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  1. Dreadnought1985

    British Cruiser pain

    Im up to Tier 7 with the Fiji - Enjoying it a lot more than the 1-6 tier , i play a distant support spam away at the BB and the Cruisers hold fire or pop some smoke if the incoming fire starts getting close , The AP is good at penning all CA ive come up against at close range, The torpedoes are accurate but have really thin arc. they are really affective for close up launchers, AA is okay even with no Defensive fire , Find it hard to hunt the DD so far but sonar has saved my bacon a few times .
  2. Dreadnought1985

    German Super-Battleship "Der Führer"

    nothing a squadron of lancasters couldn't sink with a few tall boys or grand slams ^^
  3. Dreadnought1985

    Royal Navy Higher Tiers

    I think for the cruiser line we could see - Tier 4 - Emerald class - ?? 6 inch guns Tier 5 - Leander class - 8x6 inch guns Tier 6 - Crown Colony (Ceylon grp) 9x6 inch guns Tier 7 - Town class (Southampton/Edinburgh) 12x6 inch guns / Or Belfast Prem Ship and York class CA - 6x8 inch guns Tier 8 - County Class CA - 8x8 inch guns Tier 9 - HMS London (upgraded County - Reiforced deck,Modern super structure, improved AA) 8x8 inch guns Tier 10 - Paper design ( possibly another County class style with 9x8 inch guns ?? ) Seems we do see older ships higher up than some modern ships in the trees due to gun sizes I wouldn't be surprised to see Nelson higher than KGV Class the way WG works
  4. Dreadnought1985

    Test server

    How do u actually join the test server ?? I followed the guide made a brand new account logged it in then came to a page with 3 boxes - World of tanks - World of aircraft - wows pressed wows and end up on Russian home page no idea were language bar is getting frustrated
  5. Dreadnought1985

    new premium ships ?

    just spotted Poland flag has popped up on the wiki page - maybe Polish DD this mth aswell
  6. Dreadnought1985

    Cage on the stern of BB ?

    Thanks google couldn't throw up anthing on cage thingey on back of a ship makes cence now old fashioned captains cabin at the back I thought maybe it was were u stuck prisoners or punished the crew haha
  7. Dreadnought1985

    Cage on the stern of BB ?

    does anyone know what that Cage thingey is/purpose on the stern of early Battleships like HMS Warspite ??
  8. Dreadnought1985

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    I play the Gnevy like a light cruiser long range sniping - had a real good fight with tier 7s killed a DD, Clevland and a BB with guns ended up the last hope against 3 more BB (6-7t) scores are tied 2 mins to go and my dead team were like ambush the BBs with u 4km torps lol I manged to get to 6km using a island as cover and made a dash for the Colorado witch spotted me b4 I even got out of cover dodges a salvo and lauched my torps 3.5k range b4 he reloaded - But Starlin was not on my side and the BB dodged all 4 torps lol *%^**$"*&% Angry team chat - My bad still love the guns though
  9. Dreadnought1985

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    Some sneaky bugger has ripped all the codes out of the pc mags in Newacstle ASDA lol - probs same guy selling the codes for £20 on ebay uk Had to get a unmolested mag from a newsagents -
  10. Dreadnought1985

    This is getting ridiculous

    I found the Dresden and Kolberg decent ships Especialy Close Range - Rapid fire guns + He = Dead Reds Karlshurle was abit Meeeeeeeh for me bit of a let down, Lacking Number of guns IMO Konig and Nuren alot better, Decent ranged guns , Nuren turrets traverse seemed a lot faster than konigs Germans deff less frustrating than the Russian DD line at lower tiers
  11. Dreadnought1985

    So teamkilled because there is no sanctions

    I got hit by a pink tier 7 DD.he all ready killed one guy and was shooting other friendly units - I opened fire with my Atago at him and he shot a string of torps in to me side he did over 30k damage and I did around 3k on him b4 he was killed. compensation was 7k my fine 40k
  12. Dreadnought1985

    The French Submarine Cruser N N 3 "Surcouf"

    Does this mean the Brits would get the M1 Submarine/BB with 1x12" gun