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  1. Why do I have this feeling that the ships will be uptiered and then WG are gonna release more paper premiums of the old tier to "fill the gap".... Aquired only with coal, steel and crates ofcourse.
  2. kiteohatto

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    DoY and Edinburgh from 40 box bundle
  3. kiteohatto

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

    As someone who is also inexperienced by low battle amount, even though I've started wows ages ago I can offer you some stuff that helped me with the game recently(well, recently compared to people who have over 5k games to their name). Majority of my deaths are because I pushed in too far, got spotted and got focused. It's my fault and reds just took advantage of my mistake. I know that as a new player all the maps look the same, at least when you are sailing and not comparing them side by side. You flew through the low tiers quickly because they don't take much EXP to get to the next ship, but the downside of that is that you don't have time to learn where ships usually go. The more you play the more you will learn about which islands to use, where the enemy cruisers like to camp, where the lemming trains tend to go (You know when some randoms say B+C at the start of the game for example). As you play, you'll learn the speed of ships you are shooting at and you will aim by feel, ofcourse you can use the markers on the crosshair, but in my case im starting to aim by feeling now instead of calculating every single salvo. You will also learn the feel for each nation's shell arcs, its something you just have to experience through gameplay. As for the crosshair, dynamic is more zoomed in I feel and good for shooting slower ships, the static (which i started with a long time ago) is more zoomed out and I feel like i can nail DDs and smaller cruisers better with it because i dont have to lead as much as dynamic on the same zoom level. Im using dynamic, but i zoom it out at the start of the battle to the 3rd iteration level(just the one that elevates above water) I don't use any mods, but it's up to you. I just don't want to patch the modpack everytime WG updates the game and don't want to build up a reliance on a 'crutch' i guess. As someone else said, make the map big(i wish i could make mine even bigger tbh, playing on a bigger resolution is a blessing and a curse) I've had a blast in tier 5, 6 and 7. Tier 8 is a different experience. As you play you will get a feel for each nation's and ships strengths and when to engage them or stay away from them. If you are playing regularly then join a friendly clan, im sure there are a lot of guys who will teach you where to go when you play in a division with them. ----------------------------- Im the type of player who watches streamers and youtubers and learning from them in a way. I've done way more theory than practice in this game and just recently everything has started to come together. Give it time, im sure you will improve as well. I hope some of what I wrote helps you out. Good luck and see you out there :D
  4. kiteohatto

    t8 MM: When will this be fixed???

    Im just glad that this MM is better than their WoT MM....
  5. kiteohatto

    Struggling with some missions

    Oh, so i can just redo a challenge i've already done to get the towards the final task of the chapter ?
  6. Hello I bought AGS to do santa's convoy because I only just managed to get my internet set up yesterday(and i haven't played in a pretty long time), so I might as well try and get the camos and ships. However there are a couple missions preventing me from reaching the next tier, these are score 400 hits.....and earn over 500k in a battle, all the others are manageable. The 400 hits one doesn't progress at all, i though it was additive, but....do i have to score 400 hits in a single battle ? 500k credits.....i've never gotten anything above 300-400k before. I know I suck at the game because i cannot do those, but if you guys could give me some tips concerning the santa's convoy it would be fantastic. Thank you very much!
  7. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this but i've already tried searching offtopic and announcements.... So i got a few of each boxes(bought some and some from friends), but wont be able to open them during the event, only after it ends due to not having pc access (gpu is getting rma'd). I will still be able to use the event pool of possible rewards when i get to opening them or will i just come back to standard containers because event has ended ? Thank you.
  8. kiteohatto

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    5th ever container, got Molotov+10 point captain. What even are super containers ? Silly me tried to tab out to take a screenshot and it dismissed the window, so i can't show you the proof
  9. I gotta get Edinburgh though, i grew up in that city
  10. Yeah, i really feel like im in a "right ship" for chasing and killing destroyers while being able to dodge their torps.
  11. I just grinded up to Danae and so far its pretty good, the speed is pretty nuts for cruisers and guns are pretty accurate and fast. I also got molotov+10 point captain from a super crate, how rare is this and are all premiums possible to be drawn from the loot pool ?
  12. Thanks again for clarifying the skills, i'll try and get him. That's interesting to hear, i'll try and get to Fiji to see how I like them. How is the grind before that though ? If you could sum up British cruisers based on all the other available cruisers, how would you describe them ?
  13. kiteohatto

    What Were Your Worst/Most Embarrassing Game Today?

    Well....not today but, i got sunk by a hosho that was right in front of me in a myogi, at 8km my dispersion decided to go for the fishes and i didnt have enough time to try again before i got torped. I felt so embarrassed I just had to leave the game.