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  1. Turbeen

    Armada: Orkan

    Today I have seen in the Armory the opportunity to use Coupon once buying the Orkan for Dubloons. Thx, WG, for this step ! I percieve this step as a serious positive sign of Fair-Play from WG side towards Players. And I consider to buy Orkan strongly now. Fair prices and fair business behaviour is always more than welcomed !! Hey players, let's join me in considering to buy Orkan ... I hope that both sides - Players and WG - will be happy finally, which is positive for the WoWS future. Turbeen
  2. Turbeen

    0.9.3 - The Strong-Willed Campaign

    I fully agree: Campaigns should not have any time limits or timeframes. It should be up to individual player how fast he would like to accomplish any Campaign. Only after fulfilling this rule, any other additional adjustments could be added. Thx !
  3. Turbeen

    Hayate: the Shinobi’s Way

    Oh, the video is nice ! Good job.
  4. Turbeen

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    I wish - like a small child before Christmas :) - to get that Spring Bundle from WG as a gift ... Yeah, just a wish. Naive wish. But ... what a nice dream !!
  5. Turbeen

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Oh, I see ... it is about goals. Ok, what about your retirement age ... would you be happy to add another 10 years of work before you retire ? The result is the same for Hayate - your fun has been postponed ..., and developers need not to design other new ship for free xp so fast.
  6. Turbeen

    Suggestions thread

    Hey man, what about to play EU DDs ... There is a nice Campaign related to them just now for all players ...
  7. Turbeen

    Suggestions thread

    (MISSING) FLAGS ... Add Port - Player's Account - Captain's Logbook - Flags: Currently for me ... Collected 49/209. I have few flags which I would like to have, but have not received them so far. Would it be possible ... anyhow ... e.g. via Armory & coal, or via free XP ... to have the opportunity to acquire flags not recieved so far? Or at least few of them? Or if there are some missions for player .. and after accomplishing them ... the player has the opportunity to acquire some desired flag(s), it would be great! Thx in advance for any future solution! Turbeen
  8. Turbeen

    Armada: Orkan

    No, you missed my point(s) completely. Target customer groups are people, not ships. I was not talking about the opportunity to complete the Campaign. And I was not talking about supercontainers, legendary DD, etc ... Once more: - Orkan is not cheap - Players can´t use Coupon for purchase - Added value of the 3rd premium EU DD (after Friesland and Blyskawica) is low Therefore I have not bought Orkan so far. From bigger perspective: is it good for the game itself, if new ships are being sold more and more expensive, or new ships for free xp are becoming timely postponed (from 750.000 xp -> 1.000.000 xp -> 2.000.000 xp for Smaland ...) ? On one hand WG needs bigger variety of ships in battles (.. where are Smolensk and Jean Bart in the Armory today and why?), on the other hand new ships are not being offered in the approachable way (e.g. Orkan), or "old ships" are not offered at all (e.g. Enterprise, Gremyashchy) or it takes a lot of time to offer them faster (e.g. Neustrashimy ... not for steel, but for coal).
  9. Turbeen

    Armada: Orkan

    Sorry WG ... but the marketing promotion & pricing of Orkan is not the best one: - Price of Orkan quite high in comparison with other DDs - Player can't use the Coupon - What's more ... I already have 2 premium EU DDs Friesland and Blyskawica. WG, do you really consider your marketing approach of Orkan as ""customer friendly" ? I have more than 250 ships on my account, so how do you motivate me to buy Orkan? Oh, I see, I'm not the target customer group probably ... similarly as in Puerto-Rico case ( .... I should probably consider to buy Diana Lima or Albany using Coupon instead). OMG!
  10. I think there is a serious bug in the game ... concerning marking player by pink colour in the following situation during the battle: As a DD, I have launched my torps towards opponent's BB. My torps forced opponent's BB to move from camping position, and that opponent's BB has been eliminated by my teammates finally. Unfortunately ... My torps have continued to swim towards 2 of my teammates partially. In this situation I have warned in chat the whole team that torps are in water. But one of our BB has done nothing. What's more it seemed that he continued to sail directly to my torps. Due to the behaviour of this our BB my torps hit him after long seconds, and I have been warned for team damage, and marked by pink colour. Sorry, but such a functionality of the game is totally wrong in my opinion and should be changed asap! If the player warns all teammates about torps in water in advance, and some unskilled teammate does not take such information into account and is hit by one or more of these torps, the player who has launched torps should not be penalized by any means and should not be marked by pink colour. WG, please, do something with it ... thx in advance !
  11. Turbeen

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Add "Campaigns - Strong-Willed - Mission2 - Task1": Complete the task in Random Battles with the destroyer Orkan or Smaland .... What? Who designed this Task in the Campaign ? Does the player have to: 1) either to spend real money for the tier VIII premium ship (which is still not in the premium shop so far today), or 2) to invest 2 millions of free XPs for tier X ship ... to complete only one task ?? Sorry WG, but this kind of task is not ethical at all. Yes, I understand that I can continue in the campaign with other tasks, but ... would not be the condition like "European destroyers of tier IX-X" enough ???
  12. Turbeen

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    So, building process of Puerto Rico in the Dockyard has ended ... and I haven't bought the finalization of the ship for 15.000 dubloons so far (I have completed almost 32 out of 36 building phases). I can still visit the Dockyard, and it seems that the red button "Complete for 15.000" is still active. Ok, if I have the opportunity to bought the finalization of the ship anytime in the future for 15.000 dubloons - WG will know and respect my participation and progress done on Directives & Missions - it would be great ! This way my effort during the Puerto Rico event won't be lost, and my free will when to get the ship will also be respected. In that case - even if PR event was not communicated in the best way - I would be quite ok with it ... Hopefully WG will do exactly what I have described ...
  13. Turbeen

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Yeah, there were some "combinations", such as: to buy Gorizia - get dobloons from the 2nd Gorizia - buy boosts... , or buy Gorizia and 1st boost - then ..., etc.. But ... It seems to me that PR event was made too complicated once introducing dockyard for the 1st time, e.g. Imperator Nikolai I would be enough as the 1st step, Gorizia as the final step, and of'course more realistic / casual directives & missions. Ok ... enjoy your PR and have fun with it !
  14. Turbeen

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Ok, if the WOWs is F2P game, and all ships are balanced well enough ... there is no reason - in my case - to buy PR cruiser. But ... if WoWS is P2W game, and ships are not balanced well (so cases like Belfast will repeat again and again) ... and there will be clear evidence of disbalance (e.g. the ship won't be put to the premium shop in the future - like Belfast, Kutuzow, etc.) ... I won't put my money to such a game anyway.
  15. Turbeen

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Ok, I have completed the 5th directive of the PR event, and I would be able to complete the 31th phase out of 36 = I wont be able to finish the PR ship. Now I'm thinking ... should I spend 15.000 dobloons for PR completion ? I'm not sure, because: - I already have 3 tier X american cruisers in my port (.. fully equipped, with good captains, already played enough to know how .. at least a little bit). So what is the added value to have the 4th one ? - I would prefer to have other ships from WG premium shop, and I will not need the tier X at all ... - Ok, I enjoyed the Christmas event, I like to play WoWS, but ... in the end ... after all these directives and missions ... not reaching the goal, and just being asked to pay ... sorry, I'm not feeling well. P.S. After seeing this, I have felt even worse.