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  1. creamgravy

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    So, a Swedish destroyer line where only Öland has a historical config?? (I guess Halland is good enough too) Shame, they could've done a sweet EU 120mm Bofors line with historic ships. (Regele Ferdinand, Gerard Callenburgh etc) Guess WG are going to pump out mostly fantasy Dutch, Poland, Romanian etc destroyer lines too.
  2. creamgravy

    Looking for a premium British light cruiser to buy

    Swiftsure would be a tier 6 premium these days. Tier 8 needs to be planned or fantasy to keep up with the crazy 50s powercreep (see latest ITA CA and RN CA ships) Here's a few cool tier 8 RN CL premiums that aren't pure fantasy. Edinburgh prototype - 4x4 Mark XXIV turrets (Mogami/Brooklyn competitor) HMS Hawke (27) - Laid down in 1943 but cancelled in 1946, it would've been equipped with 3x3 RP 10 Mark XXIV turrets (Neptune reload and DP functionality but fires Edinburgh shells)
  3. creamgravy

    203mm SAP doesn't pen british cruisers

    Should've been called crAP before the buff.
  4. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    Either, both are easy to balance for tier 8. Adding 3x2 torps to 1950s DZP would be fine for line consistency, depends on what the fantasy tier 9-10 designs are. Something like.. Silver tier 8 = 1940 Eendracht: 10 x 6" guns at 10 rpm, 3x2 torpedoes, fighter/spotter. Premium tier 8 = 1950 De Zeven Provinciën. 8 x 6" guns at 14 rpm, radar or other gimmick.
  5. creamgravy

    Possible Royal Navy premiums not yet covered?

    There's a billion famous RN ships WG could sell. ..but this game is all about fantasy cold war end game now. Best we can hope for is a Russian imagined RN ship that 'Projectsomethingbis' was specifically designed to counter.
  6. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    Yep, tier 9-10 is now home to crazy post WW2 fantasy. I'm sure there's plenty of cig packet sketches, 16 barrel anime ships etc WG could use. Both Kronor and Zeven are very much early 40s cruiser designs completed after the war, a bit like RU cruisers. WG could easily balance them by RPM. AA shells went to 15 RPM so boosting normal round RPM isn't far fetched. How about this? Tier 6 - Almirante Cervera. (Essentially Leander with more torpedoes but Emerald fragility) Tier 7 - Kronor, 10-12 RPM and normal WW2 torpedoes. Tier 8 - Zeven, 11-13 RPM and post WW2 torpedoes. 1945 Méndez Núñes can pump out a theoretical 160 shells per minute, Flint does something like 168? Tier 6 premium is probably the best place for her. A nice trainer for both CL and DD lines.
  7. creamgravy

    Best DD firestarter?

    Tier 10 only? Maxed out Valkyrie sets more fires per minute on a stock tier 3 BB than IFHE Daring on a tier 10 BB running fire prevention.
  8. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    Öland-class is a mid 40s destroyer design using semi automatic model 42 guns (20 rpm) This isn't a 1950s Frisland with fully automatic model 50 guns (40 rpm) It can only be tier 8, always best to balance by era/weapons. Swedish Destroyers. Tier 5: Ehrensköld (3 x 120mm/50 model 24 guns, 6 torpedoes) Tier 6: Visby (3 x 120mm/50 model 24 guns, 6 torpedoes, could be tier 5 for line gimmick) Tier 8: Öland (4 x 120mm/50 model 42 guns, 6 torpedoes) Tier 10: Halland (4 x 120mm/50 model 50 guns, 8 torpedoes, remove SSM) No idea where Sweden bought the 533mm torpedoes from, maybe Whitehead/Fiume? USN after WW2? Wicher/Burza are relatively modern large fleet destroyers based on L`Adroit and use similar hardware to ships like Aigle, not older tier 4-5 French destroyers (Wicher guns have a 4.8s reload with better shells than tier 5 Jaguar) The French never built a direct replacement for L`Adroit until Le Hardi (tier 8 fleet destroyer) Polish destroyers. Tier 5-6: Wicher (4 x 130/40 M1924 guns, 6 x torpedoes, could be tier 5 gunboat with short range torps) Tier 6: Swan Hunter design for Blys. Tier 7: Blys. Tier 8: Improved/refit Blys. Tier 8: ALC design for Blys (Le Terrible) Polish torpedo tubes are unique. They can use 550 French or 533 British/Italian/Russian torpedoes. That should be their gimmick imo.
  9. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    Huh? It's standard 1930 London Naval Treaty size, like all tier 6 DDs. 1400 ton standard, 1800 full load. Being a 'leader' type gives it more engine power and guns over standard tier 6 DDs too.
  10. creamgravy

