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  1. scarecrowbi

    [TF333] Task Force 333 Recruiting

    hi there, certainly: https://discord.gg/jA3FdshY7x
  2. scarecrowbi

    [TF333] Task Force 333 Recruiting

    Message has been sent to you
  3. scarecrowbi

    Searching clan for Clan Battles

    @BuryWest pm has been sent, we look forward to hearing from you ☺️
  4. scarecrowbi

    Fifth Brawl

    Can never go wrong pulling out either the Massa or Tirpitz, though some of the CV games I’ve seen have been interesting
  5. scarecrowbi

    [Poll] How do you like new "Convoy" game mode?

    Most of the games I’ve played I’ve found it enjoyable, however, after 10-15ish games, it can feel a bit monotonous, it could have been made more interesting if there was some kind of tasks to complete for both teams to make things more dynamic (e.g. like ops of the week, minus the bots aspect). I think it could be something that if WG decides to bring back in the future, they could add further development and make things just a tad bit more dynamic.
  6. scarecrowbi

    Missouri event and economics

    @Crysantos One question that I have regarding obtaining Missouri, will there be a closing date for support tickets to be submitted to obtain the USS Missouri, as although the campaign has to be completed, there seems to be no information as to when Wargaming will remove the ability of allowing us to obtain via Dubloons?
  7. scarecrowbi

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    Loosing LWM, she was an asset to WG, shame to see how they are treating some of the CC’s and the community as of late
  8. scarecrowbi

    [TF333] Task Force 333 Recruiting

  9. scarecrowbi

    New Missouri for FXP as before?

    True that, it almost makes the ship not getting at this point
  10. scarecrowbi

    Missouri price tag? Whats your guess

    Most Tier IX bbs are around 19k dubs, given that it is a sought after ship, I'm hedging my bets that they would make it 25k give or take (not too expensive that people won't buy, but more than your typical tier ix)
  11. scarecrowbi

    [TF333] Task Force 333 Recruiting

  12. scarecrowbi

    Looking for a competitive clan.

    pm sent
  13. scarecrowbi

    [TF333] Task Force 333 Recruiting