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  1. Johan_Jung

    Swedish destroyers have wrong guns

    Well, they had to reload their magazine system after perhaps 50? rounds so that rate is only momentarily. Should have been modeled with a quick firing consumable.
  2. Johan_Jung

    Swedish destroyers have wrong guns

    If so, why not simply put them at a less tier then? It is also easy to "balance" ships by giving them "interesting" stats regarding rate of fire and strength of torps.
  3. Tier IV Klas Horn has four guns (B-hull) but should only have 3 guns (A-hull). I guess this is okey-ish since you could play with her A-hull if you want a historical feel. Tier V Visby has five guns but should only have three single guns (they are at the right positions though). Suggestion, her A-hull should only have three guns... I very much prefer (the option of playing with) correct historical models for ships that existed in real life.
  4. Johan_Jung

    Suggestions thread

    Swedish destroyer line My suggestion is to make it an entire line of Swedish destroyers by removing the only non-Swedish destroyer. The tier II destroyer could be replaced with the Wrangel-class. See for example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Wrangel_(25) And the Swedish tier I ship could be the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Clas_Fleming
  5. Johan_Jung

    Idea for reimplamantation of the IJN Kitakami

    Bring her back! At tier VII and with 12-16 km deep water torps.
  6. Johan_Jung


    That Kaiser-fantasy at tier IV is a travesty... Why not so a ww1 game mode category (1900-1920)?
  7. Johan_Jung

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    With the introduktion of 120 mm Bofors Guns I am looking forward to a Swedish dd line. IF this dd Friesland is tier IX then HMS Småland, with torps plus 2-57 mm Guns, should be tier X.
  8. Johan_Jung

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    Why do you think they choosed that historically significant name for a fictional ship (that totally outclasses the historical Mikasa)? Do do you seriously expect a Knyaz Suvurov at both tier II and III?
  9. Johan_Jung

    Is a bit of Mikasa love possible?

    Since WG made Kynaz Suvurov a tier III (OP?) BB we can forget about Tsushima. In fact, WG made it more or les certain that in every game encounter KS will win against Mikasa in a tier II-III match.
  10. Yes, equal enemies is the word. Since Renown was completely modernized that might be a reason to put her at tier VII, while Repulse is tier VI.
  11. Maybe (likely yes), however Renown did successfully fight Scharnhorst & Gneisenau in 1940.
  12. Johan_Jung

    Historical aircraft.

    If WG moves Lexington and Kaga to tier VI u might see their historical air groups (1942). And, where are the Swordfish torpedo bombers?
  13. Johan_Jung

    Torpedo spread rediculous wide, torps go everywhere

    Aiming with torps I understand but how do you change the spread?
  14. Johan_Jung

    Torpedo spread rediculous wide, torps go everywhere

    How do you adjust the torp spread before drop?
  15. So I guess all ships with seaplane fighter consumable became hybrid aircraft carriers? It does seems a little weird to have a bunch of fighters on cruisers etc. Perhaps another solution would seem less ridiculous.