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  1. EfourE4

    Supertest fire duration changes

    HE is still going to be focused spam. It's not going to matter too much if it's duration is cut, you will still be spammed by multiple sources. There's just too much fire right now. I dunno how to fix it but it's the worst the game has been in 2 years. Smoke and spam. Please fix it.
  2. EfourE4

    Graphic Errors and FPS Drops

    Im getting insane FPS drops too. Jerking down to 3 fps for a second or too. Its game breaking. ONly started happening last patch.
  3. EfourE4

    Client will not Exit ?

    New patch still doing it. Any ideas?
  4. EfourE4

    Client will not Exit ?

    Have been getting this quite frequently. The game will not close and although i can alt-tab to other windows, WOWs always will be maximised/selected as top covering everything. Only way to close game ios to log out of windows or reboot... Any ideas?
  5. EfourE4

    Hydro through Islands.

    Why so dumb wargaming ?
  6. As title EU servers. Im playing from Northern Sweden.
  7. EfourE4

    Texas T5 US BB Captain

    Should i not be able to put any US captain in this and swap it with other US ships at no penalty? My texas came from the friend recommendation program/offer
  8. Also why are so many people on this forum [edited]hostile [edited]? Is this games player base really that bitter and twisted? Discuss
  9. You edited your post to add that ? Discuss... ​
  10. I mainly play US DDs now so A Farragut or a Nicholas.
  11. Discuss ? I think its starting to get a bit stupid when my DD is being raked to death from 7km in a t5-t7 game... I cant even get into torp range without a hailstorm of certain death
  12. EfourE4

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    randomly i get a massive lag sipke and ill warp 500 m in game then about 30s later ill drop to -35ms ping and im booted to login.
  13. EfourE4

    Super containers

    they nerfed the crapout of them.
  14. Every other update you do Wargaming it is complete hell for me and i do not know why? I can only assume that you have two versions of the game code and one that turns up every month has something hideously wrong with it. What do i have to do to post a traceroute to your European servers? I play from Northern Sweden with the BredbandsBalorget ISP Are your servers in Russia ? Are they blocking my internet traffic ? Ive been playing this game over a year now and it literally happens every other patch. Any advice i can try my end anything i can change on my network, although i suspect it has nothing to do with this