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  1. Boo7n3ck

    Delete Away Im sure others are screenshotting

    I can't reply to other topic m8 were Hans got my back up
  2. For those that don't understand check with the apology thread were a seriously i'll ST made an excuse and other ST's are now scrambling to cover up
  3. Boo7n3ck

    Wow can't reply

  4. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    Well the last 2 high and mighty ST members say it all. WD good SIRS
  5. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

  6. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

  7. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    Just WOW (that's WOW not world of warships). Didn't want to mention names with my previous post but yeah, you SIR (did in caps to show my respect for your rank) are one of who I was talking about, take your blinkers off for your friend (or butt buddy) and act like the person who WG have giving you the responcibilty for because you SIR are an [edited]
  8. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    If you keep disciplinary action confidential then expect this game to go the same way as NF, I think any disciplinary action needs to made public to show that the player base feelings are taking serious. I've previously replied to this thread without seeing the original thread that caused the uproar, but thanks to other posters I've been able to view that (and tbh some ST in that original thread shouldn't be ST's the way they treated some players in that thread, were they blindly defended him with replies that would get normal forum users a removal of forum rights), and you can post video's screenshots, explanations but it seems the evidence is pretty clear from original thread. We're always taught to take a warning from history and any players here from NF will tell you WG staff (paid or otherwise) will be heavily watched over any comments or decisions made over this.
  9. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    +1, sort of echo's my original post, if hes using a Aim Assist as an ST then make an example of him to show NOONE is exempt from the ban stick
  10. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    This will be my last reply to you as I can no longer look at them as I already have QWERTY implanted on my forehead from trying to understand if your drunk or off your nut on drugs, do you read your posts without hitting the post button first?
  11. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    Did you read that dribble after you wrote it before hitting the post button? Lets let drug dealers go free........because....... well because they didn't invent the drugs. The more I read your replies the more I think your a diplomat in real life or your after a modship to this game.
  12. Boo7n3ck

    Explanation and apology

    Just trying to catch up with whats been going on as not been on forums (or game ftm), but I'd like to point out, its the person who was accused of cheating that started this thread. Haven't fully caught up yet, but if the aim assist mod is been used by ST's even, then I won't be approaching this game until its fully gone from this game and if he has been using the aim assist mod then maybe an example needs to be made to show that even a ST isn't above the rules as that may make others think twice about using it.
  13. Boo7n3ck

    Poor players in high tier ships.

    I had a Tirpitz (don't know if I can name on forums), who torped me on purpose in a ranked game, so I checked his stats, he hadn't even finished a battle according to the website, how he was allowed into a ranked game is beyond me
  14. Boo7n3ck

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    Yeah last night I was disconnected twice and I'm in Newcastle UK
  15. Note to self, DON'T browse the forums so early in the morning, theres some strange people about