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  1. kiteohatto

    EU Server down?

    A LOT of games are having issues right now, looks like cloudflare broke and its affecting everything. I mean, i cant even connect to things in destiny2 and a bunch of other games im playing these days.
  2. kiteohatto

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    With your amount of battles...you are still starry eyed. PR is NOT worth 50 euros lol.
  3. kiteohatto

    [CV] Wrong threshold for damage caused / negative income

    Aww, im sorry. Nah, thats the price you have to pay for ruining other player's fun.
  4. kiteohatto

    A serious destroyer moment

    ^Also make the minimap bigger
  5. kiteohatto

    This round of ranked is

    What are you on about ? I never mentioned l2p or anything, you are just being obnoxious here. Just trying to read threads about the sprint to see how others are faring and here you are gloating about your wins as a cv that counters dds rushing you. You are behaving like a child, it's like going on financial advice forum and seeing someone gloat that they won the lottery "JuSt StOp BeInG PoOr GuYs". Given your number of games, you are not even at 54% at other classes (in general), but only CVs. So...i guess keep pumping and inflating your ego thinking you are some amazing player that brings terror to others by your sheer presence, but karma will bite you in the [edited]one day.
  6. kiteohatto

    This round of ranked is

    Dude, can you stop flaunting you lucky streak already ? It's in like 3 different threads at this point. Nobody is asking you for proof or anything. The guy's comment wasn't even directed at you. I can't be the only one who is tired of seeing this crap lol.
  7. Your alternatives are hipper and eugen if you have them. The win for the sprint comes down to who can survive long enough getting close to torp you point blank.
  8. Use a tirpitz. No, really. I got to rank 4 by using kidd, harekaze, lightning and massa. Then 50% of the ships i encountered were tirpitz and the other 50% was fantastique/terrible. No matter how careful you play with massa, you need to fight for the cap and you will need to turn around to kite at some point. Tirp will punish your broadside while you can only rely on your accurate secondaries( lets be honest massa guns are like the old german guns for accuracy). But wait, there is more. Tirp will effectively chase you around and just wittle you to death, she has 2 front guns vs your 1 at the back. If you slow down you get torped, if you turn you eat a citadel. So yeah, just join the sprint meta and use a tirp if you've hit a wall. I finally reached rank 1, but it cost me some sanity and 71 games because i wasn't trying to use a crutch or a cv from the start. If you see people mention that they had an easy time ranking out its because they used: Tirp Fantastique Le terrible Either enterprise or graf zepp
  9. kiteohatto

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Has been a [edited]terrible experience so far at rank 4. All i see is tirpitz who yolo torp rush or french cockroaches who cap so fast that you can't even start getting into the cap yourself. If they wanted to yolo, then at least remove the stupid caps ? Even worse is that they overlap and the smaller one gives a crap ton more points. Oh, also fearless graf zepps who sail into caps and then proceed to murder you with their secondaries.
  10. I put him in lightning and will retrain into jutland once i reach her.
  11. kiteohatto

    Borodino T8 USSR BB

    You wont ever improve by playing against bots... Its a game, just grow a thicker skin and dont give a crap if someone is angry with you. Play for fun for yourself, not to please strangers with your performance.
  12. kiteohatto

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I didnt buy gorizia and i cant be bothered playing anymore past directive 2. At this point i've given up. Gonna go and play new league of poe instead and relax. Only missing out on 2 shitty cruisers, which im bad at anyway.
  13. kiteohatto

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    40 big santa crates 8k doubloons kaga de grasse sirocco hood hill exeter perth 30k coal rest were camos and flags
  14. lol wait til they implement upgrades into the dock mechanic, where you will select the ship you wish to get the upgrade for and then you do everything like in PR, buy boosters to accelerate the progress of getting the legendary module.
  15. kiteohatto

    Better defence against other ships (dd's) in close combat

    So...you want the secondaries to be like on a sec spec Massa with manual targeting, accurate and quick rate of fire, ifhe and 11.3km, but on every battleship ? Sorry but nah. If you want better secondaries you have to sacrifice other things, nothing is stopping you from getting those captain skills right now. You can't have both. Im assuming that a dd is burning you to death from smoke, in that case it has a crap concealment or sluggish handling for a dd. That is it's "balancing" factor. You asking for better secondaries is like DDs asking to let us have 2 launchers, 1 for DWP and other for normal torps at the same time :)