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  1. _dawnpatrol_

    No reward for completion of azur lane collection?

    I did not get what is said what you get as reward. And i have no filters in port.
  2. I got 2 useless flags and a standard commander (no azur lane) with 10 skill pts trained for the Azuma. This after roughly 1 year working hard to finish this. Is there something wrong with my reward ? I feel totally cheated, i have no use of a standard level 10 commander whatsoever, trained in a ship that costs more than 60eu to purchase. Can someone clarify this pls? It's like giving an ice-cream as a reward for saving earth.. totally stupified cheapness of world record level
  3. After latest update with the new fancy sounds, i noticed a big difference in gameplay of my Shokaku CV. I normally average about 80-100k dam per match, but after the patch i can barely reach 50k. Also, in tier x battles, i get erased by most tier x ships in the air as if all my planes are paper. An torp run vs an minotaur was definately doable before, yet as of just all my planes were shot down 2 km before the drop. Moreover, my torps damage are REDUCED. My bombers are useless vs anything now. My rockets do 200 damage on DD's wtf 200!!! Further example: An Bischmark at tier 8 erased my entire flight! This has *never* happened before. I know CV's struggled abit vs tier X earlier, but this just murdered my favo ships completely, All above was NOT the case last week. Have WG secretly nerfed CV's yet again?!