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  1. Vampire has superfiring guns with better range (10.1km) and possibly RU style shell arcs (depending on shell used) G101 has very high arcs not suited for long range gunnery. It's also stealthier, meaning your torpedoes hit noob BBs 3 seconds sooner. However, expect the usual RN DD trait of terrible torpedo launch angles.
  2. A tech tree V/W with 2x3 or 2x2 torpedoes will be tier 4, think Fletcher and Kidd. Vampire is a powerful gunboat at tier 3, so no gimmicks are needed. Is it enough to knock the G-101 off the top slot? HE DPM. AA Torpedoes
  3. I think they offloaded one torpedo set to improve sea worthiness as a short/long range escorts. The main funnel was cut down earlier for this purpose too. Vampire never received any real modernisation, apart from the half inched Italian 20mm Breda it's basically a crippled WW1 fleet destroyer (Notier 4-5) Many sites confuse her with Vendetta but the spec seems correct when looking at the pics.
  4. Nice, another ship for my J.S White collection! Shame it's tier 3, wonder what type of ammo those Mk V guns use. The ones on Emerald have a 4 second reload with the same shell arcs as Izyaslav.
  5. KGV 15" is straight up better than the gimmicky Germans. The guns are a big improvement in every department (placement, accuracy, HE, AP is virtually identical) No idea how it compares to NC or SoDac. Stealth + HE rail guns vs better AA + AP catapult.
  6. It's a generic tier 8-10 BB with improved 15" Bismarck guns. Play it like a generic tier 8-10 stealth bow camper BB and you'll do very well. I'd swap back to the 14" guns if I could (£40 for DoY anyone?) 15" German guns on a RN BB feel very wrong and lack character, even if they're good. WG messed up spreading KGV over two tiers.
  7. Found another Easter egg.
  8. Neither can Belfast ...but it's still the best DD. How powerful do they need to make Asia branded Benson, Fletcher and Gearing to make people play them again? For me they need 60 second Russian radar, defensive fire, German sonar and RN super heal. It'll be balanced because all those buttons would cause major confusion. Wasn't that the excuse for Belfast, people keep hitting radar over smoke?
  9. I'd remove radar and all the one button click 'I win' consumables completely. Base gameplay is so good without them.
  10. Giving Lo Yang 108s 5.43km radar ****ed up tier 8 completely. It's probably more broken than Belfast in a domination environment and should be banned from ranked.
  11. Took mine out for a spin for the first time since 0.6.9. Nothing comes close to the Nelson experience in WOWS, it's absolutely essential for BB fans (and yes, It's very OP) Here's a credits/XP for a standard tier 8 game.
  12. Congrats, some good stuff there! I got... 1 x Defensive fire mod. 1 x 50k free XP. 4 x 100 signals (all low grade, like fireproof) Think I'll keep my tier 10 ships this time round, buying/selling them every year just to play one game is expensive.
  14. It's normal World of Warships Anniversary camo > -3% to detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +100% to experience earned in the battle.
  15. I just beat the **** out of a Gearing whilst shooting down 20 tier 9 planes. Tier 7? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (couldn't get the torpedo damage for the achievement though :p)