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  1. Navi001

    Mission Descriptions

    I have a question - if any1 enconter a inaccurate description of mission? For examle i can point out that in small fog msission to collect 200 torpedo hits - mission requirements indicates that can be ANY ship above tier VI - in fact it CAN'T BE ANY - torpedo hits done via cv's planes DO NOT COUNT! So if you have some points in this topic in general inaccurate description place it here to please for more accurate/clear desciption of mission requirements! Thank you
  2. Navi001

    What the hell happened to CVs?!?

    Playing cv in this game is the most hard and emotional thing, I belive. And the most important issue here is... a good balance between power of planes and aa. Too strong planes kills the game, but nerfed cv's make game for cv players hard, sad, and in many ways unplayable. So why good blance is essential. However there are prons and cons I have some thought about: 1. Palying cv up to tier VII is rather quite easy and fun - if you encounter cruiser with good aa you may expect loss of all planes near him, but even then you have a chance for accurate drops/hits, and even to sunk it (maybe in next wave of your planes). 2. Playing cv beyond tier VII start to be a very frustrating game, much less fun, and much harder - the worst is playing cv tier VII against ships VII-IX (especially cuiser tier IX against planes tier VII): - enconuter cruiser/ships with good aa (they usually have a good range of it so trying to cicrle them someitmes is not possible) usually ends with lost of all planes..., and comment from cruiser in the chat is for example: "mniam, mniam..." or "more, give me more" or "I WANT MORE PLANES TO EAT!" - even dd tier from VIII+ have sometimes awsome aa (for playing a dd is a very good news that can stand alone against waves of planes) - i think of aa which is so intense that lower chance for accurate drop and spread torpedo planes drop - but such situation is a somekind of mistake - good aa is one thing but so awsome aa that works like aa from cruiser of bb is second - spotting: ok - most smoke generators are so good that in many cases hide dd from sight, but... this sometimes last very long, i think too long, and next thing: if dd is hiding in the smoke and decide to open salvos of fire from smoke why chance of spotting such dd can't be higher? Simple choice: stay low and hide or want make hits/improve your rating and higher chance to be spotted (especially when aa is swithced to ON) - now it is sometimes makes a dd an invisible and invincible in smoke enemy - if you hide in smoke you shouldn't be visible - ok, but... it shouldn't work from other side of stick? - you should also see worse or nothing? - that create a situation when dd in smoke see everythink and is not seen by any1... - to tier VII attacking a ship (even with quite good for tier up to VII aa) has a chance to succes, so this made from cv's to tier VII pretty effective multitasked and very powerful weapons - not one game wins when staying almost as last ship against few/many enemy ships by sunking many or some of them, sometimes not even moving from safe place --- above tier VII you can't stand against most ships, which often ends with loss of all planes - attacking cruisers/bb tier IX-X is usually a excellent way to get rid of planes often without get close to place torps or make drop of bombs (i know thats depends on some things but often works in such way) - sometimes enemy fleet or some ships has tendency to stick close together (whatever you call it - camping/lemming train) - attacking such gruop is usually out of sense too... - chance that you meet a 'hater" on chat is dramatically high (abouve tier VII) - as cv player you are sometimes like torch in dark place - everythink you do (and maybe more often you do not do) are sometimes commented in very rude way - I intentially miss if they are accurate or not, beacuse this is not the point (we are all play as we can; all have better and worse moments; and there is obviosly no way to win all the time) - the point is that playing cv is pretty responsilbe and someitme essentail to win or lose - so support of planes or lack of it may case win or lose, but sometimes planes are elswhere/re-arming/repleacement squads are prepare to take-off and THERE IS NO WAY to matarialise them in seconds in the next end of map (what sometimes seems is beyond imagination of some captian head, strange, right?) or they demand that you send planes to them to help them for example across whole map (when in the centre is most of enemy fleet... - chance they wouldn't be shot down is low and circle them around takes time) - some ppl do not see that playing cv is not oly a matter of speed/manevuer/fast click but a matter of think and calculations - so the best comments are like "uninstall the game", "you're a piece of.... cv", "learn to play a cv" - of course even if the hater has right (this can be) the point is that you shouldn't play as you can (beacuse this is not good) or playing a cv is for... (good question, who? - only for hard-skinned/nerds/professionals?) - so summaryzing all above conclusion is... playing a cv above tier VII is hard but can give satisfaction, however comparing to to other classes of ships (how they are playable and their possibility)... BETTER NOT PLAY A CV! - last thing - as far as I know in WWII naval struggle for seas domination airsupriority (cv) was essential - in games above tier VII you can forget about this - maybe cv is not just a 'decoration' of fleet but very often his role is mere spotting and dd hunt (when to tier VII you often has a chance to kill almost all in range) - quite common situation is even if you surivive game so it end with no plane left...
  3. I do not see answer but if it is known information put it in the FAQ at the beginning of this thread, please - thank you! I am not the first one who asking: (for example) _Moos, on 31 May 2016 - 03:22 PM, said:When will the whole event be over? Must I spend my diamonds before that or can I still purchase treasures after the missions are over? Soooo..., how long event takes is quite clear but... any data about restriction in opening chest, especially time - only during event or maybe after finish still time to open chests?
  4. Navi001

