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  1. Orcaman_1

    I just got 'pinked'!

    So a follow-up, logged in and joined a regular battle and got in no problem at all, just that I had been given a 10 game pink status, limited battles etc etc. Are there any issues relating to Space Battle logins?
  2. Orcaman_1

    I just got 'pinked'!

    I selected a space battle, got in the 'Queue', waited more than 5 mins while the game was 'Waiting for Players', showed 7/7 so eventually I had to exit. Rejoined and I had been Pinked for 3 games. Tried again and same thing just I'm not sure how many games I've been Pinked for now! Have there been any reported issues of that login section freezing up maybe? Cheers
  3. Orcaman_1

    Welcome to the Newcomers' Section!

    Hi all, newbie here. I'm wondering if I can tackle this game offline while learning the ropes or is everything online? Is there an offline ability? Cheers