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  1. creamgravy

    RL for Destroyers.

    Feel naked in a DD without Radio Location, it's almost like having a CV spotting for you. Should be removed from the game tbh.
  2. creamgravy

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Hehe, the first RN CL smoke consumable was good?? It was BRUTAL for Nep/Mino. 1st puff, 2nd puff.... 2nd puff........ 2nd puff any minute now........ OMG WHERE'S MY 2ND PUFF???!1 Booooooooom.
  3. creamgravy

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    They've needed the same balancing since testing. Tier 1 - Fixed. Tier 2 - Fine. Tier 3/4 - Give them real world citadel deck armour. Tier 5 - Fixed (Although I still want 8-10km torpedoes like Furataka) Tier 6 - OP? Tier 7 - OP? Tier 8 - Fine. Tier 9 - Fix the stupid citadel hitbox. Tier 10 - Fix the stupid citadel hitbox.
  4. creamgravy

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    The current RN BB line is effectively a BC line with Vanguard, DoY and Hood as BC premiums. Maybe WG will turn the BCs into mega tanky slow BBs?
  5. creamgravy


    ^ Exactly, Edinburgh Class is even more different to a Southampton class than Crown Colony. They much larger beasts, look at the funnel positions compared to Southampton. Maybe WG should do the a version with the planned quad turrets?? Sheffield would essentially be a Leander/Fiji type hybrid in game and would need a very different model, prob why WG haven't got them in game.
  6. creamgravy


    No it isn't. Southampton/Gloucester class are quite a bit different, they have the same citadel as Leander for starters. Prob the best RN CL design for WOWS, a bit like Cleveland.
  7. creamgravy


  8. creamgravy

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    Well, I've uninstalled the game do to ever increasing resources and poor high tier design/direction. Knew it was time to stop when I couldn't even be bothered to grind Cossack.
  9. creamgravy

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    U-2502, U-2503, U-2506, U-2511, U-2513, U-2518 and U-3008 all had brief active war duty in Bergen, Norway with the 11th Flotilla. The other commissioned ships were part of training flotillas around the German coast until sunk/scuttled.
  10. What's your definition of paper? Lion + 16" guns = Laid down and existed between 1939 and 1943 before being broken up. Lots of stuff went to Vanguard. Jutland B-hull = WG time saving fantasy. (The last RN paper design of the class would've been the size of Nueva Esparta class, longer than Daring)
  11. creamgravy

    Do Destroyers need a Buff? 10% max damage the right way?

    As a DD I don't give a **** about DD or cruiser HE, you can always disappear long before they can do much damage. Even under radar. BB AP? Holy ****. Here's damage taken from my last 3 games as a destroyer.
  12. creamgravy

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Both IJN DD lines need reworking after all the massive changes to the game.
  13. creamgravy

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    There's 3 very different Churucca configurations. Churucca group: 5x1 - 120/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk D guns. These are the classic RN 120mm QF guns using BL mounts, like the ones on Gallant, Jervis etc. (don't mix these up for Jianwei guns due to the older mounts) With more firepower than Icarus this will make a sweet tier 6 leader. Almirante Antequera group: 4x1 - 120/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk F guns. This is a modern Vickers developed DP gun, RN ships never used this design because they started moving to the 113mm calibre. 15-20 RPM, 80 degree elevation and a modern director with 3m rangefinder makes this a Spanish Monaghan/Farragut B. Gravina (Jorge Juan, Ulloa had 4 guns) 5x1 - 102/50 Vickers Mk E. There wasn't enough Mk F guns to go around so they shipped the rest with a 102mm Mk E gun. I presume this was the same as the 4" XIX you get on most WW2 RN ships?? Also don't forget the 1943 Méndez Núñes CL refit with 8 x 120/45 Vickers Mk F guns. Tier 5 Atlanta?
  14. creamgravy

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Seems overly simplistic, just yolo at periscope depth. Is there any reason to dive?