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  1. Johan_Jung

    Battle cruisers, will they be coming soon?

    Battlecruisers are already in the game (Hood, Kongo, Amagi....). It would however be nice to have two new BB tech trees: German and British battlecruisers. Although I suspect such a German tree to join with Bismarck at tier VIII.
  2. Johan_Jung

    Double CV matches... Why?

    4 CVs are very bad in a tier IV or V match. No problem in tier VI or VII. It is beyond logic that 4 CVs are allowed in a tier IV match...
  3. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    Make Belfast a tier VIII cruiser! It is not logical that a modernised and rebuild sistership of HMS Edinburgh (VIII) is a tier VII ship!
  4. With deepwater torps (20km), Kuma-class visibility and slow torpedo reload, she might be a viable tier VIII premium. Anyhow, I will buy her if she reappears.
  5. Johan_Jung

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Nice, and a swedish aircraft carrier design (happy hours at the naval construction bureau?). 8,000 tons, 8 fast firing 120 mm guns and 20 Vampire jet fighter-bombers. Too bad it is impossible to fit this in the game (for now).
  6. Johan_Jung

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Maybe overkill, maybe not. Perhaps she deserves her place as top tier X destroyer - she was to replace the cruisers in the flottila leader role. Småland should not be forced to fit as a tier VIII model. She is clearly tier IX/X material. And I would rather have Småland in the game as a silver IX/X than as a watered-down gold VIII. And why cannot Småland be a tier IX premium because she belongs to a minor navy? She is by all means an interesting ship.
  7. Johan_Jung

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    A Swedish destroyer line would fit quite well - initially torpedo-oriented and then gun-focused for high tiers. And for the scandinavian destroyers, could you please give any example of non-Swedish scandinavian destroyers for higher tiers? And, please, no ex-RN and ex-USN ships;-)
  8. Johan_Jung

    Tre Kronor

    No, Sweden should have its own destroyer line since it can be filled with real ships (II-X).
  9. Johan_Jung

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    Sweden can, and should, have its own line(s). I have updated a Swedish destroyer line proposal - pls see below. Hopefully, HMS Småland as a tier IX destroyer (with the right tweaking), will be a future premium. Perhaps the first Swedish ship to be released as well. The coastal defence ship HMS Sverige should be a tier IV or V premium cruiser. Not at tier VI since that would put it as equal to the german Graf Spee. I: Clas Fleming (1940 as reconstructed), 20kn and 4x120mm guns (= a very good tier I intro ship for Sweden), II: Wrangel (1916), 34kn, 6x457mm TT and 4x75mm guns III: Ehrensköld (1927), 33kn, 6x533mm TT and 3x120mm guns IV: Klas Horn (1932), 36kn, 6x533mm TT and 3x120mm guns (10 RPM) V: Göteborg (1936), 39kn, 6x533mm TT and 3x120mm guns (10 RPM) VI: Visby (1943), 39kn, 6x533mm TT and 3x120mm guns (10 RPM) VII: Öland (1947), 35kn, 6x533mm TT and 2x2 120mm guns (20 RPM) VIII: Östergötland (1958), 35kn, 6x533mm TT and 2x2 120mm guns (20 RPM) IX: Halland (1955), 35kn, 8x533mm TT and 2x2 120mm guns (42 RPM) X: Lappland (1958), 32kn, 4x533mm TT and 3x2 120mm guns (42 RPM), Note: I used the stats for the two destroyers (Halland.mod.) built for Columbia by the same shipyards.
  10. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    Here is one suggestion to remodel the tier system. This is a suggestion to bring more focus on the ww1 era and remove the presence of CV among ww1 era ships. Tier 0: current tier I (patrol boat/corvette practice for new players), Tier 1: pre-dreadnought era (Mikasa), max one tier up, Tier 2: the first dreadnoughts (Nassau) Tier 3: the improved dreadnoughts (Kaiser) Tier 4: the first superdreadnoughts (König), max one tier up Tier 5: the superdreadnoughts (Bayern), max one tier up (if without cv), Tier 6: rebuilt/modified ww1 ships (Guilo Cesare, Warspite), max one tier down (without cv). Tier 6 is first CV tier. Tier 7: interwar BB/first modern BB (Colorado, Scharnhorst), max one tier down, Tier 8: modern BB (North Carolina) Tier 9: Iowa Tier 10: Montana
  11. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    Please introduce the lucky japanese dd YUKIKAZE: it could have a radar detection feature = discover a radar ship when its radar is active.
  12. Johan_Jung

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would lke to join as well! 1) Atago 2) Mutsu 3) Doubloons
  13. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    ...and my second suggestion. Add another statistics beside "win rate". You may call it "ranking". It would be based on your ranking in your team (or perhaps of BOTH teams) after each battle.
  14. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    A very minor suggestion. Please give Iron Duke her two funnels - or at least a British looking funnel...
  15. Johan_Jung

    Why Iron Duke has 1 funnel ?

    The single funnel on Iron Duke is simply ugly and non-appealing. Please give Iron Duke her two iconic funnels.