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  1. creamgravy

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    Don't forget WG totally screwed up the type 92 (battery powered sub torps) speed and needed to remove it. 30 knots converts to about 50 knots in game. Historical accuracy has gone out the window since then, they just make stuff up to keep new ships/lines different.
  2. Only Jutland X turret and A hull mk V single mount could rotate 360 irl. The others in game rotated ~150 deg, Inc Daring. 360 degs is for the line gimmick. LM were fixed at 150 like JKN.
  3. Scenarios are certainly too basic to warrant any time or $$. Shame really as WOWS is soooo much better at PvE than PvP/coop. Paid/season pass DLC content would be amazing (Boarderlands etc)
  4. creamgravy

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    Most books always mix up the China station scheme (White hull, grey upper works, grey funnels) with the East Indies scheme (White hull, white upper works, Marigold funnels) Grey is easily mistaken for yellow on black and white photos. The upper works should be white (or yellow swapped for grey) on RN CA premium event camo. No Biggie.
  5. It's more to do with the Baltic, a very important area for St Petersburg. Swedish ships in WOWS are warped well beyond the remit of small coastal destroyers and represent the least realistic ships in the game. Look at Visby, Mutsuki with 6 pulse cannons more believable. Oland and Halland premiums would've been enough or part of a proper EU destroyer line without Swedish fantasy gimmick pap.
  6. Tier 6 CVs are much better balanced than high tiers. Maps are smaller, no one cares as much, AA is better balanced (no extremes), planes are slower but more fun etc. Plus they're great for PvE. Here's a frekin awesome idea. HMS Glorious or Courageous with Furious loadout during Operation Tungsten (Barracuda Mk II dive bombers with 1600lb AP bombs and F4F Wildcat rocket planes. No torpedoes) Yep. Also Sōryū or Hiryū. IJN need a large tier 6 fleet carrier, balanced like Kaga/Arc Royal. Maybe a bit too large for tier 6? There's plenty of others, maybe Independence first? Perfect. It's too large for tier 4 (40 planes and a large deck) Levasseur PL.107 prototype bombers and Dewoitine D.371 fighters please. French don''t need a silver line of CVs.
  7. creamgravy

    Leander build.

    Reminds me of all those players poo pooing Situational Awareness "I'm always spotted and don't need it, bla bla" PT is so universal they should just make it a base skill with SA to make games fairer. Or just remove it along with other information based skills like Radio Location, they make games incredibly boring and one sided.
  8. creamgravy

    ★World of Coldwarships☆

    They reused Soviet missile destroyer gameplay for the CV rework (Replacing guided missiles with easier to use planes) Even tier 8 contains cold war era ship now, WOWS has become a real mishmash game.
  9. creamgravy

    Leander build.

    No they won't.
  10. creamgravy

    Leander build.

    The information you get from PT is vital for decision making, for all ships, even in scenarios. Your handicapping yourself without it.
  11. creamgravy

    Leander build.

    This one. Don't waste your time in Coop. Leander is the best carry ship for tier 6 scenarios, you'll get lot credits and XP. and don't forget to equip Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 in slot 2.
  12. creamgravy

    Marblehead VS Murmanks

    Marblehead and Omaha have normal 1920s AP, it's very meh. Murmansk has beta AP, which has the equivalent pen of a tier 10 152mm cruiser like Worcester. That's the AP monster. Marblehead has an 8 gun broadside. Add a 6.67s reload, 2200 alpha and 12% fire chance it's a basically a tier 6-7 HE spammer. Brutal if you can island camp and rain down HE on anyone, at any tier.
  13. creamgravy

    HMS Östergötland

    WG found sekret blueprints from 1958 with Östergötland class equipped with super sekret torpedoes and launchers. This is the Östergötland we get, not the real one.
  14. creamgravy

    How to lose Karma

    TLDR: Enemy BB forced their Zao back on the left flank. Div on the other flank thought they were camping and blamed them in chat for loosing, even though the same thing happened to them. Nothing new, high tier pro seal clubber divs always blame everyone else for loosing. Same as all online PvP games, tbf WOWS is better than most. If you want to get reported without doing anything, just take Belfast out
  15. creamgravy

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Well, it's a game based on concealment. They should just remove it for more variation and loose that horrible gap between tier 7 and 8.