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  1. allnan

    52K dmg from bombs as a cruiser

    So I just got instakilled with bombs as Buffalo. Not even torpedoes. Bombs. In the previous salvo I got like 8k or something, then in the next one 45k from 2 bombing squadrons. Is this normal?
  2. allnan

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    Yeah, the armor is indeed interesting, it is considerably harder to score citadel on Zao, because of the strange citadel placement (maybe just for me, cuz I don't know where to aim). About the pinpoint accuracy guns,, well, to be honest, I can't aim xd Torpedoes are kinda meh on all IJN cruisers. I had a shitton of games with Mogami, it was the rarest of occasions when I hit anything with torpedoes. And if you are not annoyed out of the world with destroyers/brit cruisers smoking or the very existence of cyclons then good to be you.
  3. allnan

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    On paper though I can't see those fantastic guns. Sure it has 19% fire chance and 3400/5400 max damage, but also 36 sec turret 180 Degree Turn Time (I am allergic to slow turning turrets) and 13,7 sec reload time (14,385 sec with MBM2 for me to fix up turret turning), which is the slowest of all T10 cruisers (some even fire 3-4 salvos in this time). Armor, well nobody has good armor at T10, BB-s pen everything with ease. Also the ship has no radar. I am not trying to get my hands on every T10 cruiser ever, only one, if WG decided to pull the same sht as before that you can only do something if you have T10. And since I am only anywhere near the top with USN and the japans, Des Moines seems like the better ship on paper, also it kind of looks like a Baltimore (my current favourite ship) with twice as fast loading speed.
  4. allnan

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    Haha, I just had a match with Ibuki where I think I caused more damage to my team than the enemy xd Is there a chance they will buff it somewhat in the near future (as they buffed the USN cruisers), or I just should just sell it?
  5. allnan

    Des Moines shell arc

  6. allnan

    Des Moines shell arc

    I am just about to start the journey to Des Moines, as I soon will be unlocking Buffalo. Even after all the new ships, DM still seems like a solid pick. The only thing that kind of worries me that I have been reading that DM has a high shell arc (I can't stand playing Cleveland). Is it just the fact that USN CA-s have slower shells compared to other nations' CA-s, or is DM different from the rest of the line as well? I am fine with for example Baltimore's shell arc, and since the shell velocity is the same from Baltimore to Des Moines (Initial HE Shell Velocity: 823 m./s, Initial AP Shell Velocity: 762 m./s) I don't really see a reason why the shell arcs should be different, but with WG you never know.
  7. Currently I really dislike Ibuki. Has huge loading time, dies way too easily. In order to deal your below average damage, you need to be full boardside, or like half your guns won't shoot. Then you die, since due to the abysmal turning radius even with 5,8 rudder shift time you can't dodge normally. Has no radar, but has torpedoes. Torpedoes on cruisers (especially with this awkward angle) are useless 99% of the time. Usually I am doing way better with Baltimore in T10 battles than Ibuki (it is maxed out already, except the torpedoes, but as I said they are useless anyway). About Zao, okay its shells are dealing a little extra damage, but well some other T10 cruisers are having like 3x shorter reload times. And again no radar.
  8. Ah, ok. Anyway, I kinda abandoned the idea of getting to the Zao, Ibuki is truly a horrible ship. I won't suffer an another 200k xp for the Zao, which isn't outdated as well? Compared to the other T10-s it seems kinda bad. Okay, it finally has 12 turrets, but 13,7 sec (for me 14,385 sec with MBM2) reload time is again really slow. Japans haven't even got a new improved admiral. Next I think I'll see if Buffalo is as bad as the legends say. :D About Des Moines, I have read a lot of times that it has a high shell arc. Is it just the fact that other nations have faster shells than USN, or Des Moines has a different shell arc from the rest of the USN Heavy Cruser line as well? (I am currently at Baltimore)
  9. So I bought Ibuki, because I liked the idea of having 19% fire chance (and later 21% in Zao) compared to the 16% of my USN crusers. Since Ibuki has the worst reload time of all T9 ships, and has a decent range, I decided to buy the Main Battery Modification 3 (reload time -12%, +13% battery traverse speed), I thought oh, that 34,5 sec battery turn time can't be that bad (haven't got the Expert Marksman as well). Well, yes it is. Since the ship has 5,8 sec rudder shift time, and 34,5 sec battery turn time (=5,22 degree/sec), the batteries can't keep up with the ship turning. Since in a cruser you are dodging all the time, I always have to stop for a while, wait the batteries, fire, continue turning. This bugs the hell out of me. For example with Mogami its batteries can keep up just fine, with 5,7 sec rudder shift time and 27,9 sec battery turn time (=6,45 degree/sec). So I thought maybe there is a connection that with 6 sec rudder shift time and 30 sec battery turn time (=6 degree/sec) the batteries can exactly keep up with the ship turning, but I can't exactly do the math if I am right or not. X sec rudder shift time is equal to how much ship turning degree/sec? This would be kinda important for me, since I won't even go after Zao, if with it's 36 sec (or 31,58 with Expert Marksman) battery turn time, the batteries won't be able to keep up with the ship turning. Maybe it could be fixed with Main Battery Modification 2 (reload time +5%, -15% battery traverse speed), but how do the modifiers stack? First the additive (EM), then the multiplicative (MBM2), or the other way around?
  10. allnan

    US light cruser line

    I don't see the big advantage in abysmal shell travel times. The longer it takes the further you have to predict what the opponent will do, and more likely he'll do something else. I guess it is good for island hugging and spray and pray, but miss me with that gay sht :D
  11. allnan

    US light cruser line

    oh great,, then I won't waste my time with it
  12. allnan

    US light cruser line

    Could anyone tell me if Dallas and Helena have the same retarded battery arcs as Cleveland, where shells stop for a picnic mid-air? If so, then I won't even bother with the line.