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  1. elninocro

    DD's has god mode!

    ure just having bad luck, keep trying!
  2. elninocro

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    ive noticed that as well..when i see DD poping smoke in front of me, then he stays still for a moment..i open fire..and everyone is shooting at him..eventually i open fire as well..also ive noticed when im playing dd, i pop smoke bcuz defense;to hide my self, and run away..and when SA says im not detected im getting hits from enemy team way to precisely...and ive seen many situations in game where some ships were not moving,geting killed,and later on they were saying in chat that they were not spotted, or SA said that they're not spotted..something is weird going on...ships are poping on the screen when noone detects them... also i think i might stop playing dds until this gets solved..many ppl said same, its no point,bcuz in most ships u rely on accuracy of SA, but its not working as it should anymore and its not about those 2-3sec after 20 sec beeing fired, its much longer then that..some ppl suddenly apear where they didnt even fired their guns...its happenning alot lately..
  3. elninocro

    The weed that will not die

    on a more serious note, OMNI has lot of very skillful players, with alot of experience in team battles, clan battles, etc... and were beeing accused of using aim assist, then we started with that joke, OMNI hax package...
  4. elninocro

    Premium ships, new players and rage

    just limit purchases, so that player can play higher tier (T7+ mybe?) premium with needed atleast 500 battles, on normal ship..or something like that..so they have at least some clue what they're doing..but i doubt WG is gona do it, bcuz "hey, lets grab all they monies"
  5. elninocro

    too many dds ?

    balance ? IF that's what WG balance team call's balance they seriously needs to take english class leassons bcuz they dont understand meaning of word "balance" its retarded system, its happening all over the place, not only T10..also lower ones as well need to implement restrictions into MM even more! IF not, then put same restrictions for CV's..why they're allowed only 2..like having 6 dd's or more on enemy team is not advantage.. let one team has 5cv's, and other 5 dd's , then try to play! its fckin stupid! if u guys dont know how to properly balance MM then let someone do it for you..this system is ruining the game...good players that are trying to compete in some way are leaving game bcuz of that crap! only casual players are left and at the end there's gonna be none to play with or against. just to make sure;i dont have problem fighting or dodging enemy torps; but at that point it becomes retarded that u cannot evade torp wall of 30+ torps..its just retarded.. yeah, im frustrated, but i can assure you, im not only one..there's many ppl out there who cant handle anymore MM with that shitty mechanic thats not been solved for many months now..and none is doing nothing about it!
  6. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    and i want my money back for buying Atlanta..its crap..first salvo u take,1 pair of turrets gone,next salvo other pair of them gone..then u end up with nothing,just target in water not moving,cant defend my self, who's just saying "kill me"..either fix this paper crapure doing wiht cruisers or im out of the game..so many ppl leaving bcuz ur going in totally wrong way with them, nerfing them to the ground..why not just remove them completely and just call game world of battleships and destroyers..sooo baad..ive liked game in begining but not i totally see and hear different things..ure introducing only premiums, (over 100 of them allready in game) but only 2 complete trees...well,that totaly sucks..how u keep ur players happy? with forcing them to buy ships? or just input new trees and then let players support you? marketing in this way sucks so bad!
  7. elninocro

    High Caliber [Contest]

