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  1. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Battleship AP vs DD - work satus

    For now all you can do pretty much is show broadside instead of angling towards BB AP in a DD, worked out many times for me where i just ate overpens instead of full AP Penenentration damage. WG said they were working on something i believe, they wanted to nerf DD armour if i recall correctly.
  2. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Hearing voices

    I dont think that the space commanders have their own voices, as for Dasha i am not certain.
  3. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Guessing contest [up to 10k doubloons]

    Insert CV player here
  4. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    CV Rework Discussion

    Being able to set multiple fires and floodings instead of just nuking doesnt seem to bad of an idea.
  5. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Wenting/Renting topic: losing 97% of the games

    Looking at your amount of battles you seem fairly new to this game so you got a few things to learn, as a BB you dont need to "rush into the capture point" to cap it. Thats usually the job of your Destroyers. You may or may not have been unfortunate with getting matched up with poor performing team members but low tier is all about just that in my opinion. Just push when you have the opportunity and support your DD's and Cruisers. Getting to higher tiers as a new player is a bit frustrating but it will get easier later on depending in how well you perform. Look around on Youtube for guides or general replays from Flamu, Flambass, Strangers etc.. that should help you get more of an idea.
  6. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    remove hp and ribbon mods to fix black screen crash

    I am using the same kind of mods + some extra's and i have never experienced the black screen crash even after playing for more than 20 battles at a time.
  7. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Star not accredited?

    Just as Dfens_666 said, it is a visual bug i encountered myself many times. A restart always fixed it for me.
  8. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I can confirm that i have also received this exact email, i believe its a mistake on their end.
  9. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Akagi's Tea Party

  10. Like_A_Freakin_Dolphin

    Akagi's Tea Party