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    cant assign comanders BUGG

    You need to verify the game files and that will fix it. If you aren't sure how: Load WoWs but don't click start. Look to top right and click on 'settings' On the pop up box click on 'Support' Then click on 'check' when its complete (2minutes or so) it should fix the issue
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    how to smoke, rn cl workaround

    I don't go at full speed unless transiting from one area to another. When approaching enemy, or a likely contact area, I do so at only 1/2 speed and, before I'm detected, heave over. This also has the advantage that if unexpectedly detected, you can 'full stop' and pop smoke and hide quickly, or go flank speed and haul out of there. By approaching an intended engagement at 1/2 speed you can smoke up quickly and not have to wait so long to be in smoke/position. There is no need to be burning oil, have to slam on the anchors then wait forever to slow enough to smoke. Be more circumspect and use you boat to advantage. Full speeed aproaching general area of engagement, slow to half when advancing to contact, stop before detected, smoke, kill
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    Maneuvers in the Atlantic - Graf Spee

    You have to go into missions, look to the right and move the mission over to see it properly. click on as you would the other missions
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    General Feedback

    Improved In-game Economics & Rewarding Teamwork Public Test 0.5.12 I'd like to make a suggestion to improve co-operative team play. SMOKE SCREENS There are times when I see a friendly Cruiser or Battleship in a spot of bother and will lay smoke to get them in cover, or lay a general smoke screen out to help the gun line behind, to reduce the fire from the enemy. I do not consider smoke screens to be just for the personal use of the Destroyer captain, and the above tactics can greatly assist your fellow players. I would like to see a reward calculated for each time a friendly ship is assisted by a smoke screen, for example for each second a friendly ship is within the smoke boundry then both Destroyer and friendly ship gain points. However, this bonus should not apply if the Destroyer uses the smoke to only hide itself. There would have to be a friendly ship within the smoke screen to gain the bonus. I think this would encourage Destroyer captains to use smoke in a more tactical way that benefits the whole team, rather than selfishly, only for themselves.