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  1. NineSixer

    Failed to connect to the server

    Indeed Same here, "Technical Issues found"....submitted a ticket with launcher logs to Support.
  2. NineSixer

    USA player looking for English speaking Clan

    Thanks again, still checking out various Clans, alot of good folks thus far. Just trying to find a home with players during my playtimes. Still trying to decide.
  3. NineSixer

    USA player looking for English speaking Clan

    I appreciate the replies, I'll be in touch. thanks, 9Sixer
  4. NineSixer

    USA player looking for English speaking Clan

    My game hours are 9pm CET - 4am CET Weekends are pretty much free ;P https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/530109310-/!/pvp/overview/
  5. I consider myself a casual player, I'm always in the top 3 or 4 in Random battles, but there is always room to improve. I currently solo atm...I have TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, or can DL any voice chat...Let me know! Thanks, NineSixer
  6. NineSixer

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Cytadela w kurfursta!
  7. NineSixer

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    4100 exp premium, flaga, camo 100%, gwiazdka 200% + 300% free exp, ale trafilem, 27k expa i 5.5k free
  8. NineSixer

    Nasze osiągnięcia

  9. NineSixer

    High Caliber [Contest]

    297k damage 3126 base exp, got a replay too
  10. NineSixer

    0.5.1 is a Disaster for the Gearin

    +1 Add to this that almost every hit to gearing = destroyed turret..., i moved my captain to benson
  11. NineSixer

    Camouflage not working in ?

    I guess its just a visual bug ? But still...
  12. Just like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3TdvNNd8ho These old islands on the map and BBS all over the place! Damn good times
  13. NineSixer

    ORP Błyskawica - niszczyciel

    Nie wiem czy już było ale http://www.tvn24.pl/pomorze,42/wirtualna-orp-blyskawica-w-world-of-warships,580734.html