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  1. Hello mantheras,

    Nice to meet you. At GKXS we are an English speaking casual clan. Check us out, if you like what you see apply and I will add you


    1. mantheras



      Sounds good I've thrown in an app :)

    2. Russ_57


      Hi again,

      Welcome to GKXS, I am Russ, the Deputy Commander, and Ian is our Commander. See you soon

      Yours aye

  2. mantheras

    Poitato Seeks Clan

    I'm nothing super special so not looking for Unicum stuff but I've managed to keep around 1000 WTR whilst grinding all lines BB+cruiser up to 7-8 (no stats farming) all solo play no divisions. I'm UK based, 28 and active most evenings until around midnight, looking for a fairly casual clan to dip my toe into team play My potato stats for what they're worth https://eu.warships.today/player/530101883/mantheras
  3. mantheras

    Wyoming vs New York

    Have you used the main turret upgrade?? The 3rd is either a 20% turret tracking buff or a range buff, these are not available on the wyoming