    hello everyone here is my achievement today enjoy! i have also replay i can post, if needed are there any recomendations how to do it? cheers
  8. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    and i one more quite important thing; division chat...plz plz plz, pretty plz...like u can select with "TAB" to talk in "team chat" or "all chat", import u can select only in division chat..would be awesome..
  9. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    ....And another thing to mention about ship balance, Pensacola, so fragile..would be better to change it with Cleveland and then Cleveland buff shell velocity, or just swap around guns between those 2..Cleveland has to good armor, good guns, but shell velocity in Cleveland its "alright" for T6,and Pensacola is to weak for T7..when im playing with Pensacola, im geting wrecked by Cleveland guns..damn, even HE dmg (from any other ship) i take is around 5k per salvo..its just stupid..also concealment should be lowered on Pensacola..by atleast 2km..im geting spoted at same range where i can fire at..Pensacola is fun ship,good guns..but its too fragile for that tier, also concealment its retarded..cant stand a chance when i enter a battle..get spotted by far away, and then wrecked by battleships bcuz low concealment.. one more thing that might help us in the future; to add status (looking for division T7-T8, achieved rank x, or afk) wheres our ign (top left corner), or in chat menu, would be extremeliy usefull..and notifications would apear same as the other ones do
  10. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    well,maybe i've said it wrong..my only bad experience about carriers in mid tiers, is that there's really high chance that when u play from tier4 trough tier 6 most likely u gonna get 2 cv's per team..and that's where u start learning that line, movement, that's where u start getting experience with that class..but mostly u learn defensive maneuvers, bcuz u have to dodge a lot of planes..and experience u gonna get is mostly running away b'cuz while dodging planes u gonna show ur broadside to enemy fleet..and prolly get twoshotted.. so basically id like there's reduced chance to get 2cv's per team in mid tiers (4-6) and i know that u not gonna play one line that much..u can change to some other tier and class..but in my case ive started grind with IJN/US/RUS dd's and guess what? mostly 2vc's per team..one thing im happy that with US and German cruisers i've managed to get to T7-T6, so that's not much the case there
  11. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    yes i know..i was able to get to T7, Myoko without buying premium..not like i didnt want to,i just wanted to see how far its possible to go with grind without getting burned out..and at half way in Myoko,i saw my self getting burned somewhere around half Mogami..so then i started with premium..
  12. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    well,doenst really have to be 2min,but also cant be like 5+ mins bcuz in some situations soem ppl die early due to detonations or deadly torps yes,i know Mogami is fine atm..but i was thinking if they gona change AFT, then it'll have shorter range than Myoko, in tier 7..just tiny bit of ballance around hp and range if they get to change AFT
  13. elninocro

