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  1. BuzzLine

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hi there, I'd be interested in joining a clan with an interest for actual naval history, and your fleet engagements reenactions seem very appealing ! Random battles get old after a while. Favorite (yeah I'm French and I speak US English ) era: WW1 (with also a fondness for the age of sail, and the Hornblower and P O'Brien books) Favorite real-life class: battlecruisers ! (I fell in love with SMS Derfflinger while playing 'Jutland') Or fast battleships when in the WW2 era. "I wish to have no connection with any ship that doesn't sail fast, for I intend to go in harm's way". Favorite in-game ships : Bismarck, with Gneisenau and Tirpitz close behind. For bullying caps. And Fletcher for the team support. Favorite shanty : Don't forget your own shipmates ( faldee raldee raldee raldee rye-eye-doe! ) Favorite movies : Sink the Bismarck, Battle of River Plate, Caine Mutiny, Master&Commander, the list is long actually... I'm a reasonably ok player, T2 to T9, and I'd love to have some more teamplay in this game.
  2. There are quite a few ships that are good training platforms. St Louis is fun, so many guns ! You learn to exercise local control, especially over DDs and screen battleships. And the HP pool makes it quite forgiving. A very good T3 starter cruiser. Kuma or Phoenix at T4 are good trainers to learn kiting and dodging, as well as raining HE spam (good for Omaha and Cleveland, not so much for Furutaka, first heavy cruiser you can get) Nassau and Kaiser are great for close-in BB brawl, KM style, while Myogi is a good battlecruiser trainer (but Kongo is so much better). Etc ... Diversity is good as it shows how diverse the game is and how various classes behave. But make sure you adapt your style to your ship ! Have fun. Float safe.
  3. BuzzLine

    i'm so in love right now

    Ooooh yes. I have very fond memories of the Kuma. <3 It is very well suited to the fast pace of T4 battles and quite well rounded, not a lot of hit points but you learn the "dodge as armor" principle of light cruisers. Have fun ! Float safe.
  4. BuzzLine

    BB Campfest

    Oh, got my seasons and tiers mixed up... joke is on me I guess ! :/
  5. BuzzLine

    BB Campfest

    You missed my joke. Belfast is a tier *7* ship. So yes, I can say I never played my Belfast once in season *6* ranked. :)
  6. BuzzLine

    BB Campfest

    Yes I can honestly say that. Even though I enjoy my Belfast very much. (I'll let you think about it some more)
  7. BuzzLine

    Is it worth coming back

    In my Benson, I learned to play cooperatively with my BBs. Scouting and providing smoke cover. Like ... like I'm supposed to do I guess. I don't get a lot of XP but my win rate is at 64% at the moment and I'm often at least in the high half of the team score, if not top 5. So, a nice grind. Kagero, I try a bit of the same but it's not as obvious, as my smoke is less potent. Still, I have over 55% WR so I guess it's not that bad. I miss the triple launcher of the akatsuki (65% WR )... TLDR : Play with the meta, not against it.
  8. BuzzLine

    Prinz Eugen or Scharnhorst

    Sharnhorst is an amazing cruiser hunter. It is fast and reasonably nimble. It will struggle against T7 battleships (even at times against T6) if they angle because its 280mm guns won't do a lot of alpha damage. In that case, man up, close in and punish them with torps and secondaries. Only problem is against a Gneisenau. Pray to the RNG gods that its 6 guns miss you and that you can dodge *its* torpedoes. Other option, just load HE and kite away while burning them BBs. Your angles are good enough and you have the speed to reposition fairly well.
  9. BuzzLine

    Win rate abuse

    Seems like OP doesn't agree that he is a below-average player. Not a single ship with WR>50%. Recommend he stops free-xping all the way to tier X and spend some time learning the game mechanics. I personally find T6 a good balance between learning (by being punished for mistakes) and still being a little bit forgiving. Overall, I find comparative stats informative, especially on a per-ship basis. If I'm below the ship's server average (after a number of battles and having fully unlocked all upgrades), it means I'm playing the ship wrong.
  10. BuzzLine

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    A good time to take your IJN DDs out for a little BB hunting ?
  11. BuzzLine

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    They got at least the time wrong. Who knows if they didn't also get the day wrong ?
  12. BuzzLine

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    Probably done in the mother house. Russians have a tradition of being good at maths.
  13. BuzzLine

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    I for one, think we should *commend* WG EU for employing people who can't count too good, can't tell their right from their left, or have issues with basic thing such as tying shoe laces or telling the time. I am proud of supporting WGEU. Je suis WGEU.