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  1. arcticstorm123

    Blapping CVs with Yama/Musashi: spotting plane

    As far as I can remember they did nothing about 899 divs but I do remember a 3 dd div getting a warning (2x Kidd’s and an Akizuki) purely because they wrote about their exploits hunting cv’s on Reddit which WG alleged was promoting intentional disruption (div focussed purely on killing the cv)
  2. arcticstorm123

    An Opinion About Reporting In-Game

    Oh Lord not this again.... The reporting options are working just fine as a relief valve which needs no manpower or effort on Wargamings part. Many of the things people complain about are arbitrary anyway, don’t forget not everyone plays the game seriously or to a high standard, I’ve been reported for not joining obvious suicide lemming trains before, and I’m sure the members of said suicide lemming train were convinced I was in the wrong. Having humans judge what’s right and wrong is not just a waste of manpower but is also likely to lead to just as controversial decisions and arguments for WG, so why bother? (Also would you seriously want to do that job?). Also AI doing this task would be useless and a waste of development time. Karma has zero impact on you as a player, and for the real assholes there are replays and screenshots which do get acted upon for serious issues. I must admit I got distracted the other day by someone talking to me IRL while testing a secondary build Graf Zepplin in a Co Op game resulting in getting sunk early (no biggie it’s Co Op). Fully expected to see “You have been reported”, but instead it was “You have been complimented” (proving people love cv’s ), laughed my head off. Reporting system is working just fine.
  3. arcticstorm123

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    1. Look at the date today 2. Will definitely skip this, waiting for the Teletubbies event
  4. arcticstorm123

    Will we ever see dynamic maps?

    You guys think so small...Release the Kraken! (Or maybe even the Quaken) ?
  5. arcticstorm123

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    I have reset the Haragumo line twice now, supposedly the cheapest, and it does have the benefit of getting you very familiar with the line you re-grind, and the more times you do it the more experience you get on the captains. First one I did was for Russian cruisers when the line split, and I had Moskva available at tier X if I needed it, only thing I find slightly annoying is you don’t have the tier X ship till fully re-ground but then again I tend to use Haragumo to get credits rather than for clan battles etc. So not too bad. Might do Russian cruisers again, but not too fond of the play style.
  6. arcticstorm123

    Question about RESEARCH POINTS?

    Can confirm Paolo Emilio is fun with a capital F, they should play the Jaws theme when you trigger the smoke and speed boost
  7. arcticstorm123

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    Just a few weeks ago got cross dropped by a very good cv player while playing a Halland in a clan battle, think he was in an MVR, actually didn’t mind getting sunk, got me all nostalgic
  8. arcticstorm123

    CV help how would you skill the captain with 21 points?

    Tried @Zuihou_Kai and @BLUB__BLUB build last night in co op with Kaga and it worked pretty well, 3 kills, used a 14 point capt so had to leave couple of skills off but shows promise.
  9. arcticstorm123

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    Tough choice, fps with open world rich story content, rigorously tested, or the mental equivalent of chewing gum with ships
  10. arcticstorm123

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    Probably weekend cover droid, will get a slap on Monday
  11. arcticstorm123

    Santas refund

    System overloaded with refund requests probably
  12. arcticstorm123

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    I think you will find in most countries tipping the odds unfairly in the houses favour is regarded as scamming, you can use loaded dice, fixed roulette wheels, doctored slot machines, same applies to lotteries but if the gaming authorities catch you there will be heavy consequences. Gambling is legal in many places, but only when it is seen to be fair to the person playing.
  13. arcticstorm123

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    Well 3 ships in this Christmas's dockyard event, forget the family you must grind and pay
  14. arcticstorm123

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    Yeah I got that No I have a certain budget for WoWs and I stick to that, I don't waste money on other stuff generally so it's my one vice moneywise, but it is before Christmas and I have other stuff to buy, may get some more later in the month purely for special signals which is what I'm mainly after this time of year. Been playing 5 years so i am more than aware of the chances of getting something good, just that I usually do rather better shipwise in both Black Friday and Santa boxes
  15. arcticstorm123

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    Just bought 20 medium, 165 camos, 75 special signals, 2000 doubs , and tier VI Makarov After the rubbish I got in Black Friday containers (mostly premium time) can't say I did well this year