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  1. _dawnpatrol_

    WG likes me to pay for this game?

    --because NO math can justify the games computing of the direction of fake randomess. You simply CANNOT loose/win so many game in a row. If you flip a coin there is mathematically a formel to tell you the odds. If i smartly play with tactical geniousness, taking e tremendous amount of energy and concentration, it pays off just the same as if i press Battle button and go to the toilet aAFK'ing. Is that right? Let skill dominate, or kill this fakka company pls
  2. _dawnpatrol_

    WG likes me to pay for this game?

    in that case stop my 2 win 11 loss streak headshit streaks. i wont pay nor play this semi-boring game a dime unless i see progress. Skill is NOT a factor in this game. It is hidden WG crapthat determines the outcome. I see everytime noobs with 65+ winrate play and the are NOT blessed skilluber playahs but nonsense luck RNG accnts that WG determined to be succesful to keep score of RNG-fake that is the core of this and all WG games. I TRY (and so do my 12 close pals) to have fun with the game but since it is not that really fun to begin with, wins is essential and therefore i suggest a turn of tides for WG to implement a simple and fair (and non russian idology) : reset MM engine entirely, reset accnt hidden flag enirely, and start a clean MM with TOTAL PURE FAIR RANDOMNESS- why does not stupid people see this, it is just insane
  3. _dawnpatrol_

    Do You Have to Always Grind?

    Credits is never a problem in this game, as opposite wowp and wot requires hvy grinding and preferrable premium to progress.
  4. _dawnpatrol_

    When is "soon" ?

    Really nice with some uber heavily delayed german BB's, but when will they get activated?
  5. _dawnpatrol_

    What ships are OP? What needs a nerf?

    My Atlanta is by far the meanest DD killer of all ships by far! Also a plane-wrecker. Every DD that comes close and thinks they gonan whack me gets a big questionmark on their faces after a few close quarter salvos..
  6. _dawnpatrol_

    What Royal navy premiums do you want?

    Graaf von Spee
  7. _dawnpatrol_

    ST.Louis alternate painting

    Ive seen the st.louis paintetd white with yellow top several times, and i wonder how i can grab that paint and where it comes from? Why isnt it included in the game for average joe's? :-)
  8. Sometimes or very often, when i shall fire guns, instead of firing game switches to the desktop, this happens like 5-10 times in a row, and appears randomly. Does anyone knows a solution for this? Im using old usb mouse and win 10
  9. Last days i have noticed something extremely wrong: Teams in random battles contains lots of non-human players, who acts totally useless, going backwards slowly torward corners of maps, trying to move through mountains etc, these bots NEVER answer in chat either.. I thought this game was a multiplayer game like WOT? Not! I want devs to dement this or fix it, since i can play singleplayer games elsewhere thankyou...
  10. _dawnpatrol_

    Reducing gunsounds only?

    How do i reduce the gunsounds in the game without reducing any other sound? Ive tried most but i havent figured out what tab that handles the specific main battery guns.