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  1. Z-23 would be sooooo good with a 12km+ range. Here's what I'd do... (not inc soft stats) Tech tree. Z-35 to Z-43 (1936B fits between Maass and Z46 much better) 5 x 1 128mm guns. 4s reload, 11.5km range. G7 Schildbutt torps. Torpedo focused premium. Z-23. 4 x 1 150mm guns. 7.5s reload, 10.5km range. G7 Wolfsbarsch torps + optional torpedoes. Like DW or something else. Gun focused premium. Z-39. 5 x 1 150mm guns, 6-6.7s reload, 13km range. G7 Steinbarsch torps.
  2. IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    That's a kind way of putting it. Wasting 4 vital points to nerf your guns is absolute madness.
  3. These are time limited test ships for 7.1, like Ognavoi and Kberg was back in the day right? They'll be removed for 7.2 or after a week? Nothing like the campaign to get Bismarck.
  4. Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    Tribal's were designed for a quasi cruiser role (expensive cruiser command and control etc) and have no comparable foreign or British design. They're very much a product of the 1930s treaties. Large French destroyers were designed as battle fleet scouts/leaders, they're very different. Fubuki was a fleet destroyer, just bigger with lots of weapons (too much) J/K/N was a ground up replacement for the interwar fleet destroyer (I-class being the last) The threat of war came too soon for the intended 2x2 DP setup (see Weapon class, Ognavoi etc)
  5. Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    Tribal was more famous for the command and control of a cruiser, hydro does make sense. Belfast is the biggest problem at tier 7, adding a hydro DD isn't meta breaking. That's why a heal would be better, so you don't get punished for accidentally spotting one. Mk IXM are destroyer torpedoes, Jianwei even gets them at tier 5 (submarine variant ...just in case you've ever wondered why it's the top performing tier 5 tech tree DD) 10km Kagero torpedoes are better than the old 20km Shima torpedoes (2.1km surface detection etc) 20km torpedoes only work on maps with no islands, they're fairly useless on these current maps. I'd give Asashio the option of 12km, fast reloading, type 8 torpedoes for top torp spam. Tier 8 needs a good torp spammer.
  6. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    No.1 ranked ships over the last 3 seasons (above 1% popularity) Season 6. Belfast, 53.35% win rate (7.4% popularity) Season 7. Graf Spee, 52.62% win rate (2.9% popularity) Season 8. LoYang, 52.12% win rate (6.5% popularity) LoYang isn't Belfast broken but it's still p2w. Fingers crossed T-61 gets balanced and doesn't warp tier 6 the way LoYang and Belfast have done.
  7. HMS Cossack

    Excellent doesn't come close, check out the recent stats for all destroyers. Competent players finished the Gadjah grind very quickly (it used to be over 60% WR and 50k+ average damage) but it's still out performing most destroyers in the game. All tier 7 destroyers are absolute garbage compared to it. Cossack has a 6km surface detection and the highest DPM/fire chance of the tier. Maybe real the problem is people not understanding how vision/spotting works in this game? Why didn't Noster use RL and go around wiping out the other destroyers rather than sailing it like a Cleveland? Who knows....
  8. HMS Cossack

    Gadjah Mada is one of the most overpowered ships in the the game, I'd rank it higher than Belfast and Kamikaze. It's literally better than every tier 8 DD even without tier 8 equipment, how messed up is that? Cossack is fine, although I'd give it a heal to keep it relevant once you beat up the other DDs.
  9. [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    Anything but a BB, BC or 'large cruiser' that's actually played like a BB. How about USS Johnston? (Balanced as tier 9 Kidd)
  10. The new missions are really FUBARing the BB MM!!

    What missions? Looks like a normal queue to me.
  11. RDF/RPF/RL - Lets talk about it once again?

    Makes the game boring and crap. Burn it with fire.
  12. Gearing - Yueyang

    The difference between normal and full load is over 1m for a destroyer this size. WG could have Gearing sitting lower than Yueyang if they wanted.
  13. Past Tier 8 no fun games only camping

    At tier 2 it takes 30 seconds to get within range of a camping/fleeing BB. At tier 10 it takes 10 minutes to get within range of a camping/fleeing BB. IJN torpedoes were buffed to stop camping Shimas doing FA (scouting/capping etc) and loosing the game for everyone (This still happens with those horrible stock 20km torpedoes that should've been removed long, long ago)
  14. Arethusa, De Ruyter and Émile Bertin are the smallest ships I'd give cruiser MM (~7000 tons full load) Historically WG should balance Tromp as a tier 8-9 destroyer, like Z-23 or Agile. Don't chuck her in with WW1 ships at tier 4. A-hull Nicholas is arguably better than C-hull Farragut for anti DD duties and Jian Wei can beat up Gallant.
  15. Small scout cruisers should be balanced as cruisers and large destroyers/destroyer leaders should be balanced as destroyers.