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  1. If my Japanese ships can be commanded by excitable manga girls, I don't think a Dutch captain is that hard a thing for Wargaming to produce lol, but the best would be a Dutch line
  2. Agreed doing a separate Dutch line would absolutely be the best outcome, hopefully with the recent news article on the Dutch Navy, it's in the works, I know a few people you'd make very happy
  3. @MrConway As a Brit working and living in the Netherlands I know a number of guys in my office who are thinking of buying the T-61 purely because it at least started out Dutch, have Wargaming given any thought to doing a Dutch flag as a special, in the absence of a proper Dutch line? (should probably go with the modern flag as some of the wartime ones have unfortunate associations with the Nazi's as I understand it ) :) I'm thinking like how the Commonwealth ships can have the blue commonwealth flag or the White Ensign
  4. My usual response "Hey being poor is nothing to be ashamed of, I was once poor like you, then I got a job!" Worst case was when I got the Hood with the flag, Hood really seems to bring out the worst in players, still get German BB's on same team firing my way :)
  5. Just played first game in it (Co Op), it's not bad, like the torps and guns (with AP, HE is a bit meh)
  6. No it gets credited automatically with the ship Yep, guess we are all happy now, but I'm guessing in a couple of weeks time it will just be a fairly average DD with good guns once the hype dies down
  7. I'm not an addict: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mhk252Zqm8
  8. This would be true if this was developed in a technical area, this seems to me to smell's of something sales/marketing led, i.e. "ok lets see if this flies, and if it does we'll get it done properly next time " (developer in earshot slowly begins banging their head on their desk) :)
  9. Not too stressed, I wanted a couple of Tier 8 premiums so I would have spent the cash anyway, the one observation I'd make is that feedback for this event was pretty poorly handled, you push a button on an event page and that's it, no indication of where you are in getting to the target, just trust really, and no firm indication if all kinds of spending of doubloons within the game counted (sure I guess you could infer that from the event page text but it would have been nice to see it clearly stated). As this all comes down to an SQL query looks like this was a low cost fundraiser :)