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  1. Subs should be much easier to balance than CVs. What could go wrong?
  2. Music reminds me of this... Looks awesome, time to dust off Black Swan?
  3. Tier 7 has been powercrept to ****. WV would need a full Lyon/Norm style fantasy refit (28+ knots) or Mass secondaries/heal to be a tiny bit competitive or fun. Colorado needs to move to tier 6. Vanguard's too big and fragile to fully use the 11km concealment. She needs to snipe from a safe distance to survive, esp with tier 8 MM. Warspite accuracy would do ...but WG will either drop it to tier 7 or add lots of crazy consumables to force it into that 'stealthy' close range BB role. AA is utterly irrelevant at this point in the games life cycle.
  4. No idea why they occasionally supertest a new 3D model with placeholder values. Total waste of time. Good to see the RN DD arc is full of new BB premiums
  5. When do we get Tier 6 Rodney? Vanguard looks poo.
  6. Vampire + Dreadnought + Charleston HE spam divs will be frighting. Totally agree, at least they're not tier 7. Dido should be on the way if we're getting Wichita.
  7. Haida v. Gadjah Mada - who will win?

    GM is the highest performing silver ship in the game, it'll get nerfed eventually. Until then those 360 forward arcs are soooooooo strong, GM usability wins out.
  8. 10pt Captain Skill on a Warspite

    Concealment expert so you can sneak up and run away more effectively.
  9. What is it with the Fuso ?

    Fuso has that great long range IJN BB dispersion pattern, they're balanced as snipers. 1.5 sigma helps to keep those 12 guns in check, debatable tbh... With German BB dispersion Fuso players would get a bit closer.
  10. Belfast

    Perth is lots more fun and just as OP (the only downside is needing a dedicated 19 point captain + fancy equipment) Although I'd take Leander over Belfast or Perth. Back in the day Belfast could open water stealth fire too
  11. I know you'll never criticise any buffs to IJN ships but that makes no sense whatsoever. Turning a 100mm destroyer into a 152mm destroyer because they HAVE to use the 1/4 rule is ****ing mental.
  12. They're normal DD guns, why give it the same HE pen as a normal destroyer? Anything between 19 or 21mm will do, it's not hard... God knows why they're living by this utterly retarded 1/4 or 1/6 rule. It completely breaks IJN 100mm gunboats.
  13. Yep. Maxed out Daring heals 292 hp/s. Grozovoi heals 146 hp/s.
  14. Fix AP/HE pen of the 113mm guns?? Nah, how about we give Daring a potential 36,500 HP with US CA auto bounce! ..and carpet bomb torpedo detection!