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  1. Molybdane

    Which ships have exceeded your expectations?

    Colorado, about 1 year ago, but the Amagi more recently. Good speed, 10 powerful guns, which means a better chance of at least one shell behaving and without the old A hull pretty good looking.
  2. Molybdane

    The most disappointing ships

    Mahan was the biggest dissapointment to be, this was back before her torpedoes got buffed, slow, poor concealment, unremarkable guns and torpedoes. I eventually grinded her along picking the C hull and defensive firing and smoking up the team. Also, this is why I found the T 22 not that dissapointing, I can now read the stats and know in advande that it was going to be bad..
  3. Molybdane

    a little note

    Intersting thread indeed, all kinds of people show up. OP for example, who made a decision to pay a game he didn't quite understand and wasn't what he expected. Sorry to hear the game dissapoints, maybe one that there will be a captail ship simulator out there that will satisfy you. Then there's the assholes that call such a player a potato, or bring up his stats, all brave in the knowledge that OP probably can't defend himself due to the language barrier. Such heroes.......
  4. Molybdane

    DD players get worse and worse.

    As a DD, I do smoke the team, but apart from teammates ignoring the smoke, there are several other things at work here: The smoke is impossible to see zoomed in, when you are taking a shot. You might notice the smoke too late. Smoke still is a torpedo magnet. Good DD's lay a full stretch of smoke giving a player more options, but torps will be in bound anyway. Some players can't handle that regardless. People don't observe chat all the time. Neither do I, all of the time, I find the minimap more usefull, actions over words. A DD has to catch up to an attacking BB, remain in front of the BB all the time, as the BB decelerates (if the BB notices said DD) and remain out of range of the ships charged by the BB or else eat the HE shells instead. This isn't a given for random players. Hydro and radar In fact, radar is the main killer for me at the start of the battle. Thank the automatic I win button cruisers are given for passive dd play. Add in the recent change that removes open water stealth firing (a necessary change, still) and you got your reason for DD's not shooting DD's. Forgot this: Do you know what I get from WG for smoking a teammate? Nothing
  5. Molybdane

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

    Cruisers are an obvious choice for the scenarios, but my Farragut brings a nice stretch of smoke along for the battle. I can now even put the new smoke 'upgrade' to use, as battles are less static and it isn't such an issue that the smoke doesn't last as long as it can without the sidegrade.
  6. Molybdane

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    I was hoping for a 12 x 14 inch guns on the KGV. Ths option was considered, but it put the ship over the weight limit. With 10 14 inch guns, KGV may well be in trouble. Improving the KGV may make it an a-historical ship anyway, so why not go for 12 guns is what I was thinking
  7. Molybdane

    New Mex immunity zone

    My guess plunging fire is the killer here, even more so in the Case of the New Mex. A rule of thumb I use is that ships armour works well against weapons caliber equal to that of the ship itself.
  8. Molybdane

    battleship antiair t8+ needs nerf...

    You all seem to forget something, the New Orleans that was part of the example. Isn't its AA underwhelming instead? If the NO AA is insufficient to pretect itself, why have the nice concealment and radar on it anyway?
  9. Molybdane

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    Thank you for confirming yours.
  10. Molybdane

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    Since you have such a vivid imagination when thinking up what I am saying, I'll leave the floor to you.
  11. Molybdane

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    Two examples, both the result of quote mining. Continue to ignore the issue please.
  12. Molybdane

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    But Vaderan didn't mention that he feared torpedoes or area denial weapons, that's what you made of it. You basically ignored his entire narrative, and lmao-ed your way out of a response. Now I found Vaderan's narrative to be highly illuminating. I wasn't around at Alpha or Beta so I missed out on the evolution of the ship types. About the only thing I remember is that at one time, armour models didn't work properly, making BB's giant exp bags. Of course when the armour was fixed, BB's gained resillience and player adapted. I don't know if this even plays a significant part in creating todays meta or how (an if) it changes anything Vaderan pointed out. What I can do: Play my Iowa and enjoy the occasional 1/25 cruiser cit as well as getting burned to death by Zao's with their nice guns. I don't even bother to advance into fire from a T8+ french cruiser, its just not possible. Point out that maps add to the problems as well, allowing very high tier ships to fire at ships in the middle from anywhere on the map, with little or no terrain impediment, not enough at least to safeguard cruiser cits. A simple comparison to WoT suffices here, that game tends to separate parts of the battlefield into corridors (corridor maps, nothing I know about it but what I piked up from Jingles videos) Nothing like it exists in WoWs
  13. Molybdane

    Rage quit anyone

    Been on the right side of the weekend syndrome with games that are complete roflstomps of he enemy team. Not much fun but at least a little relaxing. But still a bad state for the game to be in.
  14. Molybdane


    I didn't even bother grinding her as she seemed too similar to the Konigsberg. Same ship, 1 tier higher, not for me! However I picked here up recently and I am doing ok with her. Maybe playing T8+ cruiser matches is the necessary preparation to play Nurnberg
  15. Molybdane

    How to Gneisenau?

    If you have trouble working with those 15 inch 380 mm guns, the Bismarck is probably not going to be anything for you either. If you don't want to get stuck in with Bayern and Gneisenau, why continue a line that requires you to?