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  1. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    off topic , but I am a nice guy and will answer you .. like what you tell me will be worth something when you don't even play them
  2. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    I hope some new players come here and say something , because I see you don't give a s*hit about them .. P.S. and don't feel responsible to respond to this message too , because we already accomplish you are not part of this conversation at all and you don't even understand it .. but I know you can't help yourself you are all like a dogs trying to catch car and after that still can't drive it :D :D :D
  3. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    The free part you and your buddies invented in your heads , because you are incapable to think outside of your POV .. But I am here to help you .. don't worry ain't gonna give you free pass of "if I don't understand you ain't real" .. THE REAL POINT is why some new players have to spend 96000 coal and others up to 366000 coal ... where is the fair factor in that !!!
  4. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    1. don't see your nonsense logic here , to have content that gives you advantage small or not somehow it gives you advantage .. not given to new players .. and absolute don't understand you, when they can have it if they want it .. 2. easy 16 parts when you get 1 part from 6000 coal box - 16x 6000 = 96000 , you need 4 duplicates to make 1 part - 15( because you already have 1 part) x 4 x 6000 = 366 000
  5. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    Well if we gonna play rng game, let's make RNG factor for how much xp you gonna need to grind tech tree ships then ...
  6. Kanasybigi

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    try to delete 400 000 to 6000 and you will see how wrong the math is .. but I didn't mean this topic to be a math lesson for other person so lets stay on the topic after all . Thank you ..
  7. I have a question I just notice . Why is Luigi Sansonetti for new players from 96000 to 366 000 coal paywall .. And what is the logic behind it .. where is the fair in this to have different values for players .. and that disgust me on a level that better stop typing because I will get ban ...
  8. Kanasybigi

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    People were saying after cv's they will stop playing the game .. well It didn't actually happened this way some stop other not .. will be the same with the submarines ... So do I want it no . Is my no matters - if you ask WG - they will say yes , but we know is no ...
  9. Kanasybigi

    Ships being removed from sale.

    because nobody buys them ..
  10. Kanasybigi

    WoWS Warhammer Collab

    my comment for the collaboration is .. Thank you for inspire me to bought total war warhammer 1 and 2 with the dlc's and stop playing this game , after all win-win
  11. Kanasybigi

    CVs remain overpowered

    now cv is tanking hahahha , if you get my joke :D :D :D
  12. Kanasybigi

    What Battleships line do you guys reccomend me?

    None , 1 cv loves you , 2 HE loves you , 3 soon to be a floating dmg pinata for a subs .. sad but thru ... play cruisers even dds are more fun nowadays the bbs ..
  13. Kanasybigi

    CVs remain overpowered

    CV is not broken , they nerfed kremlin AA ... :D P.S. change order of the games you play , this don't have to be even on top 10 for reasons at least till they fix some reasons ;)
  14. Kanasybigi

    After 2 years not playing, my impressions.

    When people start talking "for free to play game " They should say thank you , because you are playing this game on my dime till now .. but no more ..
  15. Kanasybigi

    After 2 years not playing, my impressions.

    The only thing that confused me is how people don't care how bad this game is year after year .. but then I have epiphany .. how can you care of something with no future ..