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  1. T33kanne

    the slava it comes!

    Since @MrConway summoned me, i can tell you i was as much confused as you seeing her bow being tied in the back. No, she is not a widow and no, she is not a waitress. My guess is that the person responsible for the Dirndl ("costume") was not aware of this specific bow rules :D
  2. T33kanne

    World of Waships Legends

    Hallo @Tamalla, die Frage warum es kein Legends Forum gibt wurde schon beantwortet. Wir haben uns dagegen entschieden. "kritischen Leute" trifft es nicht. Nur Spieler die meinen Sie können WG-Mitarbeiter beleidigen (:
  3. T33kanne

    Game saved data

    @Player_4286248780 Hey there, as already mentioned everything that is on your wargaming account and all ships are saved on our server. You just need to make sure to log-in with the same PSN ID to the new playstation. Other than that - i locked this thread (:
  4. T33kanne

    Cross-play ps4 und xbox one

    Hallo @Saschabarbie_sb, dieses Forum ist lediglich für die PC Version von World of Warships. Bezüglich der Cross-Play frage: Es ist nicht möglich, Divisionen mit Spielern anderer Plattformen zu erstellen oder sie zu eurer Freundesliste hinzuzufügen. Ob dieses feature in Zukunft kommt ist noch nicht sicher. Falls du Fragen bezüglich legends hast kannst du auch gerne auf unseren offiziellen Discord server kommen https://discord.gg/wowslegends @_ReWinD_ danke für den Ping (:
  5. T33kanne

    #Barships in Hamburg – Seid dabei!

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte diejenigen die sich registriert und/oder teilgenommen haben nur kurz daran erinnern das wir eine Umfrage per E-Mail versendet haben :) Es würde uns freuen wenn ihr euch dazu ein paar Minuten zeit nehmt. Beste Grüße T33kanne
  6. T33kanne

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    sorry for this late answer; but i was sick from thursday on and was not able to even turn around in bed. sorry to crush your dreams but RTS Style gameplay on a Console will not happen.
  7. We old style RTS CV players want a home where we can play as we used to prior to 0.8.0
    There are many of us...


  8. T33kanne

    WG Customer Service???

    thank you for your kind words (: means a lot to us
  9. T33kanne

    Alabama ST for everybody

    I closed this discussion since it will lead to nothing and of course because of obvious (troll) reasons. This ship is given only to Supertesters with a very high activity.
  10. T33kanne

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    well sorry if i stepped on someones foot but i only replied to yurra because he is in omni and i once played with him together in that clan. It was ment as a small nudge / bump for him. And you sir really need to calm down a bit. ;)
  11. T33kanne

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    why would i? I just make fun of myself.
  12. T33kanne

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    what do i know, i am a console pleb :/