    Wersja 0.5.6 - Balans okrętów

    Pogram trochę po aktualizacji to może napiszę w temacie gry jap. cv, ale ogólnie to raczej wiadomo jak to wygląda, więc i pisać chyba nie trzeba... Dla porządku: na shokaku (ok, jeśli chodzi o flagi, perki kapitana, kamuflaż) częstokroć gra się o wiele ciężej niż na hiryu (nawet nie tak dopakowanym) - po prostu tam jest łatwiej coś zatopić, a na shokaku walcząc kontra tiery VIII-X to średnio. Atakowanie zgrupowanych okrętów, albo/i nawet pojedyńczych krążowników tier IX-X to samobójstwo, tylko strata samolotów i to przed tą aktualizacją. A chyba carrier powinien być najważniejszym okrętem floty, a nie zwiadowcą i postrachem samotnych dd? (jak dobrze pójdzie) Dla przykładu już baltimore to jest pożeracz samolotów...,
  5. Navi001

    Mission target 3000PD (Great Naval Battles)

    So, bonus from premium account is counted but no that from week or weekend bouns (1.5x or 2x XP)?
  6. Deeply sorry if that is somewhere (i tried to find but with no succes). Anyway. If any1 can confirm that get much XP for battle is even harder for some time? (i think after last patch). For example if i remeber correctly for being very good in battle (i mean 1-2 position with kraken unleashed (so 5 or more ships destroyed) etc., i was sure i get about 3000-5000XP. Now i try to complete mission 'get 3000XP for single battle' without succes due to less than 3000XP even for winning good game for me, if anyone has the same? For example: playing Hiryu (tier VII jap cv) - 12x torps hit, 14x bombs hit, 33 enemy planes shoot down, 4x serious damage given, 5x ships destroyed, 7x fire effect added, 5x flood causes, 4x base defened with kraken unleashed and devastating strike ---------- 1950XP (3900XP with 2x bonus) and mission still not completed. So, how good i should be to recive pure 3000XP, destroy the whole enemy team alone, or what? Any help will appreciated.
  7. Navi001

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Very true... Maybe not always but often when i play shokaku (tier VII jap) i have full of tier VIII-X ships and with their aa i can in most ceses just spot or hunt for dd (that's the main purpose of playing cv in team - hunting alone dd, right?). Attacking tier IX-X cruisers is just waste of planes only... So maybe enemy cv? Right..., but wait... there is american Lexinton, hm... with decent aa defence combine with protective aa fire, not mention of her's fighters... This is maybe not so bad after all, but that is truth that playing jap cv starts to be harder and harder... - when i see start of battle and full of tier VIII-X ships i know that is another battle to worry about. And that is true that on hiryu (tier VII jap) - there is not so many problems with strong aa if i play with ships tier V-VII, so in some way that is right that playing cv tier VII is easier... (sad)
  8. Navi001

    Grand Naval Battles not working for me.