    so things after few months playing are like this

    The reports do work, but they're never going to work at a level where you report someone in the middle of a battle and then they're instantly removed as that would be wide open to abuse. We are looking at ways to make the team killing system something which is more balanced and punishes deliberate team damage without being too harsh on the rare accidental situations. We're working on a better system to remove afk players. Sometimes if it's at the start of the match the inactivity can be due to poor connection, low spec PC or mods causing the game to load slower. Again it's important to target the people abusing the system deliberately and not by accident. Understandable as World of Tanks has something similar. In World of Warships however the credit generation is much higher. I'll make sure this is passed on but can't make any guarantees it will happen. It really depends where the CV's are and where their planes are. I have multiple fun battles at tier 4-6 in Destroyers with the Clemson and Nicholas being 2 of my most played ships. Matchmaking is never going to be perfect. We want to avoid a situation however where you have like for like because then all that happens is certain ships will always come out on top. We'll continue to tweek the MM system as and when we feel it's needed. I appreciate from a personal point of view things can seem unfair sometimes but we look at a much much larger sample of data from all matches. mini map for transparent,would help alot tbh.. and for patch notes,we got that AFT with get changed but at the end actually didnt..or i was reading wrong ones then ty for reply and keep good work, making game/comunity better ;)
  14. *high tier (8-10) are unplayable, bcuz high repair cost, ppl are too afraid to play it properly so they stay back and sniping, where they dont support their team in any way even with won game and doing very good for ur team (dmg/score wise) u suffer by loss of credits, even with premium, making premium no reason to have it in first place NOTE:i understand T10 (or rather to say top tiers) is not to grind credits, but if you and your team preform really good, u still loose credits which i find and many other ppl just stupid and pointless to have premium in first place, and not to play it for ANY reason *reports for "plays poorly" has no effect, i have no idea how that works, but ppl i see in game are not playing as a team or just afk whole match, or just doing bad, are constantly getting into games day after day doing same thing over and over again. even ppl that are team killing same thing..they just get pink names,and no penalty at all..there should be an option for ppl to report team killer besides option we already have, and to track their dmg, at which ships has been done, or see replay.. once i got into match with dd(T6) player,who team killed 2 ppl and run into corner of map doing nothing, and sat there for entire match..next game i did i got him into my team and same thing (T6 dd) and started shooting and launching torps, at our team in very beginning of the game..so i killed him..that day, i didnt get to see him anymore bcuz i took a break..next day i saw him on enemy team when i started playing T6-T7.. *for those afk ppl just remove them for match,after 2min inaction, and include or exclude points for that ship accordingly *include old section of the ship which are being upgraded get sold for credits, (example:i upgraded my ship with hull B and 2nd gun or range,old ones get sold)and available to reinstall them if we want previous ones after trying new ones (on some ships/ca's and dd's, stock modules prove better after testing them out) *2 cv's per team,too much..they are good,not op, but 2 cv's pre team its really op..no point with playing dd in those matches bcuz you and your torps get constantly spotted as dd captain (too high chance to get 2 cv per team in mid tier (T4-T6) *matchmaking is still retarded after so many "balances" we see no changes besides only cv's are matching same amount and tier.. 3x Yamato division against T8 battleships,and then that team with Yamato division gets dd's into their team while other side, gets only ca's and bb's..guess which side will win.. many times i see one side get dd's and other side it doesn't;they're not even in division, makes no sense why matchmaking can be so bad..makes if even harder.. WG needs to make changes that ppl get with tier 4-5's into top tier matches bcuz divisions, mybe not be able to make division with 2 tier difference, but just 1..its just stupid..why is there tier difference in game anyway? match ships more equally per match and according tier like they've done with cv's, but 2 tiers difference at max,preferably one tier difference, since there is many ships and ppl having actually option to choose what they gonna play and how, its not like u have 2 options only, A or B *not beeing able to see smoke from further away, (bug) makes impossible to say target is moving or not, specifically on high tier,which is important to see.. *implement change to notice if you are in the smoke or not, only carriers are able to see them -> for dd's mostly *i hope for: transparent map - very helpfull dmg counter - not necessary but useful thing training mod and/or custom battles mode included into game where we can set our own matches for clan battles, where clans are already in preparation option to buy (some) premium ships without stupid bundles,but keep bundless, they are too expensive for many ppl, mybe just ship with gold (putting in flags is unnecessary, since we get them as reward for battles, and ppl buy premium time anyway *balance IJN cruisers T7-T9 Myoko has higher amount of hp of Ibuki, and better range than Mogami stock (dont nerf Myoko) instead, buff stock range on Mogami to 16km, -17.5km with gun range module (both 155's and 203's) and then 155's dont get that 1.5km buff but gets faster reload instead and then make change to Advanced Firing Training if wanted/needed NOTE:that was my quick observation for those range changes, some ppl might not like it,but that was just suggestion and open for discussion since AFT changes are pointed out as subject to change Soon™ *buff turret traverse speed on Yorck, thats is NOT a battleship! and seems like its not even german line *troll in patch notes releasing crew many times patch notes are being released but changes didn't happen in game, either u have some drunk wg staff for that or just trolling us badly ppl are making preparations for changes bcuz they affecting their ship heavily, and then nothing happens SO conclusion is: here are some minor, and some bigger bugs, i understand, game is still "new" into my eyes..gonna pass some times till gets proper fixes..but some of those are required AND fast, bcuz player base is dropping too fast..and i love the game..i really do, and i know im not the only one, id love it if it can get into world competition scene, like some other games did..dunno proper name for that Also playing high tier really shows pointless bcuz no proper reward, for risk / amount of time taken for grinds into high tier, AND repair costs are just too high mid tier are fun,if u dont get 2 cv's per team..then..just just go explore the map
  15. elninocro

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    no changes for Yorck, turret traverse speed? right,its a batleship..NOT!