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  1. Thomas_EU

    Clan searching in progress

     PM sent, we are interested in you.
  2. Thomas_EU

    Looking for NL/BE clan(Dutch speaking clan)

     PM sent, we are interested
  3. Thomas_EU

    Looking, as most posting here ;-)

     PM sent, we are interested
  4. Thomas_EU

    Danish clan seek danish players

    Check the section and language my friend
  5. Thomas_EU

    looking for Santa

     PM sent, we are waiting for you.
  6. Thomas_EU

    Post spamming etiquette

    Oh no someone has had an opinion on the internet about someone else, and they should have their accounts deleted even though that would also result in mine being blacklisted.
  7. Thomas_EU

    Post spamming etiquette

    Call me a troll all you want at least I can read dates.
  8. Thomas_EU

    Post spamming etiquette

    people can tell when you grave dig and spam dont worry.
  9. Thomas_EU

    Looking for a new home!

     PM sent, we are interested
  10.  PM sent, We are interested in you all.
  11. Well this is the looking for clan sub thread not clan advertisement.
  12.  PM sent, we're interested in you.
  13. Thomas_EU

    Looking for a semi-serious Clan!

     PM sent, We want both of you onboard.
  14. Thomas_EU

    Looking for an English Clan

     PM sent, We are interested in you!