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  1. Wunderwaffen11

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    Awesome mate thats really good news and tips
  2. Wunderwaffen11

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    Well from what i saw they will always put 2-4 dds tops.....it's basicly trying to make a game realistic and all rounded as possible so i dont see any point in adding a limit if it is already good
  3. Wunderwaffen11

    TAW is recruiting

    Tnx mate...got there and guys gave me all the info i need to become one of u
  4. Wunderwaffen11

    TAW is recruiting

    Ok i managed to join tnx mate
  5. Wunderwaffen11

    TAW is recruiting

    Do you guys still looking for fresh recruits?
  6. Wunderwaffen11

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    well not on my pc this week..i'm at my friends they dont have any mics her but i'm able to play normaly....looking for something casual
  7. Wunderwaffen11

    Change how ranked games work

    You will always have randosm
  8. Wunderwaffen11

    Just a quick suggestion about what WG should do better...

    Well based on what they could have done and that the game is still far from perfection i can but a partly agree...have patience mate
  9. Wunderwaffen11

    well ProjectR Feelings

    Well i dont need that to keep me in game haha...well just play for hour or two than for 2 or 3 times a day...still its far more better when you have friend with you
  10. Wunderwaffen11

    Warship Projects - French, German and Minor Navies

    Well cant wait for rest of the german navy tree...intrested in what are they going to make with bb line
  11. Wunderwaffen11

    0.5.3 in a nutshell

    Haha that was a nice one...well it's good as it is but tend to perfection
  12. Wunderwaffen11

    to the newcomers

    yeah...fun should be mostly part in this game and no dobt that there is one or couple of ships inside that any player should find something that suits him well...and more are coming still ;)
  13. Wunderwaffen11

    Deutsche BBs

    habe kein angst, das erfahren Sie noch früh genuge angst,
  14. Wunderwaffen11

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    would like to join