    Well.. if i can add something... - i play with open browser and log in on wargaming account and open mission section for that procject to see my progress is done. Basically you can after each mission check if score is correctly added...
  9. Navi001

    Grat Naval Battles - ship requirements question

    Thank you. Game on Shokaku - 297 725crd and 8 259PD was enough to complete that mission. Edit: Topic to close i think
  10. What is restriction on mission Week 1 'Get 2500PD in battle'. Question is if that must be in one battle and more interesting what is ships restriction for that mission? Maybe somewhere is an asnwer but i can't find it... so deeply thankfull who can politely ask me. I can't find an asnwer in mission description as well. Asking cos' can't complete it so far and wonder what is wrong with this one. Yesterday i notice that completing mission with Kamikaze R (tier V) do not count this score (however was under 2500 PD). Edit: I notice there is full thread of Great Naval Batlles on... if mod can move my post ther i should be greatfull.
  11. What is restriction on mission Week 1 'Get 2500PD in battle'. Question is if that must be in one battle and more interesting what is ships restriction for that mission? Maybe somewhere is an asnwer but i can't find it... so many thans who can politely answer me. I can't find an asnwer in mission description as well. Asking cos' can't complete it so far and wonder what is wrong with this one. Yesterday i notice that completing mission with Kamikaze R (tier V) do not count this score (however was under 2500 PD).
  12. Navi001

    Projekt R — nagrody

    Zgadzam się - ogólnie bardzo fajnie pomyślany event. WG zrobiło ukłon dla graczy, którzy uzbierają 260 pereł - to miło z ich strony. Wszystko zaś było jasne i przejrzyste i nie ma mowy o jakimś 'oszustwie'. Też nie rozumiem podejścia 'nie dostałem okrętu - na znak protestu przestaję grać'. Zabrakło jedynie 'wisienki na torcie', w postaci możliwości dobicia do końca misji tygodniowych dla tych, którym zabrakło dosłownie 'kilku pereł' do 260, i tyle. Nie każdy ma/miał czas, żeby w terminie zaliczać wszystkie misje, co nie zmienia tego, że cały event był na prawdę w porządku, po prostu wciągający.
  13. Navi001

    Projekt R — nagrody

    Osobiście jestem rozczarowany. Uważam, że każdy powinien mieć szansę, na to, żeby w regulaminowmym czasie dokończyć wszystkie misje (w tym, te tygodniowe po resecie) i jeśliby dozbierał do 260 pereł to też powinien otrzymać okręt... Tak by było o wiele ze strony wargaming uprzejmiej wobec graczy, którzy nie siedzą non-stop przed kompem. Wargaming już raz w trakcie projektu zmienił zasady gry: zamiast losowania okrętu zagwarantował każdemu kto uzbiera 260 pereł - to miło z jego strony. Co spowodowało stan, że tym którzy uzbierali 260 pereł zależało już tylko na zakończeniu projektu, w przeciwnym razie tak jak pozostali liczyliby na uzbieranie 10kk i na szczęście w losowaniu. Zaś wargaming mógłby równocześnie wprowadzić zmianę, żeby do końca regulaminowego czasu zresetować misje tygodniowe po tym jak zostało uzbierane 10kk pereł, a sam projekt zamknąć dwa dni później - przecież od nadmiaru pereł nic projektowi by nie zaszkodziło, a wręcz przeciwnie - byłoby to uprzejme z jego strony. To było irytujące, gdy w niedzielę była jeszcze szansa na to, że w poniedziałek będzie można dozbierać perły, a tu... A tak trudno oprzeć się wrażeniu, że tym, którzy uzbierali 260< bardzo zależało, żeby projekt zamknąć przed resetem misji tygodniowych... Projekt mimo wszystko super, ale nie będę ukrywał, że graczom, którym po tym jak dosłownie zabrakło kilku pereł (i nic nie byli w stanie zrobić przez większość tygodnia jak tylko patrzeć w jakim tempie przyrastają perły), a nie mieli szczęścia w losowaniu, pozostanie przynajmniej pewien niesmak...
  14. Navi001

    Projekt R - WAŻNE ZMIANY!

    No, niestety... mam zrobione wszystkie misje. Sęk w tym, że pewnie tygodniowych zapewne nie zrobiłem z wcześniejszych tygodni... Kiedy się resetują, w niedzielę? Misje fragi (tiery II-V) dały mi 20 perełek.
  15. Navi001

    Projekt R - WAŻNE ZMIANY!

    Jest szansa, żeby powiększyć nieco limit tych pereł? Strasznie szybko my, czyli gracze je zbieramy - sęk w tym, że zrobiłem wszystko co mogłem w tym tygodniu i mam 253..., a wygląda na to, że do jutra to pewnie już będzie uzbierany limit... Może albo powiększyć nieco limit dla wszystkich graczy, albo dać jakiś czas graczom (i zresetować misje, lub jakieś nowe), żeby mogli dozbierać nieco pereł?