 kg load) They're one of the best anti DD weapons in the game. Tone recon planes carry a similar load and JU87s drop SC1000 bombs in this game, so why not.
  10. creamgravy

    Sister ships

    In WOWS R class is closer to Bayern than QE. QE/Warspite rebuilds make them damage sponges. R class should be super tanky (less superstructure/ship to hit, dreadnought armour etc)
  11. creamgravy

    Skip bombers...

    Funnily enough bouncing bombs replaced mini subs as a way for destroying large ships in port
  12. creamgravy

    Sister ships

    HMS Saltburn was the first to test 79X early warning radar (surface/air) Sheffield was equipped with 79Y in 1939. HMS Dido was a crazy radar tech fest when launched in 1940 with type 279 and type 281. Think she just about beat Carlisle for AA focused radar (type 280) and others for type 279. HMS Ajax was first to use type 279 during the Battle of Cape Passero. HMS Orchis was the first to use microwave surface detection (type 271X, accurate enough to spot periscopes on the surface etc) Tons of famous RN, RM and IJN ships MIA, US and German premiums pay the bills.
  13. creamgravy

    Skip bombers...

    Easy. Highball is just 272 kg torpex that explodes at a depth of 8m. Basically a 18" Mk XVII torpedo (Audacious) that bypasses all protection. So ~6000 guaranteed damage depending on balance. Just use AP rules. Citadel damage if it hits ~150mm+ armour using normal autobounce rules (0-30 deg = Ricochet etc) Overpen damage if it hits less that ~150mm using normal autobounce rules. Or remove fancy calcs and limit it to BB/CB/CV only, like deep water torpedoes.
  14. creamgravy

    Skip bombers...

    It's a depth charge and needs to spin 8m under the hull to detonate. The bomb wouldn't explode if it penetrated the hull, it's specifically designed to sink BBs
  15. creamgravy

    Skip bombers...

    Skip bombing = Low altitude bombing using conventional GP(?) bombs. Dambusters = 'Upkeep' bouncing bomb dropped by Lancasters of 617 squadron. Capitalshipbusters = 'Highball' bouncing bomb dropped by modified Mosquitos of 618 squadron. (Designed to sink Tirpitz, later moved to BPF to attack IJN ships. Saw no action so not famous. No need for fantasy Habakkuk rubbish) In WOWS these would probably act like AP skip bombers. Check out this dummy highball 'overpenning' a Queen Elizabeth class BB (designed to hit belt, roll under hull and explode. Similar to upkeep)