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  1. LeoGal

    Seems my playstyle fits cruisers, so...

    Hi Grandorf, I think you should try the ijn line. I cannot give you any statistics since i do not give so much attention to them. I do have I believe more than 3500 battles on BBs, cruisers and dds. I probably have the same playstyle like yours, and I hated when i see ships standing still and firing. I don't want to insult anyone and maybe a lot of these guys are better and more experienced players than me, but a ship is not a tank... so don't drive her like that. Anyway jap cruisers are fast, stealthy and maneuverable. Maybe not to durable but enough if you move and avoid enemy fire. My Mogami has detectabillity range at 9.3km and Atago at 9.1km. I do not remember Ibuki's but it is similar. I would also recommend ijp BBs. From tier V (Kongo) to Tier 8 ( Amagi) are very nice to play. Fast with fire power and maneuverable with exception of Fuso. Regardless all the above. Just play with anything you have fun.
  2. LeoGal

    IJN Musashi on the way?

    Good guess.. I think.
  3. LeoGal

    Why are we sailing cruisers?

    Hi guys, Personaly i love cruisers. There are multirole vessels capable of making great damage. If have enjoyed some of my best scores with them and iam very close (only 150,00Xp left) to ZAO. Sure they have weekness like easy citadel (Mogami) but its fun to play. Also if by mistake you are against 3-5 enemy ships - there is a pretty good chance to stay alive. I have burned a Yamato totally with my atago - and had more than 145k with my Mogami. Br
  4. LeoGal

    Bug Reports

    Thanks for the replay. I just noticed that Amagi also has the same problem and exactly the same repair cost. so both my tier 8 vessels are loosing credits. Any solutions becides stop playnig?
  5. LeoGal

    Bug Reports

    Hi, It seems there is a bug with mogami repair cost. I have played 3 battles after the last update 5.13 and received the same repair cost regardless the damage of the ship. 1. Damage received during battle almost 8.000- repair cost 68.502 (servicer and ammo) 2. Damage received full (ship sunked)- again repair cost 68.502 3. Third battle - no damage at all, - once more repair cost 68.502 I dont know if someone else has notice this.