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  1. creamgravy

    HMS Hood play advice

    It's almost impossible to torp a good Hood player in a DD. It's very fast, just turn away from the DDs position and even 10km torps, fired from stealth, won't reach you. Even if they manage to accurately predict where you'll be in 40-60s then its thin with a fast rudder and a ton of HP. Eating one on the bow is fine. Thin, fast BCs are prob the best ship design for wows.
  2. creamgravy

    How do I win?

    Low tier games don't generate much spotting damage, everyone's always permaspotted having fun. My record's 3,500 in G-101 (pre 0.8) My advise when sailing any ship? Sink enemy destroyers first!
  3. USS Pringle? Pffftttt... Gimme a Admiralen class destroyer from the 30s please. Acasta/Gallant hull with 4 x Blys guns, 2x4 RN Mk IX torpedoes and a Fokker C.VIIW. Now we're talking! I'd take a premium Piet Hein (Sank by Asashio) or Kortenaer (Sank by Haguro, still waiting for a Saumarez or any S/V-class premium btw)
  4. Most dreadnoughts are immune to destroyer or cruiser AP/HE pen damage. Fire's the main way these ships are damaged due low hull fire prevention, it's a low tier gameplay feature (poor old low tier RN CLs) Accuracy is always the main balancing factor. It would be far less effective with KM dispersion and 1.5 sigma, VU could even use older 2chr shells (Ish/Arc etc) ...but it seems WG are intent on giving her tight grouping/high AP pen as a feature (pan EU national trait?) So they have to force a circle into square hole ...again.
  5. Wyoming B-hull has better AP pen for a BB with 12 x 305mm guns. I think it would be fine at tier 4 ...but they do like accurate premiums. Don't forget KM and RN ships get gimmick AP as a national trait, both have reduced pen in return for higher AP damage (KM) or better HE (RN) They're not ships to use as yard sticks.
  6. creamgravy

    Supertest - Changes to Test Ships

    Furutaka was massively overbuffed, everyone knows this. Mogami/Myoko can only dream of Furutakas tankyness, it's not a ship to be balanced agasint. Exeter has decent armour and excellent surviveability for a heavy cruiser, 76mm belt is the norm and a 38mm citadel roof makes Pepsi cry (only 25mm that 15"+ BBs will overmatch) The reduced volume citadel only covers the engine and barely sits above the waterline. Molotov has a full length citadel that's absolutely massive in comparison, any derp shots will hit it. Can't remember the amount of times I've gotten away with murder in Leander/Perth for super lols. Here's a great example. Noster noobs out of smoke and broadsides 2 super accurate BBs at optimum range (10-12km). Most other cruisers in the game (Mol, Belfast, whatever...) would've been straight up deleted, yet he only takes one citadel and a pen (then calls it vulnerable lol) WG create a tier 6 cruiser with all tier 6 stats/consumables and test it at tier 5. WFT did they think would happen? It's like testing Z-39 at tier 8 with tier 7 torpedoes.
  7. creamgravy

    When the the Russian BBs come...

    - Crazy AP pen. - Amazing HE. - Cruiser turret speeds.
  8. creamgravy

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    Kongo vs NY? A huge gulf. ARP was given to everyone and it achieved those stats with basic captains. GC isn't a refit, it's a complete reconstruction. New guns, new engines (30k to 75k shp!!!) new armour, new bow, Pugliese system etc. Lots of interesting books about it. Iron Duke fantasy reconstruction in a similar vain would match QE for example.
  9. creamgravy

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    1937 GC is complete rebuild not a refit, the Italians did this instead of building new battleships. The rest are a WW1 ships with minor AA/secondaries/engine updates. Yeah tier 6, all the ARP ships have a very high win rate despite popularity/it was free. Rebuilt Kongo is better than Prinz Eitel Friedrich etc.
  10. creamgravy

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    Fast Battleship Kongo should tier 6 too, that was discussed quite a bit when the game first came out. It's significantly better than NY. The original GC competes with Iron Duke, Texas, König, Bretagne etc. All were commissioned in 1914 or later. That's why they put it at tier 5 in the first place, guess you need to move all those to tier 4 too?
  11. creamgravy

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    Here's the ideal solution. (relatively cheap if WG ever produces models for an Italian Battleship line... something tells me WOWs doesn't have the legs) 1926 refit (13 x 305mm guns, 22 knots) gets balance for tier 5 (Conte di Cavour) 1937 refit (10 x 320mm guns, 27 knots) gets balance for tier 6. (Giulio Cesare) People can choose one they keep for a limited time, then get defaulted with the tier 5 (Conte di Cavour)
  12. creamgravy


    More Soviet fantasy lines and premiums, no one cares about anything else.
  13. creamgravy

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    In game speeds are based on historical data, detection is based on in game speed/damage for balance. At low tier everyone's getting used to slow but stealthy/low damage 50-57 knot torpedoes (easy to throw off aim with WASD) or slightly faster/medium damage 59-63 knot torps that have a large reaction time (enough time to turn in/dodge etc) Adding stealthy, relatively high damage, 68 knot missiles you only see at tier 9/10 when your learning the game at tier 4/5 was a HUGE mistake. Are you really asking why a low tier silver DD has a modest win rate?
  14. creamgravy

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    The ships are not OP but the type 92 torpedoes they fire are (speed conversion error from beta, they should only travel ~52 knots in game) To balance Kamikaze you'd give her torpedoes better suited for tier 5, not ones with tier 9 stats (no real counter play for new players)
  15. creamgravy

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.