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  1. creamgravy

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    Wrong type of game, this is world of gimmicks. Who cares about AP shattering on BBs when you've got more HE pen than Montana and a 32% fire chance... Imagine RN BB HE spam with 14 guns... B R U T A L.
  2. creamgravy

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    That's a function of Blitz with super tiny maps/ranges etc. Accuracy is the same for everyone. You've played this game long enough to know that belt armour isn't important when you have virtually no superstructure, submerged citadel, thick deck armour, belt up to the deck and lots of HP. It's a ship with 14 gimmicky RN faction BB HE shells... Makes pre nerf Orion/Conq/KGV look like toys.
  3. Haven't played WOWS PC since halfway through the Cossack missions? The old f2p tier/premium structure is long in the tooth. Hopefully we'll get a naval game that matches WOWs wonderful graphics soon (with a focus on WW1-WW2, not the fantasy cold war end game rubbish we've got in WOWs)
  4. creamgravy

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    Agincourt was so OP at tier 5 in WOWS Blitz they had to removed it from sale after a few weeks.
  5. creamgravy

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    They chucked California at tier 7 just to fill the empty premium US BB slot, nothing more. The guy that makes stuff up researches design proposals for those slots was off sick that week. Otherwise we'd have one of the sensible crazy 14" NC designs at tier 7.