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  1. HansRoaming

    Going to miss deadeye accuracy...

    Not really, I lost interest playing randoms, even though I have a Thunderer and enough points to spec DE.
  2. HansRoaming

    PSA: Warhammer 40K back in the shop!

    Thanks, I'll give this a miss then, Ashitaka I hear is like an Amagi and I could take that into Ops for hilarity, maybe get a Mutsu for torp goodness in ops.
  3. HansRoaming

    Secondary builds for Ops

    Actually just did the same for the other line
  4. HansRoaming

    Secondary builds for Ops

    I like secondary builds for ops for my BBs as you can point them at a DD and they will eventually melt it, I wondered what ships anyone would recommend, I tend to use: T6 - Bayern, PEF T7 - Scharn and Gneisenau What else would you recommend please?
  5. HansRoaming

    PSA: Warhammer 40K back in the shop!

    Has it changed with the rework please? Better / Worse?
  6. HansRoaming

    PSA: Warhammer 40K back in the shop!

    Dunno, I'm looking at the wiki and posit the following: Pros: Trollish citadel protection, with surprisingly thick armor. Massive ten 410mm gun broadside with enormous alpha-strike potential. Good dispersion with 1.9 sigma. - Deadeye make this better? Excellent AP penetration. - Deadeye useful Good HE damage. - Deadeye useful Super accurate secondaries. - they get better range with rework Cons: Weak belt armour, prone to taking penetration hits. 33s reload on main battery. - you can speed this up with rework Secondaries have a maximum of a 7.56km range. - they get better range with rework Poor agility with a large, 870m turning circle radius and pedestrian 4º/s rate of turn. Horrible AA firepower. Horrible concealment - Maybe not deadeye then
  7. HansRoaming

    PSA: Warhammer 40K back in the shop!

    Has the Ragnarok got better with the skill rework, more secondary range, good secondary accuracy, dead eye etc?
  8. A lot of overpens with the rail gun on an Amun Ra class stealth frigate. One doesn't want to lose one's head over it
  9. Now an Expanse collaboration with PDCs, Torpedo's and Railguns would be nice indeed. Chrisjen Avasarala as captain would be amazing with her epic scathing one liners. Combat is epic too,
  10. HansRoaming

    Steelseries giveaway

    Thanks, I have a gameDAC so cool to get something back.
  11. HansRoaming

    What are your favourite scenario ships?

    For T6, PEF, Bayern and Pensacola, good excuse to play them.
  12. Tried them out and on last day hit the reset all button so have to skill up when first go into battle.
  13. I kid you not, last night I went west, the exit was at the top. Took out two goal ships and half the health of a third as the two cruisers following me decided they wanted to go up hiding behind an island. They finish the BB off but our CV who was playing well hadn't moved from the harbour. After 5 mins in chat begging he starts to move and at the exit was a BB and cruiser, the BB leaves to chase some bots and me and another guy plead with him to come back and not to turn a 5 star win into a defeat as the CV was about to make it to the exit. The BB steamed on regardless and when I went to look at the CV it had stopped 30 seconds from the green circle. The two cruisers never made it to the exit and we were defeated, a real WTAF moment!
  14. It's even better when the CV player decides that they don't want to go to the escape point and you're defeated.
  15. HansRoaming

    Team damage tracking system is laughable

    Hopefully you reported him with a replay sent as that is toxic.