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  1. Thomas_EU

    returning player looking for clan

    I like how I dont even get tagged when being called out. I dont claim to kick people from my clan that decide to get up and leave after getting too angry to play the game and break all forms of contact. Hopefully we get to see your clan around in CW, one day :)
  2. Thomas_EU

    Submarines are Coming

    Goodbye friend.
  3. Thomas_EU

    Small struggling clan? Join Hell's Warships instead!

    Wrong part of the clan zone, wrong server forums too.
  4. Thomas_EU

    Looking for Russian clan

    2 years later.....
  5. Thomas_EU

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Well this sounds very interesting at least, hopefully the people testing can add input to features CW needs and would make life easier and also stop some other ideas flowing through.