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Where did the 'destroyers are OP, cruisers are OP, battleships are OP' sticky thread go?
  11. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    RF is too powerful for a silver tier 5, it's a fully blown interwar destroyer leader like Dubrovnik and comes before late 30s leaders like Blys. Tier 5: 5 gun WW1 leader variants with 120mm/45 BL guns (8-10s reload with 'WW1' air drag shells) See Jianwai. Tier 6: 5 gun Interwar leader variants with 120mm/45 QF or 120mm/50 Model 24 guns (5-6.5s reload with 'WW2' air drag shells) OP tier 5 premium is fine I guess, worse case is a WW1 destroyer design with WW1 guns trying to complete at tier 6 (Leone) There's a ton of EU destroyers better suited for tier 5, like a Almirante Antequera (4 gun Spanish Churucca sub class) Speaking of Spain, now WG are fully committed to high tier 50s/60s designs you can include the various Oquendo/Roger de Lauria class hulls.
  12. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    No, not model 34/36 guns from Blyska, they would be a DP model 42 variant. Probably with a 5s or lower reload (depending on balance) 120mm/50 Model 24/34/36 (~10 rpm) Van Ghent, Regele Ferdinand, Błyska. 120mm/50 Model 42 (~20 rpm) Oland, Grom (aka a 'what if' Poland managed to build the improved Grom-class in the 40s) 120mm/50 Model 50 (~33 rpm) Friesland Gerard Callenburgh uses a slightly wonky 24C 45 cal derivative on Triaxial mounts for AA. WG can fudge stats to make them fit the line.
  13. creamgravy

    Let's talk about Pan-Europe wide tech tree possibilities

    WG prefer consistency over history, for example you could do a good 120mm Bofors DD line without too much hassle. Keep 102mm DDs as premiums (Isaac Sweers, Blys etc) Tier 5: Van Ghent. 4 x 120mm Bofors with 6 torpedoes. Tier 6: Regele Ferdinand. 5 x 120mm Bofors with 6 torpedoes. Tier 7: Gerard Callenburgh. 5 x DP 120mm Bofors with 8 torpedoes. Tier 8: Grom. 7 x DP 120mm Bofors and 8 torpedoes (Improved Grom-class with fictional updates) Tier 9-10: Any of the 120mm Bofors DDs/Frigates from Sweden, Holland etc.
  14. creamgravy

    Is there a ship that can push and actually tank HE?

    Removing IFHE will make high tier, small calibre ships like Smolensk a bit better agasint BBs!
  15. creamgravy

    Post-buff Błyskawica, is she worth it?

    Not too much, it's in exactly the same position since launch. A good all rounder that needs to play around stealthier opposition. There's functionally no difference between going up agasint old A-hull Hatsuharu and recent downtiered tier 8 DDs like Heida/Z-39/GM, they're just a bit more punishing if you mess up. And like before it's totally worth the coal/$$ if you have the time/cap XP to invest in a 19 point captain, if not don't bother. Also worth noting random battle HE spammer build (DE, AFT, IFHE, BFT etc) was never super competitive, even during the open water stealth fire days. A standard hybrid destroyer build gives you much more flexibility without taking much away (Radio location, EM etc)