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  1. Whines about gimmicks at tier 7. Whines about removing a gimmick at tier 7.
  2. Oh yeah, defiantly give Black Swan normal values. I do it for the AI planes too, my only gripe with this operation is the ability to shoot down 50+ planes with Anthony.
  3. It's fun, good work WG. Is there a secret way to save Parks or see the minelayer? (inc DYCK sign) I wish you could take out Black Swan for this mission too. She's tailor made for it.
  4. It wasn't the best day for me. Win, loose, win, loose. ...but it ended on a high hitting rank 1 with an outrageous flanking move using Perth and Teawhyblack in a Warspite just behind. Everyone camped behind those islands didn't stand a chance. WP
  5. Player base for last 5 years: 'I can't wait to grind Nelson and buy a premium Rodney with token torpedoes'
  6. I recently played my Bismarck, within 3 minutes the enemy Enterprise wiped me off the face of the map. No dodging or AA support from other ships helped, I even shot down 10 planes. This is tier 7+ balance.
  7. True. Belfast can currently fire 15 salvos from smoke, with the new mechanic it goes down to 11 salvos (if SEA and my math is correct) Not a huge nerf, however multiple ships will deplete the smoke very quickly. It's been design to stop BB smoke camping ...aka teamwork. Static gameplay is based around Island camping for domination game modes. (Can be fun) If you want to remove static game play they'll need a new game mode.
  8. Bad luck, the players in my first game averaged rank 4-5. (Easy 5 stars)
  9. Shima torps have been massively buffed since 'the good old days'. The old ones were 20km, 20967 damage, 67 knots with a 2.1km surface detection (rubbish in todays game) Have I got my math right? Minotaur can only fire 24 salvos before smoke runs out with the new mechanic.
  10. Most people have real problems getting torpedo boats to work. They're hard, imagine your BB salvo taking 50 seconds to reach 8km. Shira needed the nerf to bring her in line with all the other destroyers. If you want to make torpedo boats more user friendly then all torpedoes need a buff (inc RU and US) There's no point have one or two extreme ships (Kamikaze or 16 torp Shira) and leave the rest for a small group of good players. Oh yeah, Belfast and tier 7+ balance is becoming super retarded.
  11. Not bad, Farragut C is has OK AA. Check out the highest number of aircraft I've shot down this season with Hatsuharu. (16)
  12. 0.6.9 = Defensive AA fire test for the t8+ BBs. Maybe CCs get a go. 0.7.0 = Launch? (tbh I'm loosing interest very quickly)
  13. C: The BB sails straight out of smoke anyway.
  14. It'll be a combo of WG fleecing RN fans for a 'rare' ship and paying for operation Dynamo + associated costs. £16 is outrageous for a standard RN tier 6 DD with HMS Grenade camo. I'm happy waiting for the free version (not really, I want a t6 RN DD to mess about in... Anthony is great)