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  1. Does Lenin even have a cargo hold? Stock Abdiel has 36% higher DPM and sets 43% more fires than Lenin. Who needs torpedoes or mines...
  2. Sims will always have God tier AA, crazy DPM, great torp mine spam and best manoeuvrability in the game. Those are very appealing features. Compare the most recent stats if you must.
  3. I run a generic scout build > Priority Target + Expert Marksman is for fighting other destroyers and HE spamming outside smoke.
  4. I'll mirror the others in saying Gallant is the best all rounder at tier 6 (until T-61 arrives) Your guns start more fires than Anshan, your torps have more striking power than Hatsuharu, the manoeuvrability makes Shinonome feel like floating turd.
  5. Alpha striking and area spamming are two very different torpedo tactics. Teob_VG is probably talking about alpha striking ships from close range, the most common and effective way of using torpedoes on a destroyer. If you miss the torps get spotted by your target and there's a very low chance ships behind will derp into them. Area spamming is an art unto itself.
  6. There's a huge difference between sailing into torpedoes (100 knot closing speed agasint Black torps in a fast cruiser, or a 5 second reaction time) and sailing away (30 knot closing speed or a 20 second reaction time) Sailing away from the source hard counters torpedoes in a 30 knot+ ship. Hydro and planes turn DW into normal torpedoes too.
  7. Fushun is Anshan with improved soft stats and much better smoke. > The only reason to buy Anshan now is for the +100% free XP camo or to collect project 7 destroyers.
  8. Leningrad is very good. You can get a free Anshan soon.
  9. Me too.
  10. Yep, Mahan spits out more torps per minute than most other destroyers. Get used to the 9.2km range and 55 knot speed, it doesn't change at tier 8. Start of game = Support team with smoke, spotting and torp spam areas. Surviving is your goal. Mid/end game = DPM monster to hunt down remaining ships or go out in a glorious last stand. One of the most fun/unique ships in the game.
  11. Shenyang is suppose to have Mk 11 Clemson torpedoes (5.5km range, 56 knots) For some reason they buffed the speed to a staggering 64 knots when the range was extended to 6.4km. Maybe to make tier 5 Jian Wei easier to play? (From 0.6.14 tier 4-9 comes with the upgraded torpedo of the previous tier as stock and its own torpedo to research)
  12. Yep, this is the first premium that's literately a hard/soft stat buff. No gimmicks, weakness or 'oops beta' excuses to compensate, just straight buffs. They've taken a balanced silver ship, given it a 25% reload boost and buffed lot's of soft stats to make it easier to play (stealth, manoeuvrability etc) Is this good for the game?
  13. DoY will need much better accuracy to be playable, with no heal it's probably one of the most fragile ships in the game. Max HP. Fiji = 52,000 (+ smoke, stealth) DoY = 60,500 Scharnhorst = 100,000 (+ armoured hull) KGV = 110,000 Nagato = 120,000 Hood = 125,000 (+ armoured hull) Nelson = 170,000 (+ 32mm hull) Defensive AA is worthless on a BB with rubbish DP guns. Tier 7 hydro is slightly better but you'll never use it on a super large, fragile cruiser. I hate the idea of turning a KGV into a cruiser, WG have truly lost the plot ...but if they must persist in this madness. 1. 32mm all over to protect from all those BB LOLpens and IFHE Atlanta/Flint/destroyers toying with you like a mouse. 2. Tier 8 equipment slot to reduce concealment to 10.9km 3. RN CL Smoke (you won't be able to fire from it but it'll help you run)
  14. It's like selling a new Belfast with a 6.3 second reload and 600m turning circle.
  15. WG want German Euros for Christmas? T-61 is the equivalent of WG selling Massachusetts with a 25 second reload, 550m turning circle, 7km secondaries and radar.