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  1. MrChatbanned

    Tier X Ranked - What ships are best?

  2. MrChatbanned

    Facebook page for Scandinavian players...

    Cool, what does this have to do with looking for a clan though.
  3. MrChatbanned

    Looking to take over the clan

    He gets on the forums every few weeks just to spam them with the same copy and paste thread no one cares about at all, and ontop of that he posts in threads that are sometimes over a month old. Many thing change but Graeme1701 being highly intelligent will never change.
  4. What exactly do you mean by "alliance"? Do you want to transfer the people interested in CB to a clan that can or how does this work?
  5. MrChatbanned

    returning player looking for clan

    I like how I dont even get tagged when being called out. I dont claim to kick people from my clan that decide to get up and leave after getting too angry to play the game and break all forms of contact. Hopefully we get to see your clan around in CW, one day :)
  6. MrChatbanned

    Submarines are Coming

    Goodbye friend.
  7. MrChatbanned

    Small struggling clan? Join Hell's Warships instead!

    Wrong part of the clan zone, wrong server forums too.
  8. MrChatbanned

    Looking for Russian clan

    2 years later.....
  9. MrChatbanned

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Well this sounds very interesting at least, hopefully the people testing can add input to features CW needs and would make life easier and also stop some other ideas flowing through.
  10. MrChatbanned

    Looking for an above average clan.

    you are a joke mate. a lot of your spammed topics say clan found or are just too old, or have already found a clan
  11. MrChatbanned

    Looking for an above average clan.

    sure to get quality captains this way
  12. MrChatbanned

    Looking for a place to call home!

    What sort of stats are you swinging with? Dont seem to get anything back when searching your username through databases.
  13. MrChatbanned

    new lootboxes ridiculous proce

    Weebs deserve to bleed their money for their crimes against humanity. I just ask why people are so surprised by this, its widely known that WG are total money-mongers and will sell things like TIER 9 SHIPS when they promised to not go above 8, or selling steel, or coal, or legendary modules.
  14. MrChatbanned

    Traffic Lights Mod

    Seems the player you kicked from your clan is better off without you. If this is a hack, is using torps to check if the prediction shows you going forward, staying still, or reversing also a hack? What about looking at your smoke cloud and what direction its moving in, is this also a hack? This is a joke.