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  1. Seal clubbing with the best tier 8 DD (that has tier 7 MM) isn't good enough? Nope, can't think of a better job than captaining those two OP clubbers, esp Vampire. Wonder if this is a spoiler? > https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/history/not-historical-maybe-1/ Have these two destroyers been modelled or are the pics is just renders? Acasta class would be tier 2. A 3 gun broadside (same guns as Phra Ruang) with 2x1 torpedoes. Faulknor class would be a tier 3. A 3-4 gun broadside (same guns as Phra Ruang) with 2x2 or 4x1 torpedoes. Does this point to a destroyer leader line with Cossack as premium I wonder?
  2. I need another captain like I need more camo or signals. Grinding more equipment or captains is a poor excuse for high tier content.
  3. Frustrated customer regarding steel posibilities

    Seamen is the new resource in 0.9 Although you'll probably need lots of seamen to fill Mikasa.
  4. Capping mechanic

    Nah. These days sinking enemy ships gives the team more point rewards than wasting time trying to contest caps (for random battles)
  5. Premium shells in WOWS

    Victor Lima, India X-Ray, November Echo, Mike Yankee and Juliet Whiskey signals enhance your ammo for $$$. There isn't one for AP so people forget we've always had 'gold' ammo (should we have one for AP??)
  6. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Zara will be tier 7 now all the other early 30s CA have been moved ...and they'll get a crazy new consumable (AOE heal, radar blocker etc)
  7. No tears in chat for me yet (and I usually run a full secondary brawler build with the hydro mod ) 4.2km ship detection is rubbish agasint smoke cruisers now you can proxy spot at 5km and it doesn't give you enough time to kill a destroyer before they blap you with torps. Crap rudder shift means you can't dodge much, torps do more damage when they hit and your down 10,000 HP should you survive. The spotter plane is miles better for detecting ships/torps when you yolo in a BB. The only good thing about DoY is the occasional ability to delete Hipper/PE with AP (Turtleback and normal angling does little agasint those ricochet angles) ...but honestly the silly HE is more consistent and KGV has that stupid OP 25s reload. (They should be tier 8) At least DoY is better than Monarch
  8. DoY has been heavily nerfed to get those US CA ricochet angles and (fairly useless) stock t7 hydro. I think WG forgot to change many soft stats back after trying to turn her into a cruiser. 1 less heal (worth ~10,000 HP!) slower rudder shift, less torpedo protection, etc. You'd have to be crazy to buy DoY when KGV is free.
  9. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Apart from people loling around in Shimakaze high tier destroyers have never been popular. Personally I'd remove radio location from the captain skill tree and use the code (always on arrow pointer) for designated 'radar DD hunter' ships.
  10. British Heavy cruisers please...

    I'm sure they meant the 1898 ship Argonaut, a Diadem class protected cruiser, not the Dido class CL.
  11. British Heavy cruisers please...

    Lesta spent a lot of time modelling and testing Russian guided missile destroyers before adding British battleships, that should tell you everything. It's a Russian game for the Russian market ...but when British ships get added they're usually very good.
  12. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Nelson has an extremely high skill ceiling. It's almost unsinkable with a min/max captain and a player who knows how position and angle agasint 15"+ AP. Downsides? It's boring compared to speedsters like KGV (even better at burning the world down) and Hood (just as tanky)
  13. Mad props for arguing Ibuki is well balanced agasint Kronshtadt, that's going in my sig From a pure game balance perspective Kronshtadt is retarded as a tier 9 cruiser, nerf the HP to 50,000 atleast.
  14. Kronshtadt has 3150 more HP than Lion. It has 53,588 more HP than Ibuki when comparing min/max builds. Ibuki has 140mm pen at 15km with a 15s reload. Kronshtadt has 450mm pen at 15km with a 18s reload. It's not even close to being a cruiser, as a BB it would have functionally identical armour to Iowa.