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  1. HappyFella


    He has applied several times I believe. Last time he was turned down because of his elitist attitude towards lesser experienced players in one of his Youtube videos. I was watching his stream when he mentioned that point.
  2. HappyFella

    Suggestion for April Fools' Day

    Well! Apparently the reason that Bathtub battles have never returned is that it would require the devs to re-work it for the latest build. So . . . given they put in a lot of effort to create it in the first place, & from what I can tell, nearly everyone enjoyed participating, then my vote is for Bathtub Battles to be redeveloped for April 1st! :)
  3. HappyFella

    Buff the Kii

    Does her gun dispersion or sigma need a minor buff? I would suggest so, but need to play her more to be more accurately informed! :)
  4. HappyFella

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    I think after nineteen pages of responses, it would be appropriate & interesting to hear your own subjective thoughts on Potato Quality's video, & more importantly your thoughts on CV's in general. You obviously have an opinion, so may as well share it. :)
  5. Thanks. I am no doubt being thick here, but my problem is that I cannot work out how to start the application for the first time. ETA - Worked it out . . . .A/V had treated the exe as a threat & quarantined it.
  6. I have downloaded the .msi & installed to its default location. How do you start the app for the first time?
  7. HappyFella

    Shimakaze 20km Torps... the return?

    Last night I tried two builds. First with 16km with Torp Accel, followed by 6.4km with Torp Accel. Bonkers I know! Turned out the latter was the better of the two matches with 3 kills (including a glorious yolo on a Conq I think) & over 100k damage. I doubt that will happen again for quite some time! Luckily I have a soon to be first 19pt captain which certainly helps with the build.
  8. HappyFella

    Who Complimented Me . . .

    The tone I am reading from this post is that (for example) you wouldn't even thank somebody if they held a door open for you, let alone look behind you to hold a door open for someone else? Hopefully I am wrong. :) This is basically what prompted my post, after a battle received a compliment. I have an idea it was from red, but may well have been from green. I was intrigued, & would have returned the compliment, being a gentleman. ;)
  9. HappyFella

    Who Complimented Me . . .

    Apologies if this is regularly discussed but I have yet to see it mentioned. . . We have all experienced this. We get to the results screens then exit to Port, & notice that we have received a compliment. Now sometimes I scratch my head & wonder why I received it. It could have been for a seemingly easy, yet pivotal kill, or a more obvious example of a double strike, who knows! Anyhoo . . . wouldn't it be nice sometimes to see who actually complimented you, so you could return the compliment if you wished too. Their name doesn't have to be visible for long, it could disappear after a minute or so. There is quite possibly a good reason why this has not been implemented yet, not that I can think why.
  10. HappyFella

    Bone to pick with CV players

    Have we had this one yet . . . . ? If a CV wants to be really very VERY clever can they please observe friendly torps & drop their own torps so the red ship turns broadside to the green torps. Possibly asking too much but may as well add this to the discussion.
  11. I would like an occasional battle . . . . DD - only mode with maps that are smallish & provide reasonable amounts of cover. A twist on fast-paced torpedo-jousting. Something to break the monotony of Random / Ranked "Meta" (I hate that word!)
  12. HappyFella

    Ranked battle, Rank 5, waiting 13 min

    OP just wants attention. Sad.
  13. HappyFella


    How does Goliath compare in this company? Its probably the line I may try to finish grinding first.
  14. HappyFella


    I haven't got to the Hindy as yet, but could you flesh out your post & maybe explain your reasoning & compare with other cruisers. I am trying to work out which cruiser line to grind to tier X & cannot make up my mind.
  15. HappyFella

    i3 6100 , gtx 1050 2gb

    Just ask the questions you want answered? Such as . . . "Will this CPU / GPU combination run WoWs satisfactorily?"